PhD Fellowship in Russian and East European Studies, University of Manchester, UK

The Discipline of Russian and East European Studies, School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures, at the University of Manchester is offering a Graduate Teaching Fellowship for candidates who want to pursue doctoral research from 1 September 2010 for three years.

The financial support offered to the successful candidate is as follows:
1. Coverage of Home/EU fees. It might be possible to cover overseas fees. However, the latter is not guaranteed.
2. An annual maintenance grant of 7.5K.

The successful candidate will be required to do a PhD in the area of Russian or East European Studies and to teach up to three hours within the Discipline Area. The nature of teaching will depend on the candidate’s skills and qualifications.

Staff in REES are happy to supervise PhD candidates on a wide range of topics in the field of Russian and East European culture, history and society. For details of the departmental research expertise, please see our In the UK’s independent Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) REES at Manchester has been assessed as the best department in the country for research on Russia and Eastern Europe.

In order to apply to our PhD programme please follow the instructions on

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Mrs. Michelle Fenlon (michelle.fenlon@ manchester.

For informal inquiries about the opportunities to pursue doctoral research in REES, please contact Professor Vera Tolz (vera.tolz@mancheste, PGR Officer for Russian and East European Studies.

European PhD in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies 2010, Belgique

*The European PhD in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies invites applications to the Doctoral Programme 2010 commencing on October 1st. ** **


The European PhD in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies, co-ordinated by Humboldt-Universitä t zu Berlin, is an international, interdisciplinary graduate programme cooperating with eight partner universities. After the completion of the programme the doctoral degree *Doctor Europaeus *is awarded.

As dissertation projects seven major areas of research, to be pursued in an
interdisciplinary approach, are favoured:
1. The interrelationship between economic and social structure
2. Processes of change in economic organisations and institutions
3. Markets understood as social structures and networks
4. Labour markets, employment, and conflict
5. Welfare state analysis and social security
6. Economic and social inequality and perceptions of social justice
7. Social ethics of the market in face of globalization

*International Faculty*
More than 40 academic teachers of the eight partner universities and associated national research institutions share in teaching und supervising the doctoral students.

* **Admission*
Admission is based upon academic excellence and is open to students with an economic or social science background who meet the admission requirements of their home university. Candidates may be citizens of countries other than those of the partner universities. The application procedure is identical in all Sess.EuroPhD partner universities. Applicants should decide at which university his or her research interests are represented best and should direct their application to the respective university. Candidates must have completed an academic education with above average results of a minimum of five years in the fields of social sciences or economics. They should meet the degree requirements equivalent to a Master of Arts as established by the respective national grant authorities or laid down in the guidelines of the respective university. The degree must be obtained by the beginning of the academic year they want to apply for. English proficiency at an academic
level is assumed.

The application deadline might vary depending on the university applied to and should be checked with the respective contact person. For Humboldt University the application deadline is *February 15th *for the following winter semester. Applicants who proceed to the second round of applications will be interviewed in late April. For admission details go to ** *where you
can submit your application electronically between January 5th and February 15th CET. **

The following partner universities are currently admitting and tutoring Sess.EuroPhD candidates:

*Universitat de Barcelona*
*Humboldt-Universitä t zu Berlin*
*Université Libre de Bruxelles*
*University of Haifa*
*Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille*
*Sapienza Università di Roma*
*University of Southampton*
*University of Tampere*

For all concerns please contact:

*Dr. Ulrike Tikvah Kissmann** *

*Academic Manager Sess.EuroPhD* * *

*Humboldt** University of Berlin** *

*Institute** of Social Sciences** *

*Unter den Linden 6** *

*D-10099 Berlin** *

*sess@europhd. org** *

CRESC PhD Studentship

The ESRC Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC) intends to fund a doctoral studentship for a period of three years from September 2010. The student will be supervised by a team of 2 or 3 supervisors from amongst the Manchester Research Associates and Directors (see the website for further details). The successful student will be based at the Manchester CRESC offices, and will be expected to spend up to six hours a week supporting CRESC in an administrative and/or research capacity. The student will benefit from working in a dedicated research
environment where they can liaise with numerous active researchers linked to CRESC themes. 

