Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cancer Engineering [laboratory exp in microfluidics; develop highly functional MicroBioReactors for long-term cell culture to investigate hypoxia effects on cancer cells] / Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department, Johns Hopkins University

The postdoctoral fellow will lead a collaborative project aimed at developing highly functional MicroBioReactors for long-term cell culture to investigate hypoxia effects on cancer cells.

We are looking for a motivated and creative researcher with laboratory experience in microfluidics that wants to apply microfluidic technologies to investigate biologically relevant problems in cancer physics.

The postdoctoral fellow will be co-advised by Profs. S. Gerecht and G. Drazer in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department.

Interested candidates should send a statement of interest, CV, and the names of 3 references to Prof. German Drazer at

Queensland Institute of Medical Research Postdoctoral Researchers and Research Assistants

Queensland Institute of Medical Research
Postdoctoral Researchers and Research Assistants

Tumour Immunology
World class research institute
Attractive Salary Packaging & Superannuation Options
QIMR is one of Australia’s largest and most successful medical research institutes. We investigate the genetic and environmental causes of more than 40 diseases, and are developing new diagnostics, better treatments and prevention strategies to promote health and well being for all people.

The Tumour Immunology laboratory conducts research on human immune response to herpes viruses with an aim to develop novel prophylactic and therapeutic strategies for the treatment of patients with herpes virus associated diseases.

We are seeking Postdoctoral Researchers and Research Assistants to join the Tumour Immunology Laboratory. These positions are funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council and Cancer Council Queensland and offer the opportunity to investigate human T cell responses against cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr virus in healthy virus carriers and patients with virus-associated malignancies. There are also opportunities to learn new skills in clinical translation and cell-based immunotherapy.

To be appointed as a postdoctoral researcher you must possess a PhD and for Research Assistants a recent university graduate qualification at the BSc or BSc (Hons) level in biology or in another related area is required. Previous experience in immunology/cell biology/virology is highly desirable. Applicants should be motivated, well organised and able to work effectively as part of a team.

Salary range is $51,136 – $69,398 per annum commensurate with qualifications and experience. Attractive superannuation and salary packaging benefits also apply. This is a full-time appointment for 2-3 years with the possibility for extension.

Further Information

Contact Professor Rajiv Khanna by email on

To Apply: Click on the “Apply” button on the positions vacant page.

Applications should address the selection criteria and include curriculum vitae, proof of qualifications, and the names and contact details of three professional referees.

Closing Date: 18 March 2011

Post doc position in Signal Transduction in Host-Microbial Interactions and Inflammation - Sweden

Post doc position in Signal Transduction in Host-Microbial Interactions and Inflammation
Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS)
Umeå Centre for Microbial Research (UCMR) at Umeå University
Background: Innate immune detections of and responsiveness to microbes is mediated by sets of receptors known as pattern recognition receptors (PRRs). PRRs are broadly categorized into three classes: Toll-like receptors (TLRs), NOD-like receptors (NLRs) and RIG-I-like receptors (RLRs). Activation of PRRs results in the production of a large set of proinflammatory cytokines and type I interferons (IFNs) which act concertedly to coordinate host defenses against foreign invasion. Although principally meant to protect the host, excessive or deregulated induction of such innate immune responses, can either lead to self injury (e.g during sepsis or autoimmune diseases). Therefore in orders to maintain an optimal balance between anti-microbial host defenses and guarding against causing self injury, PRR signaling pathways must be regulated tightly. We are interested in understanding the mechanisms that govern the regulation of PRRs signaling pathways and how the breakdown of such regulation may lead to inflammation or impair anti-microbial host defenses. Relevant publications: Dietrich N, et al, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 May 1;107(19):8748-53; Dietrich et al. PLoS One. 2010 Apr 20;5(4).

