Interdisciplinary Unit Doctoral Fees scholarship 2010 in University of Auckland

Interdisciplinary Unit Doctoral Fees scholarship 2010 in University of Auckland

About AUT:
Auckland Technical School opens in a former cabinetmaking factory in Rutland Street with 137 students enrolled for night classes in vocational education and the trades.

This scholarship is offered to PhD candidates in order to nurture and support the research culture of the Interdisciplinary Unit.

Fees scholarships will be awarded on the basis of:
(i)official confirmation of enrolment
(ii)applicants must be NZ citizens or permanent residents
(iii)the likely contribution to the overall research goals of the Interdisciplinary Unit
(iv)the provision of evidence of past academic excellence, including research.

Application Requirements:
No formal application is required. On acceptance into the relevant programme, the Interdisciplinary Unit Selection Panel will consider granting a scholarship. If the decision is favourable, the Scholarships Office will be notified and arrange the payment of fees.

Selection Process:
Recipients will be selected by the Interdisciplinary Unit Selection Panel based on the stated criteria.

Conditions of Acceptance:
•This scholarship may not be held in conjunction with any other fees scholarship
•The recipient may hold additional non-tuition fee based scholarships with the approval of the Director of the Interdisciplinary Unit and the Scholarships Office.

Monitoring and Reporting Requirements:
There are no monitoring and reporting requirements apart from requirement for six monthly progress reports as a component of PhD candidature

Renewal Criteria:
On satisfactory progress as reported by the recipient’s primary supervisor in six monthly progress reports. Renewal for up to three years of candidature.

This scholarship may be awarded for up to one year and may be available for subsequent years for up to three years, depending on satisfactory progress reports

Number Offered: Variable

Amount and Type of Award:
•The number of new scholarships to be awarded is determined annually
•The value of the scholarship is for full fees for up to a year of full-time study

Closing date: Open

WB building
Level 1
Phone: +64 9 921 9837
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 8.30am-4.30pm


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