One fully funded PhD studentships is currently available, covering the standard home/EU fee for 2010/2011 entry plus an annual stipend of 13,290, payable in four instalments, and 750 research training grant per annum.

Candidates are asked to submit a CV and a one page statement of their proposed
research topic, to Vicky.Barnes@ manchester. by January 1st 2010.

Europe: Master Scholarships in European Literary Cultures, Erasmus Mundus

Master Scholarships in European Literary Cultures, Erasmus Mundus, Europe

we are pleased to inform you that for the academic years 2010-2012 the ERASMUS MUNDUS Master Course in European Literary Cultures – CLE offers many EU funded scholarships for Third country nationals with excellent academic  records:

  • students: up to € 24.000 / year
  • scholars: up to € 14.800 for a maximum of 3 months researching period.
The online Application deadline for students is DECEMBER 20, 2009.
The paper Application Form together with all paper documents required must reach the CLE by JANUARY 10, 2010.
The Application deadline for scholars is APRIL 20, 2010.

A detailed description of the Master’s Course is available on the web site:

The ERASMUS MUNDUS PROGRAMME is a co-operation and mobility programme in the field of higher education. It aims to enhance quality in European higher education and to promote intercultural understanding through co-operation with European and NON-European countries.
The CLE Consortium includes four primary European universities in the field of European literary studes : Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna, ITALY (project coordinator); Université de Haute-Alsace (Mulhouse), FRANCE; Université de Strasbourg, FRANCE; Aristoteleion Panepistimion Thessaloniki, GREECE.
During the full-time programme (24 months), european and non-european students will have a fantastic opportunity to join an exciting educational environment by spending terms in two or three different consortium universities. The language of instruction varies according to the institutions chosen by the students.
At the end of the Master Course, the consortium universities provide a double or multiple degree
European and international students applying for the Master Course CLE must have a good level first-cycle degree in a discipline of relevance to CLE, a recognised level of proficiency in English and in the language of instruction of the consortium institution chosen for the first Master year course.
We’ll be very grateful if you could disseminate the information about the Master Course to interested students and scholars or/and interested Institutions.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further details or flyers ERASMUS MUNDUS CLE to be sent.
ERASMUS MUNDUS CLE Secretariat: Dott.ssa Lucia Manservisi
Università di Bologna
Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere Moderne
Via Cartoleria, 5
40124 Bologna - Italia
t +39 051 2097230
f +39 051 264722

lmanser[ at ]

UK: PhD Studentship in Occupational Health / Epidemiology, University of Central Lancashire

niversity of Central Lancashire, UK
Occupational Health / Epidemiology PhD Studentship
Occupational Epidemiology: barriers to participation in (occupational) health research or an epidemiological study of the carcinogenicity of lead (and lead compounds)
University of Central Lancashire
PhD Studentship
Reference No RS/09/12

Applications are invited for a full-time studentship in the School of Public Health & Clinical Sciences. The studentship is tenable for up to 3 years for the MPhil/PhD (subject to satisfactory progress). The studentship will cover the cost of tuition fees at UK/EU rates plus a stipend (currently £13,290 for 2009/10) per annum. International applicants may apply but will be required to pay the difference between UK/EU and international fees. The successful applicant will start on 1 April 2010.There are currently 2 suggested projects which can be applied for:
Project titles:
(i) Understanding of factors that influence participation in occupational and population-based health research.
(ii) Lead and cancer mortality in a cohort of occupationally exposed UK workers.
For further details on the projects go to the studentship’s page.
Prospective candidates will have an upper second class honours degree (or equivalent) in a relevant subject.
Informal queries about the project may be directed to Professor Damien McElvenny (+44 1946 517209 or +44 1772 895421, or email dmmcelvenny[ at ] ).
Requests for an application pack (quoting the reference number RS/09/12) should be directed to the Graduate Research Office. Tel +44 (0)1772 895082 or e-mail researchdegrees[ at ] .
Closing Date for Applications to the Graduate Research Office: Thursday28 January 2010
Proposed Interview Date: 11 February 2010

France: PhD Studentship in Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Proteins, the Institute for Structural Biology