Methods: These studies will involve using various in vivo mouse models of inflammation and infection as well in vitro studies using a variety of techniques including flow cytometry, microscopy, lentiviral transduction, mass spectrometry, standard cell culture, protein biochemistry, and cell/molecular biology techniques.

Location: Our new lab in Sweden belongs to the MIMS (The Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS) within the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine). MIMS constitutes the Swedish node within the Nordic partnership for Molecular Medicine that is formed together with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and the Finland and Norway nodes. MIMS is established within the Umeå Centre for Microbial Research (UCMR) at Umeå University. The groups of the MIMS work in modern laboratories with well-equipped common facilities and platforms in a creative, inspiring and highly interactive environment.

Qualifications: We are looking for enthusiastic candidates who are interested in innate immunity and who have received or are about to receive a Ph.D preferably in immunology, microbiology, virology, cell/molecular biology. The position is available for the initial 2 years with a possibility of extension. The successful candidate will be expected to design and execute his or her project independently but also work in close collaboration with the other members of the team.

Applicants should submit their CV along with the names and contact details of three referees, preferably via email to Dr. Nelson O. Gekara ( For more information visit our webpage

Multiple research positions in statistical genetics (Post-doctoral and PhD studentship)

Multiple research positions in statistical genetics (Post-doctoral and PhD studentship)

Psychiatric Genetics and Queensland Statistical Genetics Laboratories of the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR), Brisbane, Australia
Lab heads: Naomi Wray and Peter Visscher
Project: Estimation and prediction analysis of complex traits using genome-wide marker data

Advances in technology which allow typing of millions of DNA markers simultaneously have revolutionized gene mapping in human genetics, making it one of the most exciting and fast moving fields in science. Genetic studies such as these generate large volumes of data and require advanced statistical and computational methods to link disease and trait phenotypes from often thousands of individuals to the high density genetic data. We have pioneered the use of multi-marker statistical genetic methods in human genetics to elucidate the genetic architecture of complex traits and have developed a framework for predicting an individual’s risk to disease from genome-wide marker data. We have secured funding from for post-doctoral positions to enable us to build upon this foundation and develop and implement better methods to predict phenotypes from SNP data. This research could ultimately lead to diagnostic and prognostic genetic testing for complex genetic diseases. The successful applicants will be involved in the development and testing of methodologies for innovative whole-genome analyses of existing data, development and testing of new prediction methods, evolutionary modelling of the distribution of causal variants and new analyses of meta-analysis summary data.

The research will be directed by Dr. Naomi Wray and Professor Peter Visscher whose laboratories already contain 8 post-doctoral researchers. QIMR is one of the largest medical research institutes in the southern hemisphere, with programs in areas such as cellular and molecular sciences, epidemiology and population health, cancer biology, biotechnology, infectious diseases and vaccine development.

Postdoctoral positions
QIMR Research Officer (RO) $64,649-$69,397 depending on experiences. Appointment as Senior Research Officer (SRO) $73,049-$78,529 may be possible for applicants meeting the QIMR criteria for appointment at this level. These are full-time appointments for three years.

PhD studentship
Fully funded PhD stipend (AUS $25K per annum tax free).

Closing date: 1st April 2011.
For informal enquiries, please contact Naomi Wray (
For more details and to apply:

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Genetic Epidemiology/Statistical Genetics

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Genetic Epidemiology/Statistical Genetics
Lund University Diabetes Center
Lund University is one of Europe’s foremost universities and Sweden’s strongest for research. Here, tradition combines with dynamic development and cutting edge qualifications. Our extensive activities cover education, research and innovation in the areas of technology, science, law, social sciences, economics, medicine, humanities, theology, art, music and theatre. 46 000 students study at the university, which has 6 000 employees, mainly in Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg.

The university is an elected member of two prominent international networks, the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and Universitas 21; it is one of eleven higher education institutions within the Öresund University. We have agreements with over 600 partner universities in about fifty countries around the world.

