Sweden:PhD position in Geochemistry

The Department of Geological Sciences (Stockholm University, Sweden) invites applications for the following PhD position in the Geochemistry. The position is fully funded through the Department.
Siderophore production and function in the geosphere: experimental studies and field measurements of mineral weathering and biomineralization.

Microorganisms are known to affect mineral weathering rates and the mobilization of essential and toxic metals in the environment. They can release strong organic complex chelators, so-called siderophores, which have a high affinity for metals. These low-molecular mass dissolved organic molecules are often specific for certain microorganisms or plants and allow them to gain a selective growth advantage in environments, where the availability of metal nutrients is limited. Siderophores can have a critical role in regulating biogeochemical cycles in terrestrial and marine systems, but the details of the molecular-scale processes and their effect on macroscale biogeochemical cycling are not well established. This study aims at understanding the relationships between siderophore production and function and their influence on biochemically induced weathering and biomineralisation of iron-bearing minerals like magnetite in terrestrial and marine environments. Field and experimental studies will be conducted to determine siderophore composition and concentration, and their relationship to microbial community composition and activity.

This is a fully funded four year PhD position under the joint supervision of Dr. Sara Holmström, Dr. Volker Brüchert, and Prof. Nils Holm. The successful applicant will study the interactions of microbes with the global earth with focus on the production and the role of biogenic siderophores in biogeochemical processes. Related activities include both laboratory and field work.

Application Deadline : 26 March 2011

Germany:Post-Doctoral Fellowship


An excellent PhD degree (concluded not more than 5 years ago) in one of the IRTG’s participating fields of study (History, Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Political Sciences, Economy, Literary and Cultural Sciences)
A thematically relevant research project
Very good Spanish/Portuguese and English language skills
The application must be accompanied by the following documents:

Certified copy of Magister, Master or state examination certificate; PhD certificate
Curriculum vitae (in Spanish or English), including list of publications
Synopsis of planned post-doctoral project (approximately 10 pages, including timetable and selected bibliography) and an abstract (1/2 page in Spanish or English)
Abstract of the PhD dissertation (5 pages)
Letter of recommendation from a university teacher
It is expected that the successful applicants will reside in the Berlin/Potsdam area and will adapt themselves to participation in a structured study program and a longer stay abroad. Travel and material costs and family and childcare subsidies will be paid in accordance with DFG guidelines. Applications from abroad are expressly welcome. Freie Universität Berlin seeks to increase its proportion of women and explicitly encourages women to apply. Handicapped persons will be given preference if equally qualified.
Applications will be accepted in German, Spanish or English. Applications in German must be accompanied by a CV and an abstract of the synopsis in Spanish or English.
Applications may be submitted in written and electronic format (PDF) until February 20, 2011:

Internationales Graduiertenkolleg „Zwischen Räumen“
Dr. Ingrid Simson
Zentralinstitut Lateinamerika-Institut
Freie Universität Berlin
Rüdesheimer Str. 54-56
14197 Berlin

Application Deadline : 20 February 2011
Further Information
Contact Adress:
Contact Email:

Korea:Graduate Research Assistantship in the College of Electronics and Information Engineering, Chosun University, Gwangju

Graduate Research Assistantship in the College of Electronics and Information Engineering, Chosun University, Gwangju, Republic of Korea
We seek skillful, hard working and highly motivated candidates with good credentials to join our dynamic international research teams as PhD or MSc students. There are vacancies in the research teams of the listed Professors with the following areas of focus:
1. Prof Lee, Jeong-A, Department of Computer Engineering
a. Configurable Computing
b. Embedded Computing
c. Bio-Inspired Computing
2. Prof Lee, Bun, Department of IT Fusion < >
a. Bio-medical Engineering Communication
b. Nanotechnology
3. Prof Kim, Joo-Hyung, Department of Electronic Engineering
a. Micro ElectoMechanical Systems (MEMS)
b. Nano Devices
c. Semiconductor Devices
d. Functional Oxide Materials
4. Prof Moon, Inkyu, Department of Computer Engineering
a. Computer Vision
b. Three-dimensional Image Processing
c. Bio-Medical Imaging
d. Information Optics
5. Prof Lee, Sang-Woong, Department of Computer Engineering <>
a. Image Processing
b. Pattern Recognition
c. Multimedia and Computer Vision
Interested applicants should apply by Monday, March 14, 2011 Korean time (GMT + 9)
Promising candidates will be recommended for the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for Foreign Students. To qualify for this highly competitive scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:
· Hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree as of September 1, 2011
o For Master’s program (or Integrated Master’s & Doctoral program): students should hold a Bachelor’s degree or a diploma that is equivalent to or higher than Bachelor’s degree
o For Doctoral program: students should hold a Master’s degree or a diploma that is equivalent to or higher than Master’s degree.
· Important Requirements:
o Good background in the cognate area(s) of research
o Good programming skills
o Good English language skills- written and oral
o Good ability to cooperate with others in a multicultural environment
o Good ability for highly motivated independent research
Listed below are some features of this research assistantship and the expected benefits of the program for successful applicants:
o Tuition fees for study period
o A round-trip economy class ticket to and from Korea
o Monthly Allowance of 900,000 won(KRW)
o Basic Medical Insurance
o Extra allowances based on research performance

Duration: Direct MSc- 3years, PhD- 4years, Integrated MSc & PhD- 5years (these include Korean language training for cultural exchange and to assist students properly integrate while in Korea. However, lectures and research activity will be in English language)

Expected commencement date: Sep 2011
Application Procedure
Interested applicants should send the following to appropriate professor by Monday, March 14, 2011 Korean time (GMT + 9):
1) Study plan (clearly stating the research topics you are interested in. We would like to know your research interests and their relation to the given research areas)
2) Academic transcripts
3) Brief summary of most recent thesis and the status (eg accepted, in progress, submitted, etc)
4) CV (to include names, date of birth, nationality, sex, contact details, education, work experience, publications)
Only electronic applications are accepted. Items (1) , (2) and (3) should be merged as one pdf file with the name Familyname_Firstname_Chosun_App2011.pdf. Item (4) should be saved as a pdf with the name Familyname_Firstname_CV.pdf. Both pdf files must be sent by the stated date and should have “2011 Application for Research Assistantship at Chosun University” as the e-mail subject.
For any further questions about the positions, please contact the appropriate Prof at the stated email.
Successful applicants will be notified by March 30, 2011.
Application Deadline : 30 March 2011

Denmark : PhD position in Quantum Sensing

Applications are invited for a three-year PhD scholarship within the field of quantum optics at the Department of Physics at the Technical University of Denmark. The project is a part of an international collaboration with the Max-Planck institute for the Science of light in Germany and Queensland University in Australia.