PhD Studentship in Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Proteins, the Institute for Structural Biology, France
Design and Characterization of Bio-inspired Nanosensors Engineered by Assembly of Receptors and Ion Channels
The subject. 
We have devised a novel type of bio-inspired sensors, Ion-Channel Coupled Receptors (ICCR), based on the fusion of receptors with an ion channel serving as an electrical probe. Binding of a ligand to the receptor triggers opening of the associated ion channel and an increased ion flux that is easily detectable using existing techniques. This concept was validated by the creation of ICCRs between a potassium channel and several G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR) [cf. Moreau et al, 2008, Nature Nanotech 3:620-5].

The thesis shall concern the structure-function study of receptor-channel interactions in existing ICCRs and on the design and construction of new ICCRs. Work will involve molecular engineering, biophysics, and bioinformatics. It should establish the foundation of high-performance bioelectrical sensors while providing a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of GPCR activation and ion channel gating.
Although this project has a strong biotechnological flavor, the approach shall remain very fundamental with a strong focus on the structure and function of membrane proteins and on their interactions.
The place. 
The thesis will take place in the Channels lab within the Membrane Proteins Dept of the Institute for Structural Biology. The Channels lab focuses on ion channels and membrane protein engineering and is recognized for its work on K-ATP channel and proteic biosensors.
IBS is a renowned institute in the field of structural and molecular biology. It is part of the Grenoble scientific polygon with numerous research intitutes and colleges as well as several large instruments such as the European Synchrotron. The site offers a stimulating scientific environment in the natural surroundings of the French Alps.
The candidate.
Strong academic background. Experience or interest in molecular biology, electrophysiology, or bioinformatics.
The granting agency (CEA) will only consider candidates with top-tier academic records. There are no other restrictive conditions and foreigners can, and should, apply.
The position. 
The position is for three years starting in October 2010. The salary is very competitive (~2000 €/month).
Send a one-page CV to Michel Vivaudou (vivaudou[ at ] A full-fledged application will be requested subsequently.

Switzerland: PhD Position in Geomatics, University of Lausanne

PhD Position in Geomatics, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Institute of Geomatics and Analysis of Risk (IGAR);
Faculty of Geosciences and Environment (FGSE), University of Lausanne
Position: Assistant, PhD student
Starting Date: February-March 2010
Place of work: Institute of Geomatics and Analysis of Risk (IGAR), University of Lausanne

Education and skills:
MS degree in one of the following disciplines: statistics, machine learning, computer science, physics, geosciences, applied mathematics. Candidates should have a sound background in spatio-temporal data analysis using machine learning and geostatistical approaches. Knowledge of scientific programming languages as Matlab, C, or R is important.
IGAR opens a position in the field of application of machine learning algorithms (neural networks of different architectures, support vector machines, etc.) and geostatistics for geo/environmental sciences. The main tasks concern the development, adaptation, and programming of data mining (pattern recognition) models and tools. In particular, topics to be studied include modeling of data clustering, novelty detection, feature selection, manifold learning, risk mapping, and spatio-temporal simulations. In addition to the PhD the candidate is expected to assist in teaching (French, English) and other projects at the institute.
Motivation letter, CV, list of publications, MS thesis or equivalent, and recommendation letter should be sent by e-mail to Prof. Kanevski.
Deadline for applications: 10.01.2010
IGAR, Prof. M. Kanevski
Mikhail.Kanevski[ at ]
website link