Lund University Diabetes Centre (LUDC); is one of 20 strong research programmes in Sweden to be awarded the 10-year Linnaeus grant by the Swedish Research Council in 2006. The aim of LUDC is to identify strategies for slowing disease progression in diabetes and, ultimately, to prevent the disease. LUDC includes 10 research groups in Malmö and Lund as well as several collaborators. The participating groups are all internationally renowned and form one of the strongest diabetes research environments world-wide. The position is administrated by the Department of Clinical Sciences Malmö, and is situated at the Clinical Research Centre, Malmö.

Lund University invites applications for a

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Genetic epidemiology/statistical genetics

located within the Department of Clinical Sciences in Malmö into the Genetic & Molecular Epidemiology (GAME) Unit at Lund University Diabetes Center, at Faculty of Medicine.
See: for more information.

Work assignments mainly include own scientific work and supervision. The position may also include other assignments such as administrative service to the Department/Faculty/University and teaching of different student categories. The purpose of the position is to strengthen diabetes research within the GAME Unit. Securing external funding from national and international funding bodies, leading scientific publications in high-ranking peer-reviewed journals, and participation in education and research dissemination are key expectations of the successful applicant. The GAME Unit has strong ties with Harvard School of Public Health ( in the US and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in the UK; therefore, some of the work assignments may include opportunities to work with and/or within these additional centers of excellence.

To qualify for appointment as Postdoctoral Research Fellow (forskarassistent in Swedish) you must have a PhD degree or have corresponding academic qualifications. Priority is given to applicants who have completed their PhD within 5 year of the application deadline. Applications are invited for a 4 year position which will start not later than October 2011.

Basis for assessment
Particular importance is given to scientific excellence in the subject field, which should adhere to and complement the existing research activities at LUDC. Documented ability to independently develop, lead and perform research of internationally competitive standards, as well securing external funding in national or international competition is a particular merit. The successful applicant is expected to provide proof of his/her ability to disseminate research and other work assignments related to the University. Qualifying is documented teaching and supervision skills.

In addition to what is prescribed by the Higher Education Ordinance, as regards the appointment of teachers the Lund University teachers Appointment Regulations also apply, see
Lund University is striving to achieve a more gender balance in its research and teaching staff.

For further information about the position please contact:
Prof Paul Franks, tel: +46 40-39 11 49, e-mail:

Information on application formalities may be obtained from Mrs Helene Berggren, Tel: + 46 46-222 71 11, e-mail:

Applicants’ name will be shown on the medical faculty website on the Internet unless it is made clear in the application that the applicant objects to this.

The application, quoting the Journal Entry No. 2010/2323 should be made to Rektor, Lund University (the Vice-Chancellor, Lund University) and reach the Registrar not later than March 25, 2011. (Address: Registrator, Lunds University, Box 117, 221 00 LUND, SWEDEN).

By the application deadline the following documentation should have been delivered in the form of 5 copies, divided into 5 packages

A summarised, attested CV should be placed first in each package using the template given at the following web link:
Full list of publications as instructed by the academic appointments committee at:
NB! Abstracts should not be included in the publication list!
A list of your 5 chosen publications plus 5 copies of each packaged in 5 separate packets that without further sorting can be send directly to the referees. The applicant should be prepared with short notice to send copies of the remaining publications from their comprehensive list of publications if the Appointments Board so desires.
A short statement of scientific, pedagogical and administrative activity including a research programme for the next two-year period.
A summary of the applicant’s activities in the so called “Third Task” describing interaction and information spreading beyond the applicants employment site.
Copies of those documents containing the applicant’s grades and merits together with any other relevant documentation requested.
An electronic copy quoting Ref No. with CV, full list of publications, a short statement of scientific, pedagogical and administrative activity including a research programme for the next two-year period and a summary of the applicant’s activities in the so called “Third Task” should also be sent to:

Postdoctoral positions in Computer Science and Engineering for Talented Young Scholars