Spurred by the increasing demand on highly sensitive sensors in various sciences, optical systems that enable measurement precisions beyond what is possible with classical approaches by means of quantum technology are being intensely explored. Quantum sensing of various parameters beyond the standard classical limit have been achieved by a number of groups using quantum light, but all systems have been based on large bulk setups incompatible with real life applications. In this project we want to pursue a novel route to quantum sensing based on micro-cavities on a chip. The micro-cavities produce quantum light that can be used for the measurement of various quantities such as temperature, motion, position and rotation at sensitivities unreachable with conventional methods.

master degree within optics/photonics, physics or engineering or a similar degree with an equivalent academic level.
background in quantum optics and micro-optics fabrication is an advantage.
good communication skills in English – written and spoken.
ability to work independently, and to be a part of a dynamical group.
Approval and Enrolment
The scholarships for the PhD degree are subject to academic approval, and the candidates will be enrolled in one of the general degree programmes of DTU. For information about the general requirements for enrolment and the general planning of the scholarship studies, please see the DTU PhD Guide.

Salary and appointment terms
The salary and appointment terms are consistent with the current rules for PhD degree students. The period of employment is 3 years.

Further information
For further information please contact Associate Professor Ulrik L. Andersen, e-mail:

You can read more about the department on

We must have your online application by 1 March 2011. Please open the link "apply for this job online", fill in the application form and attach the following documents;
A short motivation
Copy of certificate with grades, publications and/or thesis.
References if applicable to: Dorte Glass,

Candidates may apply prior to obtaining their master's degree, but cannot begin before having received it.

All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, race, inability, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.

Application Deadline : 1 March 2011

Denmark:PhD positions available at CERE-DTU [Chemistry; Chemical and Biochemical Engineering]

Center for Energy Resources Engineering (Department of Chemistry and , Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering), Technical University of Denmark, has an opportunity to support two PhD projects:
Enhanced Oil Recovery with Application of Micro-Organisms,
Enhanced Oil Recovery with Application of Enzymes
in the framework of the large project “Biotechnology in Oil Recovery - BioRec”, supported by the Danish National Foundation for Advanced Technologies, Maersk Oil & Gas and DONG Energy.

Description of the project
A four-year BioRec project is focused around behavior and effects of microorganisms in reservoir engineering: Enhanced oil recovery (EOR), hydrate formation and inhibition, and bio-induced corrosion. The goal of the specific subproject is a highly focused investigation of the possible recovery mechanisms of Bio-EOR under conditions of the Danish North Sea reservoirs.

Application of the modern oil recovery methods never leads to complete recovery. Production of few ten percent is often considered to be a success. Can oil recovery be increased by the application of microorganisms and/or enzymes – protein catalysts from living systems? A positive answer would provide the opportunity to produce more oil in a relatively cheap and environmentally safe way.

The task of the PhD student
The tasks of the PhD students will be to carry out a series of laboratory experiments by displacement of oil by water containing bacteria and/or enzymes; and advanced mathematical modeling of the displacement processes under realistic reservoir conditions. Selection of the samples and bio-agents will be carried out in collaboration with industrial partners: Mærsk Oil & Gas, DONG Energy, Novozymes, and Danish Technological Institute.

The students are expected to exhibit creativity, openness to new challenges and interest to independent and nontrivial research.

Required skills
A degree (M.Sc.) in chemical or petroleum engineering, technical physics, other relevant areas;
Knowledge of the fundamentals of flows and fluid distribution in porous media;
Good writing skills in English;
Interest to independent research;
Laboratory skills;
Skills in mathematics, physics and programming;
Approval and Enrolment
The scholarships for the PhD degree are subject to academic approval, and the candidates will be enrolled in one of the general degree programmes of DTU. For information about the general requirements for enrolment and the general planning of the scholarship studies, please see the DTU PhD Guide.

Salary and appointment terms
The salary and appointment terms are consistent with the current rules for PhD degree students. The period of employment is 3 years.

Further information
The projects will be supervised by Associate Professor Alexander Shapiro ( with possible co-supervision from other involved researchers.

We must have your online application by March 15th, 2011. Please open the link "apply for this job online", fill in the application form and attach the following documents;
A cover letter outlining the motivation for the PhD study and for this particular project
Curriculum vitae
Grade transcripts and BSc/MSc diploma
Conversion of grade averages to Danish grades (see guidelines and excel spreadsheet for the conversion here).
Candidates may apply prior to ob­tai­ning their master's degree, but cannot begin before having received it.

All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, race, inability, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.

Application Deadline : 15 March 2011

Germany:2 PhD Studentships (Neural Multimodal Integration and Neural Speech Localisation)

The Knowledge Technology Research Group has open positions for
2 PhD Studentships (Neural Multimodal Integration and Neural Speech Localisation)
The Knowledge Technology Research Group is looking to fill two fulltime PhD studentships funded by the DFG in the context of the International Research Training Group CINACS ( ) . This project offers a 3-year doctoral programme based at the University of Hamburg and at Tsinghua University, Beijing. The dissertation projects will be carried out at the University of Hamburg. A part of the studies (a few months) can be performed at Tsinghua University. The interdisciplinary programme provides exciting research opportunities in multisensory perception and cross-modal information processing.

The candidate is expected to conduct research in the area of Knowledge Technology and Neural Network Robotics. In these two projects we are particularly focused on working to-wards a) neural multimodal integration based on the superior colliculus and b) neural sound localisation for speech processing based on the inferior colliculus. We use an attractive humanoid robot scenario where humanoid robots interact with humans based on multimodal information. This includes the integration of an ambient environment with new cognitive humanoid robots.

Academic degree preferably in computer science or related qualifying the holder to carry out the above-mentioned responsibilities. In particular, an MSc or equivalent in computer science, artificial intelligence, robotics, engineering or equivalent is essential. Knowledge of artificial intelligence, neural networks or robotics and an interest to work in an interdisciplinary environment will be important. The post involves international travel. We are looking for excellent programming skills, e.g. in C++, C, Python, Java etc. We are also looking for very good communication skills and teamwork, including very good knowledge of English. Knowledge of German would be desirable.

The PhD stipend is for three years (2 plus 1) and fulltime.

The university intends to increase the number of women amongst its academic personnel and encourages qualified women to apply. In compliance with the Hamburg Equal Opportunity Law, if applicants are equally qualified, preference will be given to qualified female applicants or qualified disabled applicants.

For queries or more information please contact Prof. Dr. Stefan Wermter, Head of Knowledge Technology or see Application dossiers (application letter, curriculum vitae, degree certificate(s), etc.) are to be submitted electronically in a single pdf file to wermter at informatik dot uni-hamburg dot de and will be accepted until the positions are filled.
Application Deadline : 31 March 2011

France:PhD Program in Nanoscience

The Ph. D. program of the Nanosciences Foundation is a three year program to support Ph. D. training of selected students. This support covers all areas of interdisciplinary research dedicated to Nanosciences and Nanotechnology. The thesis will be prepared in one of the network's laboratories on a topic related to one or several of the following fields:

• Quantum nanoelectronics
• Nanomaterials, nanobonding and Nanostructuration
• Nanomagnetism and Spintronics
• Nanocharacterization and Nanometrology
• Nanophotonics
• Nano-approaches to life sciences
• Molecular electronics
• Nanomodeling, theory and simulation.

The net salary is about 1500 €/month during 36 months, including health care insurance (income tax not deduced).


The program is open to highly talented and motivated students of any nationality. Students from different backgrounds (biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics) who can demonstrate a strong interest in the field of Nanosciences are welcome. Applicants should have the equivalent of a master’s degree obtained outside of France, and must be fluent in English language.
They must have contacted one of the laboratories of the network and propose a research project built in agreement with the chosen laboratory. The research project and the detailed thesis program must be described in the application form.