Indicorps fellowship 2010-India

The Indicorps fellowship is a profound personal experience and an opportunity to understand participatory development through intense voluntary service. The structured program encourages participants to leave their comfort zones, place others’ interests before their own, test their own potential to affect change, explore their relationship with India, and understand what it means to lead by committing themselves to innovative grassroots projects. Indicorps believes that giving one’s time and energy, without any attachment to the outcome, regardless of the circumstances, is an unparalleled personal experience in service. At the same time, the fellowship is a chance for fellows to address their own identity, recognize their personal boundaries, and understand how to produce change in their environment(s). The fellowship is deeply rewarding, a transformational and challenging personal journey, and part of Indicorps’ collective experiment for change.
Approach to development:
Indicorps’ approach to development involves a total investment of body, mind and soul into the process of “being the change.” Fellows take individual personal responsibility to execute and complete projects, defined in partnership with local development organizations, that address particular community challenges. Recognizing the project as a foundational cornerstone or platform for change, Indicorps pushes fellows to actively test their and creatively explore the possibilities of community-oriented leadership.
More about the Fellowship program:
Each year, Indicorps selects young professionals of Indian origin for one and two year service fellowships with grassroots service organizations in India. To be eligible for the fellowship program, you must be a person of Indian origin (Government of India definition) and have at minimum a university degree or five years work experience. Individuals apply specifically to projects of their interest.
The first month of the fellowship involves an -intense, physically and mentally rigorous, month-long orientation to India, the Indicorps philosophy, and practical living. In conjunction with grassroots fieldwork, Indicorps also requires fellows to attend periodic workshops that encourage participants to deepen their understanding of Indian development, to reflect, to share progress, to collectively solve problems, and to re-energize. Some fellows opt for a second year to broaden their understanding of development and take leadership in managing projects or Indicorps programs.
The fellowship has stringent documentation requirements and promotes self-accountability. The program is carefully crafted to consider long-term impact and to defy common critiques of both international volunteers and the organizations with which they work.
Indicorps provides a nominal stipend to enable fellows to live simply and work in India for the duration of their fellowship. Basic room, board, and fellowship-related travel are covered by Indicorps or the local project partner organization. Indicorps is a total immersion program and encourages fellows to be a part of their communities to the greatest extent possible – including attempting to live within the means of their location.
NOTE: The Indicorps stipend is designed to cover only basic living costs, some of which may be provided in-kind. The stipend does not include airfare to/from the applicant’s current location, incidentals, health care or insurance, or a personal spending allowance. Participants will incur some out-of-pocket personal expenses during the fellowship year.
Evaluation for effort:
As part of our commitment to development, Indicorps will continually evaluate for effort. Indicorps reserves the right, at any stage of the program, to dismiss fellows who do not embrace the spirit and/or commitments underlying the Indicorps concept.
Before applying, please read the following documents for background related to the Indicorps Fellowship:
Fellowship OverviewThe Indicorps PhilosophyIndicorps Fellowship Handbook.
For the 2010 fellowship year (as per Government of India’s definition), Indicorps will accept applications from qualified persons of Indian origin who have a university degree or five years of applicable work experience from anywhere in the world.
If you are not of Indian origin, do not qualify for the fellowship program, or do not think the Indicorps program is right for you but are interested in working in India, please contact us, we will work with you to find a suitable volunteer experience and may have other opportunities available. (you may also want to visit our Indiserve volunteer-matching platform).
A complete Indicorps application includes the following:
Application Part One, including:

  • General Applicant Information
  • Short Answer and Essays (Various)
  • Self-Reference Form
  • Two Outside References
  • Health and Medical Form
  • Current Resume / Curriculum Vitae
  • Official Transcript (if currently enrolled in a graduate/undergraduate program)
Application Part Two(s)
(one for each project for which you are interested)
Phone or Personal Interview
(applicants may or may not be interviewed, interviews will be arranged after applications are completed)
Learn more about the Indicorps application process:
Indicorps will accept supplemental application materials; however, we cannot guarantee that it will be evaluated. Supplemental materials should be sent by email to apply[at] by
(01 Mar, 2010).
Applicants who need to mail items physically should contact Indicorps staff for instructions before mailing.
Indicorps may conduct multiple interviews, contact references, coordinate face-to-face meetings with alumni, and request additional materials during the application process. In some cases, at the suggestion of the evaluation committee, Indicorps may ask a candidate to consider changing his/her project preferences (and file an additional project application, if not already submitted). Ultimately, applicants will only be evaluated for projects in which they overtly express interest.

Western Union Family Scholarship Program 2010: USA

The Western Union Foundation’s Family Scholarship Program is a new initiative for migrants, immigrants and their families.
The Family Scholarship Program is intended to help two members of the same family move up the economic development ladder through education. Scholarships may be used for tuition for college/university education language acquisition classes, technical/skill training, and/or financial literacy. For example, one family member may request assistance to attend college and the other family member may request assistance to attend English as a Second Language (ESL) course.


