PhD Positions for International Students by The International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste, Italy

PhD Positions for International Students by The International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste, Italy

Job description: The International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste offers post-graduate training to obtain a “Doctor Philosophiae” (Ph.D) degree in the following fields:

Ph.D course Places Available with No. of Positions:

Applied Mathematics 4
Astroparticle Physics 4
Astrophysics 3
Elementary Particles 5
Functional and Structural Genomics 4
Geometry 4
Mathematical Analysis 4
Mathematical Physics 4
Neuroscience – Cognitive Neuroscience 4
Neuroscience – Neurobiology 4
Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems 4
Statistical Physics 4
Theory and Numerical Simulation of the Condensed Matter 6
The Ph.D programmes last for three years and are based on teaching and research activities, with examinations to determine admission from one year to the next and the attainment of the Ph.D degree.

Fellowships and other benefits:

The School awards fellowships for 3 years, extendable for a fourth year subject to approval by the School authorities and to availability of funds.
The yearly amount of the fellowships is, at the moment, of € 13.638,47 gross (8,91% tax).
Candidates may also hold fellowships from other sources, that cannot be held in addition to those awarded by the School. The School may supplement external fellowships if they are of an amount less than those awarded by the School.
A contribution towards living expenses of the amount of €100,00 gross per month will be awarded to those who will subscribe a registered rent contract.
A contribution towards the expenses to be enrolled in the health insurance system up to € 200,00 will be granted to non-EU students only (€ 400,00 if with family).
A contribution (70% of the amount of the fellowship) may be awarded to students who should be forced to suspend their activity due to illness, maternity or other serious reasons up to 5 months.


To be admitted to the School, candidates must be in possession of one of the following degrees:

· Italian laurea or laurea specialistica/magistrale in a scientific subject;
· A University degree obtained abroad and considered equivalent to the aforementioned Italian degrees by the governing bodies of the School (i.e. M.Sc.).
The School welcomes applications from young candidates soon after completion of their undergraduate studies with a strong interest in research even if without previous specific experience.
In any case, the degree must have been conferred within the starting date of the teaching programme; by October 1, 2010 for participation in the Ph.D. programmes in Astroparticle Physics, Geometry, Mathematical Physics and Theory of Elementary Particles and by November 4, 2010 for all the other Ph.D. programmes.

Online application:

An online application must be filled and sent using the procedure available at the page by the deadlines shown in the schedule of each Ph.D course.

Candidates should upload the following documents in pdf format:

- curriculum vitae et studiorum;
- a certificate of University examinations taken (with marks) in Italian, English, French, German or Spanish;
- a final degree certificate in Italian, English, French, German or Spanish;
- If, at the time of application, candidates should not be yet in possession of a degree certificate,
they can submit it at the time of the examination.

European Union candidates can submit a personal declaration instead of the aforementioned certificates.
- a copy of the diploma thesis (if any).
Candidates will have to indicate the names and email addresses of two professors that will be asked to send a recommendation letter through the same online procedure.
A confirmation message will be sent to the candidate when he/she will complete the application process.
The candidate will then have to print out the admission request form, sign it and send it, together with a copy o fan ID document (i.e. passport) by fax or post to the address on the form itself. The request form must reach SISSA within 8 days from the “online deadline” of each course. Late arrival of the application, for whatever reason, will not be accepted.

All necessary information about the online procedure can be found at the page

Entrance Exams:
All the information about the exams can be found in the Ph.D schedules attached to the present announcement.

A contribution towards documented travel expenses with the exclusion of expenses incurred using their own means of transport, of up to a maximum of 150 €, will be given to all candidates who have handed in an examination paper which can be evaluated or, for the Astrophysics candidates, to all those participating in the oral exam.

Deadline for submission of application: September 23rd , 2010

Further scholarship details and application:

PhD Student for Projects within the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology, Future Urban Mobility, Singapore

Studentship program for doctoral Studies to be supervised by NTU and MIT faculty.

Study Subject:Engineering
Employer: NTU & MIT
Level: PhD
Scholarship Description: The Future Urban Mobility (FM) Interdisciplinary Research Group is the fourth and most recent IRG established within the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART). The FM IRG’s activities began officially on July 1, 2010.
The goal of the FM IRG is to develop, in and beyond Singapore, new paradigms for the planning, design and operation of future urban mobility systems. Innovative urban mobility systems, aimed at both passengers and freight, will materially enhance sustainability and societal well-being on a global scale. This is a particularly opportune time to address this topic due to a confluence of relevant developments: major advances in computing, communications, and sensing technologies; the great progress that has been made in recent years in our ability to model, evaluate and optimize urban mobility systems; the growing importance of environmental sustainability issues; the aging of physical infrastructure in developed countries and the need for massive new infrastructure in less developed ones; and the vast economic stimulus that can be provided by the modernization and renewal of urban mobility systems worldwide.

The FM IRG will:
- harness and enhance promising networked computing and control (NCC) technology-enabled innovations that may contribute to improved future urban mobility;
- develop decision models that can be applied to support various novel mobility concepts, such as the pervasive use of real-time information, mobility-on-demand services and green logistics;
- investigate the potential and impacts of these innovations and decision models; and
- assess their implications for urban development and urban planning organizations and institutions.

The concrete project is the following:
Real-time Path Tracking/Predictions and On-Demand Route Guidance Under Uncertainty
Develop algorithms that use real-time data to (i) track and predict paths in dynamic transportation networks, and (ii) provide on-demand route guidance under uncertainty.
Please send detailed curriculum vitae, statement of research interests, three references, and relevant publications (if applicable) electronically to:
Prof. Justin Dauwels
Nanyang Technological University
School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Scholarship Application Deadline: Contact Employer

Further Scholarship Information and Application

ACCA?s MBA scholarship for ACCA members

ACCA’s MBA scholarship for ACCA members

Study Subject: MBA

Employer: ACCA

Level: Postgraduate

Scholarship Description: The scholarships are awarded to those individuals who best represent ACCA’s core values of opportunity, innovation, diversity, accountability and integrity. In addition, members also need to demonstrate how the MBA programme will make a positive contribution to their own career, the accounting profession and the community in which they live..

Scholarship Application Deadline: 28 February 2011 for course starting from July 2011

28 February 2012 for course starting from July 2012

Further Scholarship Information and Application

Nottingham MBA Scholarships for European and International Students

Nottingham MBA Scholarships for European and International Students

Study Subject: MBA

Employer: Nottingham University Business School

Level: Postgraduate

Scholarship Description: For the 2011/12 programme, the School is offering a number of scholarships for the Nottingham MBA. The School will only consider you eligible for a scholarship once you have been offered a place on the programme and have accepted your place by paying the course deposit. All our scholarships are open to Home, European and International applicants.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 27 May 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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