Alexander Hollander Distinguished Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2010 in Sandia National Laboratories in USA

Alexander Hollander Distinguished Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2010 in Sandia National Laboratories in USA

About Sandia:
Since 1949, Sandia National Laboratories has developed science-based technologies that support our national security. Today, the 300+ million Americans depend on Sandia’s technology solutions to solve national and global threats to peace and freedom.

Sponsored by DOE’s Office of Biological & Environmental Research, and administered by Oak Ridge Institute for Science & Education, this fellowship allows postdocs to conduct research at national laboratories in the fields of life science, biomedical, and environmental sciences.

* Bachelor of Science degree in:
o Computer Science
o Electrical and Computer Engineering
o Electrical Engineering
o Mechanical Engineering
o Optical Engineering
o Other disciplines as deemed critical by Sandia National Laboratories
* Minimum grade point average of 3.2/4.0
* Qualify to attend specific graduate schools for specific specialty content areas.
* Available to spend a minimum of two months working at Sandia prior to entering the program.
* U.S. Citizenship is Required.

Selection of Candidates:
* Candidate will apply to specific job postings for consideration,
* Selections of successful candidates is based on the technical needs of specific technical organizations at the labs and a criteria-focused matrix of academic standing, experience, leadership qualities, honors and faculty recommendations.
* Each candidate’s research interest and preference in position will determine organizational placement of the MFP candidate.

* Pursue a graduate degree on a full-time basis while remaining on roll but being absent from Sandia
* Annual stipend
* Full-time regular employee benefits while in the program with the exception of vacation accrual
* Payment of tuition and tuition associated costs without annual cap, paid directly to the university
* Relocation benefits
* One four day/three night campus visit to finalize program of study and secure housing
* Upon successful completion, return to Sandia as a Member of the Technical Staff.

The application deadline for fellows is December 5 of the year prior to the October start date.

New Mexico
Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico
PO Box 5800
Albuquerque, NM 87185-(mail stop)


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