  • All applicants must be age 18 or older.
  • Country of origin for at least one of the applicants must be outside the United States.
  • Application must include educational providers for primary and secondary award recipients (must be 2 family members).
  • Scholarships may be used for tuition for college/university education language acquisition classes, technical/skill training, and/or financial literacy.
  • Scholarships will only be made to nonprofit accredited higher education institutions and nonprofit training/educational providers.
  • Western Union employees, Western Union Agents and dependents are not eligible to apply for these scholarships.


The following criteria will be used to review applications:
  • Families that have overcome barriers to pursue their educational goals
  • Families that are involved in their communities
  • Personal educational goals
  • Plans to attain goals
  • Plans for utilizing the scholarship

Scholarship amounts

Recipients are eligible to receive scholarships in amounts of $1,000-$5,000 per family. (For example, one scholarship recipient may receive $1,500 for an ESL course and the other recipient $3,500 for tuition at a university).


Recipients are determined in a selection process independently managed by the Institute of International Education (IIE), an international non-profit educational exchange organization.
All scholarship awards will be paid directly to the educational providers. No payments will be made to individuals.

To apply

Please visit the Western Union Foundation Family Scholarship page to apply.
IIE will send a confirmation via e-mail if you have provided a valid e-mail address. If you do not have a valid email address confirmation will be sent by U.S. mail.
Please be advised that due to the volume of application submission activity, IIE staff cannot verify receipt of applications and supporting documentation via telephone inquiry.
Application Deadline
  • February 5, 2010
    Winter application due date

DUO-Singapore Exchange Fellowship Award 2010

Applications for AY 2010/2011 DUO-Singapore Exchange Fellowship Award is now open.
About the Award
The Asia-Europe Meeting’s (ASEM) DUO Fellowship Fund aims to promote student exchanges between European and Asian ASEM member countries. Under this fund, the DUO-Singapore Exchange Fellowship is awarded by the Singapore Government to Singapore and ASEAN students studying in the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS) and Singapore Management University (SMU). The Award is also open to students from European ASEM countries (who come from universities with fee waiver arrangements with NTU, NUS and SMU)
The Award, based on merit, is for a pair of exchanges between a university in Singapore and its respective partner university in Europe in any academic field. Each student will be awarded a maximum of 4,000 Euros for one semester of up to four months, which covers airfare, accommodation and living expenses.
There is no bond imposed by the Singapore Government for the Award, which is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Terms of Award

  • The ASEM DUO Exchange Fellowship Award is tenable for one semester of up to four months.
  • Each recipient will be awarded a maximum of 4,000 Euros that covers airfare, accommodation and living expenses. No additional assistance will be provided for other expenses.
  • Recipients need not pay any tuition fees to the foreign university but continue to pay the normal fees to the university they are from.
  • There is no bond imposed on the recipient by the Singapore Government.
  • The Singapore Government may, at its discretion, waive any of the conditions of the Award
Applicants should satisfy the following criteria:
  • Singaporean students in NTU, NUS and SMU.
  • Students from other ASEAN countries that are members of ASEM (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam) studying in  NTU, NUS and SMU and who are not prevented by terms of their scholarship from going on exchange programmes.
  • Students from European ASEM countries who come from universities in European ASEM countries which have tuition fee waiver arrangements with NTU, NUS and SMU
  • Students have to be on full-time undergraduate or postgraduate course.
Applications should be:
  • Submitted using the prescribed form,
Click here for the Application Form.
  • Forwarded to the respective departments in the Universities:
NTU – International Relations Office
NUS – International Relations Office
SMU – Office of International Relations

You may wish to visit the following universities’ websites for more information:
Please note that:
  • The completed application forms must be submitted by the stipulated closing date.
  • Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • The National Selection Committee will decide which applications qualify for the Award.
  • The decision of the National Selection Committee on the selection for the Award is final.
Further Scholarship Information and Application

Andrews Federal Scholarship 2010 for High School Seniors and other College Students

