PhD Studentship 2010 in Nanoscale Imaging of Brain circuits in The Department of Physics of Fribourg University

PhD Studentship 2010 in Nanoscale Imaging of Brain circuits in The Department of Physics of Fribourg University

About The Department:
The Department of Physics of Fribourg University presently houses five experimental and three theoretical research groups. The physicists on staff do research in the domains of Atomic Physics (Laser Spectroscopy, X-ray Spectroscopy, Theory of Cold Atoms), Soft Matter and Photonics, Solid State Physics (Magnetism & Superconductivity, Electron Spectroscopy, Condensed Matter Theory), and also in the domain of Theoretical Interdisciplinary Physics.

We are searching for a highly motivated person with interest in optics, systems biology and neuroscience to start a joint PhD between the Department of Biology and Physics at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

Applicants must hold a Masters degree preferably in physics or biology, chemical or biomolecular engineering from a University recognized by the University of Fribourg. – Previous experience in programming, image analysis, optics and microscopy etc. is highly desirable. Some previous exposure to molecular biology, behavioral biology, neurobiology or genetics is appreciated.

The joint project between the laboratory of Prof. Simon Sprecher (Biology) and Prof. Frank Scheffold (Physics) will use super-resolution imaging techniques in order to resolve synapic connectivity in brain circuitry. We implement the SIM and PALM/STORM methods on brain circuit components using the larval visual system of Drosophila as a genetic model system. The successful candidate will explore the methodology in order to improve 2D and 3D nanoscale imaging and implement simultaneous multicolor labeling. The biological material will be genetically engineered to specifically label pre- and post-synaptic neuronal domains of identifiable neurons in order to reconstruct brain circuits.

Application deadline: Sep 30 (Thu), 2010

Frank Scheffold
University of Fribourg, .
Department of Physics,
Chemin du Musée 3, 1700 Fribourg.
Tel:(+41)26/300-9060, Fax:(+41)26/300-9748


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