Selection procedure:

Applications for the PhD program will be evaluated twice a year:
- The deadline for the 1st call for application is on March 31.
- The deadline for the 2nd call for application is on September 30.

After checking of their eligibility, the applications are submitted to independent reviewers.
After reception of the reviewers' assessments, the Jury composed of the Steering Committee and of some external qualified scientists, selects a first list of applicants.
The selected students will be invited to Grenoble to give a presentation of their application in front of the Jury.
The final results will be published in June 2011.

Application Deadline : 31 March 2011

PhD Studentships in Business Administration at Baltic and East European Graduate School (BEEGS), S?t?University

PhD Studentships in Business Administration at Baltic and East European Graduate School (BEEGS), Södertörn University

Call for applications for doctoral studentships at BEEGS, Södertörn University
A total of 15 doctoral studentships are available this year in the Baltic and East European Graduate School (BEEGS). Södertörn University invites applications within five disciplines:
Business Administration
Political Science and
These disciplines belong to two research areas:
Historical Studies, and
Politics, Economy and the Organisation of Society.
Details on how to apply for doctoral studentships can be found on the University website: (for a Swedish-language version)
or Vacant positions at:
See “In English/Vacant positions” (for an English version).
More information can also be found at:
Note that the application must reach Södertörn University by 1 March 2011 at the latest.
Contact at BEEGS:
Ann-Cathrine Jungar, Director of Studies, email:

International Masters Scholarhips 2011 in Economics and Finance from AIR LIQUIDE and French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

International Masters Scholarhips 2011 in Economics and Finance from AIR LIQUIDE and French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

Scholarships for Students from Saudi Arabia, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, India, Morocco, Russia, Senegal or Turkey for Masters studies in French Universities
Study Subject: Energy, Industrial engineering, Engineering,Economics / Finance
Employer:AIR LIQUIDE group and French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Level: Masters
The ALIS programme, which is cofinanced by AIR LIQUIDE and the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs for the 2011/2012 academic year, is intended for students from Saudi Arabia, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, India, Morocco, Russia, Senegal or Turkey who are currently enrolled at university in their home countries. Only candidates with the nationality of these nine countries are eligible for the programme.
The study scolarships cofinanced by AIR LIQUIDE and the MAEE are awarded for one year of studies
in France at Master 2 or Advanced Master (Mastère spécialisé – MS) level in the following areas:
Energy (materials, processes, fluid mechanics, etc.)
Industrial engineering (industrial system optimization, logistics, etc.)
Engineering (technology and innovation)
Economics / Finance
Scholarship Application Deadline: 15 April 2011
Further Scholarship Information and Application:

Great scholarship from the GE Foundation

Great scholarship from the GE Foundation - and more!
Through the GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Program, outstanding second year undergraduate students studying in the Czech Republic are awarded a total of 3000 Euros, a shadowing day opportunity with GE, and participation in a regional Leadership Development Program.

Applicants should be coming from the following fields: economics, management, engineering or technology. They should demonstrate good academic standing as well as leadership potential.

Participating universities:
Brno University of Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Masaryk University, Technical University of Ostrava

Program website:
Application deadline: *March 4, 2011*
For more information contact:

Summer course on "Advanced European Union Legal Practice" - Central European University, Budapest

Summer course on "Advanced European Union Legal Practice" - Central European University, Budapest
Course Dates: July 4-16, 2011
Location: Central European University (CEU), Budapest, Hungary*

*Course Directors:*
Marie Pierre Granger, CEU, Department of Public Policy, Hungary
Imola Streho, Sciences Po, Paris, France
Joseph Weiler, New York University, Jean Monnet Center, USA

Jose M. de Areilza, Professor of European Union Law and Vice Dean of Legal Studies at Instituto de Empresa, Madrid;
Kieran St C. Bradley, Head of Unit in the Legal Service of the European Parliament, Brussels;
Damian Chalmers, Professor in EU law at the London School of Economics and Political Science;
Miguel Poiares Maduro, Professor at the European University Institute, Florence;
Karine Caunes, Jean Monnet Research Fellow within the Center for International and Regional Economic Law & Justice at NYU School of Law and coordinator of the Team.

Participants have two enrollment options. Either they opt for the Diploma option, which requires them to register for and pass an examination at the end of the course, and entitles them to receive a course Diploma and CEU academic credits. Or they opt for the Certificate option, which entitles them to receive a Certificate of Participation, provided that they meet the course requirements.

*Short description: *
This advanced course focuses on the practice of European Union Law, and this year more particularly on the European Union and the Individual. Participants receive hands-on insider analysis about the functioning of the European Union. The program is designed to combine seminars on different subjects as well as workshops supporting the topics addressed in these seminars or some aspects thereof. The Total Law - Method constitutes the backbone of the program and gives it its exceptional flavor.

The course will improve the participants' skills by explaining how economic, social and political contexts shape the particular legal problem addressed and impact the thinking about its legal solution. The program will equip participants with the ability to understand the
economic, social and political consequences of different legal outcomes. The discipline is Law. The focus is Law. But the premise is that Law cannot be understood, nor practiced professionally and competently, without understanding its broader contexts. Furthermore, this specificity of the Total Law' method allows for the program to be appealing and enriching to participants coming from different disciplines.

*Target audience:*
The program brings together participants from all over the world and from diverse legal backgrounds, i.e. law students near completion of their law degree, law graduates and legal professionals, who are seeking further credentials and experience in the field. It may be particularly appealing to government officials and those aiming at a career in national, international and/or European civil service, and those who wish to apply for jobs in the field of European Union law.

* Language of instruction: *

*Application deadline:
February 15, 2011*

Online application:

Eva Gedeon
Executive Director
CEU Summer University

Sarolta Szabo (Ms)
Program Co-ordinator
CEU Summer University ,1051 Budapest, Nador utca 9.
E-mail:, Phone: (36-1)327-3811, Fax: (36-1)327-3124
Web: www.sun.ceu. hu