Andrews Federal awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors and other college students seeking a higher education.  As college costs continue to increase, Andrews Federal provides scholarships to help our members achieve their education goals.
This year, Andrews Federal is awarding eight $1,500 non-renewable scholarships for tuition and books.  Any member or member’s dependent at least 16 years old with an account in good standing by January 1, 2010 is eligible to apply.
Applicants must be pursuing a degree from an accredited college or university.  Applications will be judged on an essay composition, community service and recommendations.
Applications are available in our branches or can be downloaded by clicking the button to the right.  Applications must be received at our
U.S. Headquarters (5711 Allentown Road, Suitland, MD 20746) by April 16, 2010 to be considered eligible to win.  Winners will be notified by May 14, 2010.
Additional Scholarship Opportunities
Andrews Federal members have another opportunity to gain scholarship funds.  The Credit Union Foundation of Maryland & DC is offering $1,000 scholarships.  If you are a member of Andrews Federal and entering your freshmen through senior year of college, you are eligible to apply. To learn more, please visit the Credit Union Foundation of Maryland & DC website.  Hurry, the deadline for applications is March 31, 2010.
Further Scholarship Information and Application

Google Model Your Town Competition

Google has announced the first international Google Model Your Town Competition and invites people to use free sketching tools to create a 3D portrait of their community and ensure its place on the 3D world map.
The winning individual/team will receive:
* USD$10,000 for the town’s public school district (or international equivalent)
* a visit from a Google team, along with an event in the winners’ honor
* a video profile of the winning team and their town, to be featured on YouTube
* a virtual tour of the winning town that will be added to the Google Earth website
* international publicity in the form of blog posts, tweets and other media
* additional coverage on Google websites

Qatar Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2010-2011 Georgetown University

Qatar Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2010-2011 Georgetown University
Georgetown University
The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS) is pleased to announce the annual Qatar Post-Doctoral Fellowship competition. The fellowship will support a recent PhD working on the topic of US-Arab Relations, Arab Studies or Islamic Studies (broadly defined) for a period of one academic year for the purpose of transforming his/her dissertation into a book manuscript for publication. The fellow will receive a stipend of between $40,000 – $45,000 as well as benefits.
The fellowship requires residence at Georgetown University for the duration of academic year 2010-2011. The fellow will be given library privileges at Georgetown University and office space at CCAS. During the fall term the fellow will be expected to deliver a lecture at CCAS about his/her research. In the spring term, the fellow will teach a small seminar of his/her choosing broadly related to the subject of US-Arab relations or Arab or Islamic studies.
Interested candidates must have completed a PhD between January 1, 2008 and August 31, 2010 from a university in the United States.
Candidates should submit:
  • A cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Course proposal
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • A sample chapter from your dissertation
  • An outline of your dissertation
The application must be postmarked no later than Feb. 1, 2010.
Send completed applications to:
Qatar Post-Doctoral Fellowship CCAS Georgetown University 37th and O Sts, NW 241 ICC Washington, DC 20057
For more information, visit:

Pakistan: Islamic Development Bank Merit Scholarship Program for High Technology 2010-11

* The Islamic Development Bank (IBD) is delighted to announce that applications scholarships under the 1430 (2010-11) IDB Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology are open for application. The scholarships will be awarded to the successful application in September 2010;
* The Programme is designed to help promising research students to pursue a full- time three-year Ph.D study or a six-twelve month post-doctoral research work in scientific disciplines that enhances development in IDB member countries; for issuance, health/medicine, agriculture/food production, water resources/desertification, energy/infrastructure development, nanotechnology, development-focused ICT. Some scholarships have also been reserved for studies and research in invention-related abstract sciences;
* The scholarship comprises tuition fees, cost of living allowance, health insurance cost and travel ticket cost and dependency allowance for Ph.D students;
* The applicant must be a citizen of an IDB member country, must be a permanent employee of an academic institution or research centre of his/her country and must satisfy all the eligibility requirements of the Programme;
* The successful candidate must secure admission to one of the universities listed in the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES). The list is available on the IDB
* Priority shall be given to applicants who have secured admission to universities that have concluded a cooperation agreement with the IDB such as Cambridge University, Nottingham University, Birmingham University in the UK or to one of the universities on the THES list.
* The prospective applicant should visit the IDB website: www.isdb.orgto download the Programme’s application form (Under the Scholarship Menu) and to read full information about the eligibility requirements, how to apply, the Programme’s benefits and facilities as well as the names of universities. Copies of application forms for Ph.D and Post Doctorate are also available at
* The applicants MUST NOT directly submit the applications to IDB Headquarters, Jeddah;
* The applicant must complete the application form and send it together with the requisite documents mentioned in the introductory form to the address below:
Application for
IDB Merit Scholarships,
Government of Pakistan,
Economic Affairs Division,
C-Block Pak Secretariat,