Postdoctoral positions in Computer Science and Engineering for Talented Young Scholars

Study Subject: Computer Science and Engineering
Employer: The University of Aizu
Level: Postdoctoral
Scholarship Description: The University of Aizu offers a number of special postdoctoral fellowships for talented young scholars for doing collaborative and independent research in one of several strategic research themes. The post is fixed term for a period of 18 months starting from within a period of June-October 2011.
In principle, candidates must have acquired or expect to acquire a doctoral degree on or after April 1, 2005.
Research Fields: High-performance Computing, Internet Computing, Software Engineering, and Cloud Computing that relate to the strategic research being conducted at the University of Aizu.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 28 February 2011

15 Doctoral Studentships at BEEGS 2011, Sweden

Call for Applications for Doctoral Studentships at BEEGS, Södertörn University

Study Subject: Business Administration, Ethnology, History, Political Science, Sociology
Employer: BEEGS
Level: Doctoral
Scholarship Description: A total of 15 doctoral studentships are available this year in the Baltic and East European Graduate School (BEEGS). Södertörn University invites applications within five disciplines: Business Administration, Ethnology, History, Political Science and Sociology. These disciplines belong to two research areas: Historical Studies, and Politics, Economy and the Organisation of Society .
Research in BEEGS focuses on Baltic and Eastern Europe, and successful applicants for the studentships must focus their research on this region. We welcome applicants from all over the world. We require fluency in English, since this is the working language at BEEGS.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 1 March 2011

Slovak Government Scholarships for International Students in Various Subjects

Slovak Government Scholarships for International Students in Various Subjects

Study Subject: Various
Employer: Government of the SR
Level: Higher Education
Scholarship Description: The provision of development aid of the Slovak Republic (SR) in the area of education takes the form of the award of scholarships of the Government of the SR that are consistent with the conditions approved by the Government Resolution No.344/2010 of 25 May 2010 for developing countries and for Slovaks living abroad, the Government Resolution No. 625/2008, of 17 September 2008, for academic year 2011/2012.
The official range of scholarship positions available is annually notified through the diplomatic offices of the SR abroad.
Under the development aid for the developing countries, the official offer is sent to the ministry of foreign affairs of the relevant country in accordance with the approved breakdown of countries and scholarship places in particular academic years.
Under the aid to Slovaks living abroad, the offer is sent to the official compatriot representatives according to the approved breakdown of countries and scholarship positions in relevant academic years.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 30 May 2011

Fellowship for Postdoctoral Applicants at International Water Management Institute in Syria

Fellowship for Postdoctoral Applicants at International Water Management Institute in Syria

Study Subject: Systemic Analysis of Irrigation Systems
Employer: IWMI
Level: Postdoctoral
Scholarship Description:If you possess a PhD in water sciences or geography, or an equivalent discipline, and have at least 3 years’ experience in systemic analysis of irrigated agriculture using approaches that combine technical understanding of water management and farming systems, and have the ability to coordinate and carry out research activities on irrigation scheme development and management in northeastern Syria and contribute to studies on irrigation, water management, agricultural performance, poverty reduction and investment strategies, then this could be the job for you. This position reports to François Molle, Senior Researcher, at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) office in Aleppo, Syria.
You will:
• examine irrigation development policies and strategies in Syria, compile and synthesize existing scientific information on
irrigation and water management in the Euphrates Basin, with emphasis on the Syrian part;
• contribute to designing and carrying out research activities on water and agricultural management in the irrigated systems supplied by
waters from the Euphrates;
• contribute to advising Master’s students involved in specific field research; and
• contribute ideas and assist in bibliographical searches regarding research activities to be carried out in other parts of Syria
(e.g., Orontes or Quweq river basins).
You must possess:
• PhD in water sciences or geography, or an equivalent discipline;
• ability to carry out a systemic analysis of irrigated agriculture using approaches that combine technical understanding of water
management and farming systems, together with consideration of institutional dimensions, as demonstrated in successfully completed
reports, a dissertation or journal articles;
• sensitivity to, and interest in, social and institutional dimensions of water resources management;
• computer literacy, with skills in handling and quality controlling hydrological and water management data;
• ability to articulate quantitative and qualitative analyses;
• good communication and writing skills, with an excellent command of both oral and written English;
• ability to effectively establish priorities, plan, organize and monitor own work in an interdisciplinary and multiple task environment;
• strong interpersonal skills and the ability to maintain effective working relationships in a multicultural, multiethnic environment with
sensitivity and respect for diversity; and
• ability to work in interdisciplinary teams, with local and international partners.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 25 February 2011