MBA Scholarships Scheme at Lancaster University Management School

For the 2011/12 programme, the Lancaster MBA is offering three types of scholarship. All scholarships will range from £1,000 – £7,500 and are available for self-funded candidates.
Scholarships will be offered on a rolling basis until all awards have been exhausted, however we will not be able to consider any applicant who applies after our deadline of 31 May 2011. Applicants are therefore advised to apply as early as possible in the admissions cycle. We strongly advise you to apply by the dates below in order to be considered for a scholarship:
Region Latest Application Date
The Subcontinent 31 March 2011
Asia Pacific 15 April 2011
Africa & the Middle East 30 April 2011
The Americas 15 May 2011
Europe 31 May 2011
The Lancaster MBA Regional Scholarship
All successful applicants will be automatically considered for a Regional Scholarship – you do not have to write a separate application for this. This award will be awarded to applicants from the following regions: the Subcontinent, Asia-Pacific, Africa & the Middle East, the Americas and Europe. In awarding this Scholarship we will be looking for evidence of the following from your application form and your interview:
a clear and specific understanding of how the Lancaster MBA will contribute to you achieving your career aspirations
a description of your personal equity – a unique attribute or experience that you have that sets you apart from other applicants from your region or country
The Lancaster MBA Open Scholarship
The Open Scholarship is awarded on your need for financial aid to help with the costs of the Lancaster MBA. To apply for this scholarship you have to prepare a two slide PowerPoint presentation as part of your application and upload this to the application site. This will then be discussed at your interview. The presentation will cover two points:
your reason for needing financial support
a clear description of how the Lancaster MBA will build on your strengths and add to your skills and knowledge base in order to help you achieve your ambitions
The Lancaster MBA High Potential Scholarship
The High Potential Scholarship is awarded to those candidates who can demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities from your career and personal life to date. To apply for this scholarship you have to prepare a three slide PowerPoint presentation as part of your application and upload this to the application site. This will then be discussed at your interview. The presentation will cover three points:
evidence which demonstrates your exceptional leadership qualities and what this means for your contribution to the Lancaster MBA
a clear description of your strengths and weaknesses based on the evidence presented above
a description of how the Lancaster MBA will help you to grow as a leader
Applicants are allowed to apply for both the Open Scholarship and High Potential Scholarship, although we will only award one of these Scholarships per applicant. At the discretion of the Lancaster MBA recruitment team, we may award a Regional Scholarship in addition to either the Open or High Potential Scholarship to an individual applicant.
Scholarship offers will be made at the time of offer of a place and are valid for a period of 3 weeks. Retrospective scholarship offers are not possible.
You must upload an application for the Open and High Potential Scholarships with your MBA application documents prior to interview.

Deutsche Bank Women?s Scholarship Programme 2011, UK

MBA Scholarships at London Business School Deutsche Bank provided for Women MBA Students of Any Nationality Including Female Students from Nigeria, Africa and Every Other country.
Study Subject: MBA
Employer: Deutsche Bank
Level: Master’s
The Deutsche Bank scholarships will be awarded to MBA and Masters in Finance students in the AMOUNT of £20,000 each.
These extremely generous awards are designed to enable talented women with an interest in the finance sector to study at London Business School.
Successful MBA recipients of the scholarship will be fast-tracked to final round summer internship interviews. This scholarships funded by Deutsche Bank and this open for All successful female MBA applicants who have an interest in the financial services industry.
Applicants must be Women MBA students of any nationality including female students from Nigeria, Africa and Every other country.
To be considered for admission to London Business School’s MBA Programme, students are required to submit:
Scholarship Application Deadline: 02 March 2011

International MBA Scholarships in Technology Management Studies by ESMT, Germany

International MBA Scholarships in Technology Management Studies by ESMT, Germany

Germany’s business school ESMT European School of Management and Technology has strengthened the emphasis placed on technology management and sustainable business in its MBA curriculum. Starting this year, students may choose a track focusing on one of these areas. Responsible leadership, a founding principle of ESMT, remains a central theme throughout the MBA curriculum. The practicalities of responsible leadership are introduced with a compulsory module dedicated to the concept and are intertwined throughout the program. This development reflects changes in the international business environment and has been welcomed by the 25 leading global companies, such as Allianz, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, and Siemens, who founded and work closely together with the business school in Germany.
The class of 28 men and 11 women, who represent 18 different nationalities, have started the one-year intensive international MBA in Berlin in January. The students come from countries such as France, Georgia, Germany, India, Israel, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and the United States, among others. They are on average 29 years old and have five years of work experience. Seven members of the class have been nominated by their employers, Allianz, MAN, and ThyssenKrupp. There are also two Corporate Fellows supported by Daimler and Deutsche Bank. The Corporate Fellowship Program includes a full-tuition scholarship and attractive career possibilities following graduation.
Adding to the diversity of the Class of 2011 are the two Kofi Annan Fellows from Uzbekistan and Zimbabwe. Kofi Annan Fellowships are awarded to outstanding candidates from a developing country who commit to returning to their home country to participate in the advancement of the regional economy. The fellowship covers tuition, living expenses, and a return air ticket. Nodir Nurimbetov, Kofi Annan Fellow from Uzbekistan said, “I am proud to have been chosen as a Kofi Annan Fellow at ESMT. The school’s close relationship to successful international corporations and its practical approach are unique. I am excited about learning from the diverse faculty and student body and returning to my home country with new insights.”
Scholarship Application Deadline:
Stage 1: March 31, 2011
Stage 2: July 1, 2011
Stage 3: October 1, 2011
Final :
November 15, 2011 (for EU residents)
November 1, 2011 (for non-EU residents)

PhD position at Department of Marketing and the Business Statistics Research Unit University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp is a knowledge centre, with 3400 co-workers, conducting ground-breaking and innovative research of international standing. The university takes special care to ensure optimal support for and supervision of its students and pays constant attention to innovation in education. The university is an autonomous pluralist institution that is committed to the enhancement of an open, democratic and multicultural society. It actively pursues an equal opportunities policy.
The Faculty of Applied Economics has a full-time vacancy (m/f) for a Doctoral researcher at the Department of Marketing and the Business Statistics Research Unit for the project “Design and validation of models for short-term and long-term media mix investment optimization”
Job Description
You prepare a Ph.D. thesis of the research project described below. You contribute to the research of the Department of Marketing and the Business Statistics Research Unit. You write scientific articles on the subject of your thesis. You have a limited number of teaching duties.
Project Description
Advertisers face the decision how much to spend on advertising and how to allocate these resources across media types in order to achieve the best results. The project investigates the impact of advertising investments, media mix allocation and advertising share of voice on short-term advertising and brand effects, on consumer activation (gathering extra information, visiting websites and generating word-of-mouth), and on their impact on long-term brand effects. The studies are based on a large, detailed and growing database made available for academic research by a large commercial broadcaster. This database combines data on real-life advertisements: measures of ad recall, recognition and attribution, short-term and long-term brand effects (brand attitude and brand equity) and customer activation measures, and data on advertising spending in all mass media for large samples of consumers over a long period of time and for a great variety of brands, product categories and advertising campaigns. The analysis of this data requires state-of-the-art statistical models due to the presence of categorical outcomes and the resulting need for non-linear statistical models, the multi-level nature of the data and the usefulness of mixture-amount models as a novel technique to assess optimal media mixes for different levels of advertising investments.
Profile and requirements
You have a Masters degree or equivalent in (business) economics, commercial engineering, econometrics or applied statistics. Your research and teaching skills are compatible with the policies of the University of Antwerp. You can provide evidence of an excellent academic record. You can express yourself well in written and spoken English. You share our enthusiasm for scientific research.
Our offer
We offer a full-time position, under the conditions of the Dehousse grants, as a doctoral fellow for two years, with the possibility of renewal for a further two-year period after positive evaluation. The expected date of appointment is September 1st, 2011. Students in the final year of their degree course are allowed to apply.
More information
Prof. dr. P. De Pelsmacker (, tel: 03/2654022), Prof.dr. P. Goos (, tel: 03/2654059), Prof. Dr. N. Dens (, tel. 03/2654966)

UC Berkeley Extension Offers $5,000 Educationusa Scholarship to IDP students

UC Berkeley Extension Offers $5,000 Educationusa Scholarship to IDP students

UC Berkeley Extension is offering $5,000 in International Diploma Programs (IDP) scholarships available exclusively to postgraduate international students assisted by EducationUSA offices and advisers. IDP provides short-term, intensive certificates in various business and management disciplines, including marketing, finance, and project management.