Lally Innovation Competition Second Round ( Win $60,000 MBA Scholarship)

Lally Innovation Competition Second Round ( Win $60,000 MBA Scholarship)
Job Description : The Lally School of Management & Technology was founded in 1963 as an integral part of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, America’s oldest technological university. Building on Rensselaer’s world-class facilities and leadership in science and engineering, Lally is dedicated to advancing business through innovation. Lally offers graduate, doctoral and undergraduate degree programs in management, and an executive MBA program.
The Lally Innovation Competition aims to encourage innovators to generate ideas and spur economic development. Lally welcomes entries from prospective MBAs who have strong imaginations and a passion for innovation, along with an interest in transforming their ideas into reality. Entrants must be applicants to the Lally MBA Program. Winners will be chosen by a panel of Lally School faculty, alumni, and regional entrepreneurs. A public online vote will also provide a component of the final award decision.
Competition entries will be accepted in four rounds. The second round which just opened up, began on December 21rst, and will remain open for idea submissions through Feb 15, 2010. All entrants must be applicants to the Lally School MBA Program. The winner will be chosen by a panel of Lally School faculty and regional entrepreneurs. Members of the general public will also have a chance to vote online for the various entries, and this vote will serve as a component of the final award decision.
Winners will receive a tuition scholarship for the Lally School’s MBA Program worth up to $60,000. The total amount of the scholarship award will depend on the strength of the candidate’s MBA application. In addition to receiving a prestigious tuition scholarship, winners will receive mentoring and support to develop their ideas at Lally.
Deadline for entries is Feb. 15, 2010.
Entries will be accepted online, and competitors may also review the entry requirements online at:
Job Homepage : College Scholarships
Category : Education
Contact address : Lally School of Management & Technology
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
110 8th Street, Pittsburgh Building,
Phone: 518.276.6565
Troy, NY 12180

HEC-SAMAA TV Scholarship Program- Pakistan

SAMAA TV has taken a leadership role in contributing to society through a structured social investment program, which aims to integrate the economic, social and environmental needs of the local communities.
Their social investment projects are a testimony to the company’s commitment, targets and performance in delivering on our environmental and social responsibilities.
Primary objective of this scholarship program is to support those who possess merit and are in need of financial resources to pursue higher studies in the field of Mass Communication, Journalism or Media Studies in public sector universities.
Applicants should fulfill the below-mentioned criteria at the time of sending application form:
They must be Pakistani/AJK citizens and permanent residents.
They should be under 35 years of age or less on the closing date of advertisement (born on or after 13-02-1975),
They must posses marks above 50% in their entire academic career (e.g SSC, HSC, BA/BSc, or Equivalent etc).
They should not have obtained below 50 % marks in their entire academic career (e.g SSC, HSC, BA/BSc, or equivalent etc)..
They should have obtained bachelor degree / 14th grade with atleast 60% or above marks.
Their last academic results must have been officially announced and they must be in possession of all of their academic transcripts. Those waiting for result can not apply.
Applicants should have already obtained admission in the Spring / Fall-2009 session, in the discipline of Mass Communication, Journalism or Media Studies in any of the public sector universities in Pakistan approved by HEC.
Their monthly family income, from all sources must be less than Rs. 40,000/.
They are NOT current or former employees of JAAG BROADCASTING SYSTEMS (PVT) LTD, SAMAA TV.
Application should reach on or before 13th February, 2010, by the close of office hours.
Download Application Form (doc)
Further Scholarship Information and Application

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