AMCHAM-MACEE Scholarship2011 for Malaysian students

AMCHAM-MACEE Scholarship2011 for Malaysian students for pursuing their undergraduate studies at American universities

Study Subject: Many (courses offered by the universities)
Employer:The American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) and the Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange
Scholarship Description: The American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) and the Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange (MACEE) are pleased to announce the competition for the AMCHAM-MACEE 2011 Scholarship. AMCHAM created a scholarship endowment program in 1998 to benefit deserving Malaysian students planning to pursue their undergraduate studies in the United States. The AMCHAM-MACEE 2011 Scholarship awards a US$20,000 scholarship, covering four years of undergraduate study in the United States ($5000.00/year renewable for four years subject to meeting the specified conditions). The scholarship is open to qualified Malaysian students who are accepted to an accredited university in the United States for four years of study culminating in a Bachelors degree. The student must be accepted for Fall semester, 2011. Transfer students are not eligible for this scholarship.

* Malaysian Students who have completed SPM, O Levels, STPM or A Levels.
* Secondary school results must be translated into English, certified as ta true copy and submitted with the application.
* TOEFL and SAT scores must be submitted
* Two letters of recommendation.
* Certified copy of IC or Malaysian Passport.
* Prior acceptance into U.S. university/college.
* Certified copy of acceptance letter or certified copy of I-20 from U.S. university/college.

Scholarship Application Deadline:30 May 2011

Fellowships for Experienced Researcher 2011 ? Germany

Feodor Lynen Research Fellowships for Experienced Researcher – Germany

A Message from the Dean:
“The decision to undertake further study is a major decision. Choosing the right programme that fits with your educational and career development aims is very important. This decision will have potential to influence your future professional career and your ability to perform in that career. Aberdeen Business School has an excellent reputation in the higher education sector – Robert Gordon University is one of the top modern universities in Scotland and the UK.
At Aberdeen Business School we have one of the strongest portfolios of quality courses. Our courses are accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), and the The Institute of Export. Reflecting our vocational strength we are accredited by and have links to The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP), and also the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS).
It is for this reason that around 1100 candidates from over 90 countries join our Postgraduate Programmes each year. Our courses add real value in the labour market and allow you to differentiate yourself. Our graduates find our programmes challenging, but also invigorating and enjoyable. Whether you are a recent graduate wishing to develop a career path or whether you are an experienced candidate returning to study, there is a course for you.

Scholarship Description:Candidates are expected to have their own, clearly defined academic profile. This means they should usually be working at least at the level of a Junior Professor or Junior Research Group Leader or Habilitand or be able to document independent research work over a number of years. Scientists and scholars from all disciplines may apply for any target country abroad.
The academic host must be an academic working abroad who has already been sponsored by the Humboldt Foundation. Candidates choose their own research projects and their host abroad and prepare their own research plan. Details of the research project and the time schedule must be agreed upon with the prospective host in advance. The duration of the research fellowship (6-18 months) may be divided up into a maximum of three visits lasting a minimum of three months each. As a rule, no more than 36 months may elapse between the beginning of the first stay and the end of the last stay. Short-term visits for study and training purposes or for attending conferences are not eligible for sponsorship.
The Humboldt Foundation expects the host to contribute to financing the research fellowship. Over the duration of the fellowship, the host’s contribution should account for approximately a third of the total fellowship amount. However, host institutes in developing and threshold countries and in other selected countries (c.f. list of countries) are not required to make a financial contribution. If a host institute in another country experiences obvious difficulties in raising its contribution, the Humboldt Foundation may accommodate this particular case.