Students who apply for a 4-Month IDP are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship; students applying for the new 2-Month IDP in Management and Leadership are eligible for a $500 scholarship. Students must meet regular IDP admission requirements; scholarships will be awarded to those who demonstrate the greatest potential for career advancement. Applications for the summer 2011 term are due April 1, 2011.

Get full scholarship details at:

NYU School of Law Hauser Research Scholars Program Now Ope

NYU School of Law Hauser Research Scholars Program Now Open
The Hauser Research Scholars Program is open to non-US junior academics from outside of the United States who wish to spend a full academic year at NYU School of Law working on a major piece of legal scholarship. Preference will be given to candidates who have already secured a
position at a university. Candidates must be on "tenure track" at their home university.

The application deadline for participation in the Hauser Research Scholars Program for the 2011-2012 academic year is January 21, 2011.

Learn more about The Hauser Research Scholars Program at:

Fellowship on "Corporations and Citizenship" at The University of Pennsylvania

Fellowship on "Corporations and Citizenship" at The University of Pennsylvania
Beginning in January 2011, the Penn Program on Democracy, Citizenship, and Constitutionalism (DCC) will welcome applications for a one-year DCC Postdoctoral Fellow in any discipline whose research is pertinent to the Program's 2011-2012 theme, "Corporations and Citizenship. " The
Program welcomes both empirical and normative scholarship.

The Democracy, Citizenship, and Constitutionalism program is an interdisciplinary initiative, funded by the Mellon Foundation, which includes a faculty seminar series and annual conference on themes chosen by the Program's Faculty Advisory Council; a graduate workshop series; and undergraduate research grants. The DCC Postdoctoral Fellow is expected to participate in the faculty seminar series, teach a Freshman Seminar on a related topic, and attend monthly meetings to discuss the progress of undergraduates receiving research grants. The Fellow also has the opportunity to pursue the Fellow's research and study and participate generally in the intellectual life of the Penn community. Stipend is $53,800, plus health insurance.

The University of Pennsylvania is an equal opportunity/ affirmative action employer. Eligibility is limited to applicants who will have received their Ph.D. within five years prior to the time they begin their fellowship at Penn (i.e. May 2006 or later). Application deadline: *March 18, 2011*.

For guidelines and applications, write to:

Office of the Dean
School of Arts and Sciences
University of Pennsylvania
116 College Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6377

For more information on the Penn Program on Democracy, Citizenship, and Constitutionalism, contact DCC Program Chair Rogers M. Smith, Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Political Science, rogerss@sas.

International PhD Scholarships in the Institute of Media Innovation (IMI) ? NTU Singapore

The Institute for Media Innovation (IMI at Nanyang Technological University invites applications for doctoral positions to work in Singapore, in the area of physics based simulation of clothes, virtual try on of clothes, interactive virtual worlds, interactive augmented reality, behavior models for virtual humans as well as social robots, simulation of medical articulations, group and crowds modeling, and related topics. Students will have an opportunity to work in the area of cutting-edge interactive 3D simulation with top equipment as cave and real-time motion capture in a multidisciplinary team.


The doctoral positions require a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related area from a reputed University. Strong capacity and commitment to research is mandatory.

The candidates should apply using the online system with a CV, a brief statement of potential research, and two letters of recommendation clearly stating IMI on their application ($ ). Review of applicants will begin immediately and continue until the positions are filled.

NTU ( and IMI ( offer vibrant multidisciplinary research environment, both students and faculty members enjoy a host of opportunities for research collaboration with world-leading universities and renowned institutes. There is a strong research culture where innovation and critical enquiry are key features, NTU researchers are immersed in the best of work environment.

The University has invested heavily in research, creating some of the best laboratories and research centers in the world. IMI is housed in the S$25 million nine-storey Research Techno Plaza (RTP:, which forms the University’s research hub with four interdisciplinary research corridors and 10 research centers housed in it. Activities of the research centers are linked to their international counterparts, turning the campus into mini Silicon Valley yielding landmark innovations. Singapore has low income tax and a doctoral student is not likely to pay any income tax on their stipend (see A student gets a waiver of the Tuition fee and funding support for conferences are provided on merit and performance basis. Additional Teaching Assistant opportunities may also be available year three onwards.


Details information for CALL FOR PhD POSITIONS
For any informal inquiry please write to

Deadline: continuous
Intakes : January and July


2011 PeopleVox Scholarship in Business Administration, University of Reading, UK

Postgraduate Scholarship for MBA programme for the Applicants of UK/EU/International at University of Reading in UK.

This postgraduate scholarship provides £1,000 towards the cost of postgraduate tuition fees. It is available (dependent on eligibility) for 1 year.

This scholarship is sponsored by PeopleVox. Headquartered in the UK, PeopleVox is a leading implementer of asset and stock control solutions based on barcoding. Its clients include Motorola, Christies and the Ministry of Defence.


Available to UK/EU/International students, who can demonstrate an excellent academic record and an active contribution to business and society.
Applicants must also meet the School’s academic entry requirements and obtain an IELTS score of 7.0 or the equivalent.
You must first receive and accept an offer of a place on a postgraduate masters programme in the School of Management, and paid the required deposit.

Application procedure

Please ensure that that when completing your application and supporting documents that relate the content and any answers given to PeopleVox were relevant.
Please return a completed scholarship application form with your confirmation of acceptance to:
Postgraduate Scholarship Application
Postgraduate Admissions Office
Henley Business School
University of Reading
Whiteknights, RG6 6UD
United Kingdom
Shortlisted applicants may be invited to attend a formal interview and winners will be notified following the appropriate deadline.

Download scholarship application form (PDF- 500 KB)
Download scholarship application form (MS Word – 500 KB)
For further information please see our scholarship terms and conditions (MS Word – 200 KB)

Closing date for applications is 25 October 2011.

Lee Foundation RSIS Master Scholarships 2011 in International Studies at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

The Lee Foundation RSIS Scholarships are open to Singaporean, Singapore Permanent Residents and international candidates to pursue a full-time Master of Science programme at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University.

Each scholarship is tenable for one year only for full-time MSc (Asian Studies), MSc (International Political Economy), MSc (International Relations) and MSc (Strategic Studies) programmes. Successful candidates are expected to complete their studies within the tenable period. There is no employment bond attached to the scholarship.

Each scholarship shall cover the following:

A monthly stipend;
A book allowance (one-time payment only);
Thesis allowance (one-time payment only at the end of the programme);
A return air-ticket (economy class) from home country to Singapore (if applicable);
Tuition and other compulsory fees (as specified by NTU).

Selection Criteria

Applicants should have

(a) an excellent academic record; and
(b) a very good command of the English Language.
How to apply

Apply for the Masters Programme of choice online.
Applications for the Lee Foundation RSIS Scholarship open on 1st November 2010 and close on 28 February 2011. The application form can be obtained here.
Successful applicants will be notified by June 2011.