Scholarship Application Deadline: Any Time


PhD Scholarships in Computer Science 2011 ? Germany

PhD Scholarships in Computer Science 2011-2012 – Germany

Scholarship Description: The Saarbrücken Graduate School of Computer Science provides an optimal environment for pursuing doctoral studies in computer science at an internationally competitive level. As a student, you undergo research oriented training and experience a stimulating and scientifically challenging atmosphere. Advised by internationally renowned scientists, you can participate in one of the many research groups and find your way into top notch research.
Talented students with strong interest in research who hold a Masters or an excellent Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or in a related field can apply.
Financial support during both phases (of course assuming adequate progress) will be provided. During the preparatory phase starting after your BSc degree, this support comes in the form of scholarships (800 € per month) or teaching and research support contracts. During the research and dissertation phase, you are supported in the form of stipends (about 1400 € per month) or of research or teaching assistantships.
There are currently no tuition fees, only a student fee of 140 € per semester which gives you free access to public transportation and reduced student rates at the university cafeteria and for many other public services (museums, concerts).

Who can apply?
Talented students with strong interest in research who hold a Masters or an excellent Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or in a related field.
[At the time of application the degree need not be conferred yet.] Please note that this is a highly competitive program and you should only apply if you are among the best students in your class. We are looking for academic excellence and strong research potential.

What is the working language? All courses, exams, etc. are in English. Good English skills will be essential for your success here.

How does it work?
After your successful application, you first undergo (depending on your degree) a three semester preparatory phase which consists of research-oriented, broad course work adjusted to personal interests. You may choose from all our courses at the Masters level. We provide common office space especially for students in this phase. You have ample opportunity to acquaint yourself with the many computer science research groups in Saarbrücken and to find a group and an advisor matching your interest.After passing a qualifying exam, you enter the research and dissertation phase which you spend as a member of a research group. During the entire program there is a comprehensive offering of so-called Soft Skills seminars and courses.
In justified cases, you can be exempted from parts of or even the entire preparatory phase. Also, the courses you take in the preparatory phase can be used towards a Masters degree, if this is desired and all formal requirements are met.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 29 April 2011

Saarland University
Saarbrücken Graduate School
of Computer Science
Campus E1 3
D-66123 Saarbrücken

Pfizer Fellowships in Epilepsy 2011 ? USA

2011 Pfizer Fellowships in Epilepsy – USA

About University:
Pfizer is proud to present our Medical & Academic Partnerships program, which improves patient care and increases the safe and effective use of our medicines. Since the inception of the Medical & Academic Partnerships program in 1984, Pfizer has funded more than 1000 proposals. This program is a reflection of Pfizer’s commitment to advancing research, innovation, and medical education in Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Osteopathic Medicine, Pharmacy and Public Health.

Clinical Fellowship:
Epilepsy is not a single disorder, but rather a syndrome with vastly divergent symptoms, all involving episodic abnormal electrical activity in the brain. The CDC estimates that approximately 2 million people in the United States have epilepsy, and it is estimated that nearly 140,000 new cases will be diagnosed in the United States. The incidence is highest in individuals younger than age 2 and older than age 65, and higher among racial minorities than whites. Although epilepsy is a relatively common chronic condition, in the majority of cases, its cause remains a mystery. Epilepsy is usually controlled with medication; however, more than 30% of people with epilepsy do not have seizure control even with the best available therapies. From diagnosis to managing the physiologic and social effects of living with epilepsy, clinical research and supportive care are needed for patients and their families

Scholarship Description: Applications are welcome from institutions and programs that focus on acquiring advanced knowledge and skills in the comprehensive management of patients with epilepsy and its related disorders.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 28 February 2011

The Pfizer MAP Team
Phone: (877) 254-6953
Carmine Novembre, MPH, CPH
Director, External Medical Affairs


Trustlink Bursary for South African Students 2011

Trustlink Bursary for South African Students 2011 – South Africa

Scholarship Description:Our Bursary and Internship Programme is aimed at affording previously disadvantaged individuals the opportunity to obtain valuable skills for the IT industry and giving them an equal opportunity to develop a rewarding career within the organization.
Trustlink runs a 12 month internship programme and provides a bursary to deserving students annually.

Bursary Selection Procedures and Conditions:
1. Only South African citizens are considered for the bursaries.
2. Only students who meet the selection criteria may apply for, and will be considered for bursaries.
3. Selection Criteria: a. Final year of study for junior degree or honours level of study
a. Financial need of applicant
b. Applications from designated groups will be given preference
c. Fields of study that will be considered: BComm Informatics, BIT, and related qualifications.
d. Good academic record (Average of 60-65% and above)
4. Students may be required to come to our offices for an interview as part of the selection process.
5. The bursary is for 1 year only.
6. After completion of studies the student may be required to work for the Company for period equal to 1 year.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 28 Febraury 2011

Biomedical Informatics Fellowships 2011 ? University of New Mexico

Biomedical Informatics Fellowships Position in University of New Mexico -2011

HSLIC Biomedical Informatics Program:
Founded in 2004, the Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center (HSLIC) offers a 2-3 year research fellowship available at the post-doctoral level (those with M.D., Pharm.D., or Ph.D. degrees) who have some training or experience with information technology. The fellowship program is designed to train individuals for Biomedical Informatics careers in academic research and the healthcare industry. In addition to extensive exposure to a wide spectrum of topics in Biomedical Informatics, the curriculum also provides fellows with the health services research skills necessary to become independently funded academic investigators.The fellowship requires completion of a mentored research project in the fellow’s area of interest with the goal of publishing the results in a national journal. Dedicating a portion of fellowship time to clinical activities is also strongly encouraged to provide the fellow with “real world” experience using our institution’s electronic medical record system.

Scholarship Description: The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center (UNM HSLIC) announces the availability of funding for a 2011-2014 full-time fellowship position in the HSLIC Biomedical Informatics Training Program. Funding includes a stipend, benefits including health insurance, and limited support for research expenses and travel to national conferences. Fellows complete a rigorous curriculum and perform a mentored research project in the biomedical informatics domain.
Candidates must be United States citizens and have a terminal degree in a biomedically relevant field (e.g., MD, PhD, PharmD, DPT, etc.) by the start of 2011. Download a flyer with complete application details and more information about this opportunity.

Biomedical Informatics Program Fellowship Application:
Candidates must be United States citizens and have a terminal degree in a biomedically relevant field (e.g., MD, PhD, PharmD, DPT, etc.). Download a flyer with complete application details and more information about this opportunity.To learn more about the University of New Mexico Biomedical Informatics Fellowship Program, please contact the program director:

Scholarship Application Deadline: 25 April 2011

The University of New Mexico
MSC09 5100
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
Ph: 505-272-6937
Fax: 505-272-8254


Merit Bursaries Scholarship 2011 ? South Africa

Special UJ Honours Merit Bursaries 2011 – South Africa

Scholarship Description: The UJ Merit bursary is awarded directly to the students in response to his/her application. The focus is entirety based on the historical academic performance of the students.