University of Cambridge Scholarship 2011 in Law For Students of Any Nationality

The Board of Sidney Sussex College offered annually to men and women of any nationality, a series of Evan Lewis Thomas Law grants for research or advanced courses in law or related subjects at the University of Cambridge. Evan Lewis Thomas The Act grants, which are subject to reviews of diligence and progress, are sustained for a year in the first case, but may be renewed annually for up to three years. Its value depends on the needs of the candidate in light of support from other sources and the availability of the Fund’s income by Evan Lewis Thomas.

Under the terms of the will of the late Judge Evan Lewis Thomas, candidates must have demonstrated competence in Law and Jurisprudence, usually by obtaining a university degree in law from August 2010, and must be or become candidates for the Ph.D. Degree, Diploma in Legal Studies, the Diploma in International Law, M. Phil. Degree (one year course) in Criminology, Bachelor or Master.

This scholarship is offered annually to one person. Open for applications until April 1, 2011.

Payment Information
The value of this scholarship is GBP1000 (minimum per annum).This award is to be used for miscellaneous purposes.This scholarship is paid monthly.

Research Information
This scholarship is for one of the following fields of research: Law or LAW, JUSTICE AND LAW ENFORCEMENT.

This scholarship is for study in United Kingdom.You must be below the age of 26.There are no restrictions on citizenship.

Application Details
To apply for this scholarship you must apply directly to the scholarship provider. Terms and conditions are subject to change. Always confirm details with scholarship provider before applying.

Ms Suzannah Horner (Graduate Tutor’s Personal Assistant)
Sidney Sussex College
Sidney Street
Cambridge CB2 3HU


Merit Based Scholarships up to $28,000 per year at Bryant University

Bryant University considers international students for merit based scholarships ranging from $10,000 to $28,000 per year. In order to be considered for these prestigious scholarships, a completed application must be received by *February 1st, 2011*.
Bryant University has exciting programs in International Business (AACSB accredited), Actuarial Mathematics and Liberal Arts. They are the one university that is shattering the thinking that business and liberal arts are separate paths. They offer an extremely familial campus with easy access to the metro centers of Providence and Boston.

If you have any questions or would like more information about academic programs and campus life, please contact John F. Eriksen, Senior Associate Director of International Admission, at

Merit Based Scholarships up to $16,000 per year at Roger Williams University

Merit Based Scholarships at Roger Williams University! February 1st is the scholarhip priority deadline! Get your application in before February 1st to be considered for one of our merit based scholarships:
International Presidential Excellence Scholarship ($16,000 per year): Number of awards given are limited. Minimum GPA required for consideration is 3.5. Available to new Freshmen (first year students).

International Achievement Scholarship ($10,000 — 13,000 per year): Number of awards given depends upon applicant pool. Minimum GPA required for consideration is 3.0. Available to New Freshmen and Transfer students.

Other Honors Program Qualifications: includes Exam Results, Curriculum Rigor, Leadership Roles, Extracurricular Activities, Letters Of Recommendation, English Ability.

For more information, visit Roger Williams University on the Web at or send an email to intadmit@rwu. edu .

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Cordes Fellowships Available for Social Entrepreneurs and Nonprofit Leaders

The purpose of the Fellowship program is to
(a) open doors, minds and networks for emerging social entrepreneurs and nonprofit executives,
(b) enrich the Opportunity Collaboration with new, emerging leaders and
(c) infuse the collaborative discussions with a diversity of perspectives.

In total, 50 Cordes Fellows take part in all aspects of the Opportunity Collaboration. In addition, Fellows earn a certificate of completion awarded by the University of the Pacific Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship.

For more information, visit:

The University of South Carolina Summer Campus Open to Ages 15 to 19

English Classes will fit their level-whether beginning or advanced. Students will receive quality English instruction from experienced American high school teachers. Two exciting excursions to the Riverbanks Zoo and Charleston, S.C. are included as well.

For more information, please contact
The application form is available at:

National Geographic Young Explorers Grants

Young Explorers Grants (YEG) offer opportunities to individuals ages 18 to 25 to pursue research, conservation, and exploration- related projects consistent with National Geographic’s existing grant programs, including: the Committee for Research and Exploration (CRE), the
Expeditions Council (EC), and the Conservation Trust (CT).
The Young Explorers Grants Program supports a variety of projects—and an age-range of applicants– -that are generally not covered by other sources of funding. Applicants are not required to have advanced degrees. However, a record of prior experience in the fields of research, conservation, or exploration should be submitted as it pertains to the proposed project.

Funding is not restricted to United States citizens—foreign nationals are invited to apply. Researchers planning work in countries abroad should make great effort to include at least one local collaborator as part of their team.

For more information, visit:

PhD Positions in Computer Science 2011, China

PhD Positions in Computer Science for Non- Chinese Citizens

Study Subject: Healthcare, Energy, Consumer Electronics, Transportation, Automation, and Education
Employer: DUT
Level: PhD
Scholarship Description: The Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Research Group at School of Software, Dalian University of Technology (DUT) conducts interdisciplinary, application-driven academic research in the broad area of cyber-physical and social computing. Our research focus is on enabling technologies, including networking protocols, computing algorithms, and software platforms, for building systems that bridge the Cyber, Physical, and Social Worlds. The target application areas of our research cover e.g. healthcare, energy, consumer electronics, transportation, automation, and education.
We are opening 2-3 PhD student positions in related fields, including e.g. CPS, wireless networking, mobile computing, ubiquitous/pervasive computing, internet of things, vehicular networking, and swarm intelligence. All positions will be coupled to full Government scholarships. Basic living allowance will be 2,000 RMB/month, plus Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Benefit. The scholarships are exempt from registration fee, tuition, and fee for basic learning materials. Accommodation on campus will be provided for free. The University will offer excellent working conditions.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 28 February 2011

Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities at Duke University, USA

Postdoctoral Fellowships Positions in Cancer Prevention, Detection & Control Research, Duke University

Study Subject: Cancer Research, Integrating Population
Employer: Duke University
Level: Master’s
Scholarship Description: The CECD program is designed for talented basic/experimental researchers interested in multi-disciplinary research. The program aims to connect these researchers with essential knowledge and skills from cancer epidemiology, biostatistics, population genetics, and demography, placing an emphasis on how this knowledge can be integrated in the study of cancer etiology and outcomes leading to improved prevention and control measures through the synergism of bench and population sciences. The goal of this training program is to increase the pool of cancer researchers educated in the new scientific paradigms that require collaborations with researchers in disparate disciplines.The fellowships are designed for three years and will include: l) didactic learning, 2) weekly seminars emphasizing connections between cancer biology, epidemiology, and demography; 3) research training and an applied project in population science of cancer involving the integrative approaches; 4) preparing scientific publications and a research grant application with interdisciplinary focus. The program will be based at the DCCC’s Research Program in Cancer Prevention, Detection, and Control, and will engage faculty, mentors, and Advisory Committee members from Duke Population Research Institute (DuPRI), Center for Population Health and Aging and other Duke Departments.

Scholarship Application Deadline: March 1, 2011

The Kate Jagoe-Davies Memorial Fund for Disabled Students, South Africa

Scholarships for Disabled students from south Africa , University of Cape Town, South Africa
Study Subject: Ecological sustainability with respect to climate change
Employer:University of Capetown

Scholarship Description:The family and friends of the late Kate Jagoe-Davies have donated funding for the creation of ONE scholarship available for Disabled students who will register for full-time study for a post-graduate degree that relates to ecological sustainability with respect to climate change at the University of Cape Town

Eligibility and Selection:Applications are invited from South African students who are *disabled, and who have achieved a weighted average of at least 60% in the final year of the previous qualification. Suitable candidates must have demonstrated a passion for their field of study. There is no restriction on nationality, race or gender.
Final selection of eligible candidates will be made by the university’s PSFC (Postgraduate Studies Funding Committee). The PSFC will take into consideration recommendations made by the Trustees.

Value and Tenure:
The Value of the scholarship is R15,000 per year which must be used towards tuition, academic materials, housing and research project costs.The tenure of the award is strictly ONE YEAR. A scholarship may be renewed if renewal is applicable to the degree concerned and subject to the fulfilment of all the conditions of award. The renewal policy is as follows: one year only for an Honours candidate (i.e. no renewal is applicable); one year with possibility of renewal for one further year for a masters candidate; or one year with the possibility of renewal for 2 further years for a doctoral candidate, contingent on satisfactory academic progress and/or availability of funds.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 25 February 2011

Research Funding for a Joint Doctorate for National and International Students, Belgium

Ghent University provides funding for students who want to take a doctorate under joint supervision of Ghent University and a non-Flemish partner university or institution for higher education.
Study Subject:Any
Employer:University of Ghent
Scholarship Description:The PhD-student has to stay minimum 6 months and maximum 24 months at Ghent University. The stay may be divided into several periods within the span of 4 years.

Who can apply?
This call is open to both foreign and Belgian candidates who are enrolled as a PhD student at a non-Flemish university or institution for higher education who want to take a joint doctorate at both their home institution and Ghent University.

How does it work?
The candidate applies for this funding jointly with a promoter of Ghent University. To find a promoter candidates can browse through the list of faculties.

The Research Council makes a selection of the applications. The selection is based on the evaluation of the project, the added value of the stay at Ghent University for the joint doctorate, the qualifications of the applicant and the scientific potential of both the promoter’s research group and the research group at the partner institution.

The applications must be submitted in English.

Scholarship Application Deadline: expected deadline for 2011-September 2011

University Phd Scholarship in Biological Sciences

University Phd Scholarship in Biological Sciences

Study Subject: Biological Sciences
Employer: University of Leeds
Level: Phd
Scholarship Description: Up to 18 University Research Scholarships are available for UK and EU students for Session 2011-2012 for study in any Faculty at the University of Leeds. Up to 2 awards are available in each Faculty.

Institutes of Molecular and Cellular Biology; Integrative and Comparative Biology; Membrane and Systems Biology.

BANNER ID Number[1] (Student ID Number) to be eligible for a University Research Scholarship. Applications without a valid University ID Number will be rejected. To apply for a place on a research degree Applicants MUST first submit a research degree study application form and be in receipt of a University programme, These awards are only available to nationals from the UK and EU and are not open to applicants who are liable to pay academic fees at the international fee rate;
Applicants must hold a First Degree at undergraduate level equivalent to at least a UK Upper Second Class Honours degree. Applicants should either have graduated with the appropriate First Degree or be in their final year of study;
Applicants whose first language is not English must meet the University’s English Language requirements. Some Schools require a standard of English higher than the University minimum;
These awards are not open to individuals who have already been awarded a Doctoral degree.

These include the following (full information on the regulations will be sent to all successful applicants):

Awards must be taken up on 1 October 2011;
The awards are available for new research students undertaking full-time (3 years) or part-time (5 years) study leading to the degree of PhD. Students who are already registered for PhD research study are excluded from this competition;
The award will cover academic fees at the UK rate and a maintenance grant of £13,895[2] for full-time study, part-time will be pro-rata. There are no additional allowances for travel or research costs;
The award will be made for one year in the first instance and renewable for a further period of up to two years, subject to satisfactory academic progress;
Applicants must live within a reasonable distance of the University of Leeds whilst in receipt of this Scholarship.

Applicants must complete all sections of the University Postgraduate Research Scholarship Application Form, using the space provided on the form and with strict observation of any word limits. Attachments are not permitted and all will be disregarded.
The completed form should be returned to the Postgraduate Scholarships Office, Marjorie & Arnold Ziff Building, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT. To track the progress of your application,
Tracking’, then follow the instructions on screen. Please note that, due to the large volume of applications, the Postgraduate Scholarships Office will not enter into any correspondence regarding the progress of an application.
Application Deadline: 18 February 2011

The University of Waikato Postdoctoral Research Fellowships 2011

The University of Waikato Postdoctoral Research Fellowships 2011

About The University of Waikato:
Waikato University owes its existence to two brave men who fought loudly for eight years, on behalf of the people of Waikato, to establish their own university. Since then we’ve never been afraid to do things differently.

We are actively seeking a postdoctoral researcher to investigate ancient DNA (aDNA) and its mobility in tephra-derived soils and paleosols, and to study its reliability/utility in the reconstruction of past environments. This project “DNA from ancient soils” has been funded by the NZ Marsden Fund for three years.
Applications are sought from candidates experienced in molecular biology and aDNA analysis, with a strong background in computational and infomatics skills. Some experience in soil chemistry/mineralogy/microbiology would be an advantage. The work will be performed in both New Zealand (University of Waikato) and Australia (University of Adelaide).

The successful applicant will have been awarded their PhD at the time of taking up the appointment, and will have successfully published papers from their doctoral research.

Salary will be in the range of NZ$63,327 to $70,326 per year, depending on skills and experience.

Last Date To Apply: 15.2.2011

The University of Waikato -
Te Whare Wananga o Waikato


University of Edinburgh Scholarship 2011

University of Edinburgh Scholarship 2011

One scholarship will be available to former students of at least three years standing at George Watson’s College, Edinburgh who have been accepted at the University of Edinburgh on a full-time PhD degree programme in any subject offered by the University.The scholarship will have a value of £10,000 per annum and subject to satisfactory progress will be tenable for up to three years.The scholarship will be awarded to former students of at least three years standing at George Watson’s College, Edinburgh who are accepted for admission on a full-time basis for a postgraduate PhD programme of study at the University of Edinburgh.Applicants should already have been offered a place at the University of Edinburgh and should have firmly accepted that offer or be intending to do so.Applicants may find it useful to read the selection criteria used by the Selection Committee when considering applications.

The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic merit with candidates requiring a first-class honours degree from a UK university, or the overseas equivalent.They must include together with a copy of your formal offer of admission, a research proposal, and two academic references.

Application Form:

Last Date To Apply: 1.4.2011

The University of Edinburgh
Old College
South Bridge
Edinburgh, EH8 9YL


The University of Aizu Special Postdoctoral Researchers 2011 Japan

The University of Aizu Special Postdoctoral Researchers 2011 Japan

About The University of Aizu:
The mission of the University of Aizu is “to Advance Knowledge for Humanity”, or in other words, to make discoveries and inventions which will contribute to the peace and prosperity of people.

The University of Aizu offers a number of special postdoctoral fellowships for talented young scholars for doing collaborative and independent research in one of several strategic research themes. The post is fixed term for a period of 18 months starting from within a period of June-October 2011.