Eligibility: Students must be registered for the first time for a full-time honours degree( not betch or fourth year of a professional degree) in the following faculties.
Faculty of health sciences
Faculty of humanities
Faculty of Science
With an average of 65% and above in the third year major in which they ate undertaking their honours.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 July 2011

University of Johannesburg
PO Box 524,Auckland Park
2006,South Africa
Phone: +27 (0) 11 559-4555
Phone: 0861 00 00 85
Fax: +27 (0)11 559-2191


Hong Kong Postgraduate Scholarships 2011 ? UK

The University of Birmingham Hong Kong Postgraduate Scholarships 2011, UK

Scholarship Description: The University of Birmingham is pleased to announce postgraduate Masters degree scholarships for candidates from Hong Kong beginning their studies in September 2011. The application deadline is 30 April 2011.
Candidates for the scholarships should normally fulfill the following requirements:
a.have resided in Hong Kong for at least 7 years preceding 1 October 2011; holders of a degree (or expect to gain a degree before September 2011) from any institutions of tertiary education in Hong Kong;
c.have applied for admission to the University of Birmingham through the University’s normal admissions procedures by 30 April 2011; eligible for admission to their intended course of study at the University of Birmingham (Note: the scholarship award will only be confirmed when the candidate has been offered a place at the University. The offer of a scholarship is not a guarantee of admission to the University); able to provide evidence satisfactory to the University of an adequate knowledge of written and spoken English;
f.should not have previously studied in the United Kingdom; and
g.should be able to fund the remaining costs of their studies at Birmingham including living costs from other sources.

Scholasrhip Application Deadline: on or before 30 April 2011.


International Postgraduate Research Scholarship 2011 ? University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide Is Organizing International Postgraduate Research Scholarships

About University of Adelaide:
Since its establishment in 1874 the University of Adelaide has been amongst Australia’s leading universities. Its contribution to the wealth and wellbeing of South Australia and Australia as a whole – across all fields of endeavour – has been enormous.

The International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) scheme is funded by the Commonwealth Government through the Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations (DEEWR). Its purpose is to attract high quality overseas postgraduate students to areas of research strength in higher education institutions to support Australia’s research effort. Approximately 15 scholarships may be available in 2012 for international students from any country undertaking postgraduate research in areas of University research strengths.
1.Course tuition fees for two years for a Masters degree by Research and three years for a Doctoral research degree (an extension is possible for doctoral programs only); and
2.Health insurance cover for students.
3.All successful IPRS applicants will also receive an Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) place which provides an annual living allowance of approximately $22,860 (2011 value) for the normal duration of the program.
Applicants should hold at least the equivalent of an Australian First Class Honours degree. This is a four year degree with a major research project in the final year. Other criteria that will be taken into consideration is undergraduate performance, bachelor and honours awards and scholarships, other postgraduate degrees, publications in refereed journals, the presentation of conference papers and relevant industry experience.

Applications for these scholarships are always highly competitive. Generally IPRS recipients have completed a Masters degree including a significant research component and have several publications and relevant work and research experience.

Last Date To Apply: 30.10.2011

University of Adelaide
SA 5005


Hertha Firnberg Program 2011 For Female Scientist ? FWF

FWF Is Organizing Hertha Firnberg Program For Female Scientists

About FWF:
The purpose of the FWF is to support the ongoing development of Austrian science and basic research at a high international level. In this way, the FWF makes a significant contribution to cultural development, to the advancement of our knowledge-based society, and thus to the creation of value and wealth in Austria.

Hertha Firnberg Program for highly qualified female scientists of any scientific discipline, who have completed their university studies

-Improvement of the career prospects for women in Austrian research facilities
-very generous support for women at the start of their scientific careers or on its resumption following maternity leave
-completed doctoral studies
- international scientific publications
-aged 40 or under at the time of application, or at most 4 years of postdoc experience, allowance is made for time spent raising children

EUR 58.780 personnel costs per year plus
EUR 10,000 p.a. for material, travel, assistance etc.

Last Date To Apply: 27.5.2011

Austrian Science Fund (FWF)
Haus der Forschung,
Sensengasse 1, 1090 Vienna


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