In principle, candidates must have acquired or expect to acquire a doctoral degree on or after April 1, 2005.
Research Fields: High-performance Computing, Internet Computing, Software Engineering, and Cloud Computing that relate to the strategic research being conducted at the University of Aizu.

How To Apply:
Publication List
Research Plan
Recommendation Letter from Research Advisor
All documents should be submitted electronically to

Last Date To Apply: 28.2.2011

University of Aizu
Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Fukushima-ken


New Zealand Government New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships 2011

New Zealand Government New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships 2011

About New Zealand Government :
The New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships (NZIDRS) are funded by the New Zealand Government. Recipients are selected upon Academic Merit and the NZIDRS provides full tuition fees, plus living and other allowances for successful applicants. New Zealand offers a stimulating and internationally trusted academic environment, exceptional living conditions and is a recreational paradise!

Funded by the New Zealand Government and administered by Education New Zealand, the New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships (NZIDRS), are a significant educational opportunity.
The scholarships provide financial support for international students undertaking doctoral degrees by research in New Zealand universities.

To be eligible for a scholarship students must:
•Be international students
•Please note that citizens of Fiji may not apply for the NZIDRS until further notice.
•Hold an ‘A’ average or equivalent in their studies to date
•Meet the requirements for direct entry into a research based doctoral degree programme at a New Zealand university. (Please note, this will include proof of English Language proficiency.)
•Provide: An Educational Credential Evaluation (ECE) Certificate. See ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ for further information including contact details for ECE and exceptions.
•Provide evidence that they have been in contact with the relevant department of their chosen institution and discussed their proposed research, research interests and the availability of appropriate supervision.
•Hold one of the following English language test scores, achieved no longer than two (2) years prior to the time of application:
•An IELTS Academic Test with an overall score of at least 6.5 with no band less than 6; or
•A TOEFL test score of at least 575, including a score of 4.5 in the Test of Written English; or
•A score of 233 in the Computer based TOEFL, including an Essay Writing score of 4.5; or
•An overall score of 100 in the Internet based TOEFL; or
•Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) – Grade B;
•Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) – Grade C.

full tuition fees for three years of full-time doctoral study
NZ$20,500 per annum living allowance (NZ$1708.33 per month).
up to NZ$600 annual health insurance allowance
NZ$2000 (across 3 year tenure) travel allowance. This is intended to be used for conference attendance and field research
NZ$800 (across 3 year tenure) book and thesis allowance
NZ$500 one-off establishment allowance. Only to be paid to those students who are travelling to NZ specifically to take up the NZIDRS. No student already located in NZ is eligible to receive this amount.
Additional funds are not available to support accompanying dependants.

A selection committee of senior academics, appointed by Education New Zealand, will consider applications. Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
•The applicant has a record of sustained academic excellence, particularly in the chosen field of study, as supported by academic transcripts and letters of reference.
•The applicant has a well-defined research programme or research interests, and wishes to study at a New Zealand university with the expertise and resources to support that research.
•The applicant meets all eligibility requirements with appropriate supporting documentation.
•All prospective candidates must have received final confirmed grades for their qualifying degree in order for their application to be considered.
•Prospective candidates who have already commenced their Doctorate in New Zealand, must be within the first 6 months of PhD enrolment as at the application close date.
•Prospective candidates who have completed more than 6 months of PhD enrolment at the application close date will not be considered.
•Incomplete applications and electronically submitted applications will not be considered under any circumstances. This is non-negotiable.

Last Date To Apply: 15.7.2011

Government of New Zealand
New Zealand


IWM and ERSTE Foundation Paul Celan Fellowship Program

IWM and ERSTE Foundation Paul Celan Fellowship Program

About IWM and ERSTE Foundation:
The Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) is an independent institute for advanced study in the humanities and social sciences based in Vienna. Since its foundation in 1982, it has promoted intellectual exchange between East and West, between academia and society, and between a variety of disciplines and schools of thought.

The Paul Celan Fellowship Program of IWM and ERSTE Foundation aims to help overcome deficits and asymmetries in the exchange of ideas and reception of scholarly literature which result from the division of Europe in the 20th century.
Therefore, the Paul Celan Fellowships support East-West, West-East and East-East translations of canonical texts as well as contemporary key works in the Humanities, Social Sciences and in the field of Cultural Studies. Special emphasis is put on translations of relevant works written by East European authors and/or by female scholars. A thematic relation to one of the IWM ’s research fields is likewise welcomed.
Please note that no applications for works of fiction and poetry are being accepted.

How To Apply:
The application consists of (in English or German):
* the application form (please download)
* a curriculum vitae with a bibliography of translations and other relevant publications
* the name of the author and the work to be translated (from the original language) and an explanation for the choice thereof
* the exact number of pages
* a contract or a letter of intent from a publisher
* proof that the translator/publisher holds the rights to the translation and its publication (or has an option for them)
* the planned date of publication
* information on the program of the publishing house

Last Date To Apply: 1.3.2011

Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen
Spittelauer Lände 3
1090 Wien


Macquarie University Two Full-Time PhD Scholarships 2011

Macquarie University Two Full-Time PhD Scholarships 2011

About Macquarie University:
Macquarie has continued its rise up the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Academic Rankings of World Universities, moving up 17 places from 286th in the world in 2007 to 269th this year. Macquarie is currently ranked 9th in Australia.

Two full-time PhD Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarships (MQRES) are available in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences associated with successful ARC project DP110103284. Only one of these scholarships is available to a suitably qualified international student.
Recently, new work has discovered compelling evidence that amphibole plays a major role in magma processing at arcs, and therefore in the origin of the continental crust. It now appears that amphibole plays a major role in the differentiation of arc magmas and is therefore an important component of geochemical reservoirs in the mid-deep arc crust. This implication has very important consequences, such as determining the geochemical nature of the continental crust.
The students working on this project will carry out research at Macquarie University, but will have opportunities to interact with earth scientists involved in the project from the UK. The project uses a combined experimental, geochemical and petrological approach, but applicants are also invited to discuss their own research agendas. Funds will also be available for conferences and sample collection.

The 2011 MQRES full-time stipend rate is $22,860 pa tax exempt for 3.5 years. For an international candidate tuition fees will be covered for the scholarship period. For a domestic candidate tuition fees are covered by RTS funding.

How To Apply:
Applicants will need to complete a candidature/scholarship application form and arrange for two academic referee reports to be submitted to the Higher Degree Research Office. Refer to: for further application instructions. Macquarie University will advise the successful applicant of entitlements at the time of scholarship offer.

Last Date To Apply: 28.2.2011

Macquarie University
NSW 2109
Phone:+61 2 9850 7111


HKF Foundation Award For Higher Education 2011 UK

HKF Foundation Award For Higher Education 2011 UK

About HKF:
In its early years, the Foundation was operated entirely by volunteers. In December 2004, in order to respond to the growth of the organisation, the Board of Trustees took the decision to recruit a small team of paid staff. As the organisation has continued to expand, the staff team at the Foundation has increased to five people, some full time and some part time. All other people involved continue to work on a voluntary basis for the Foundation.

HKF contributes to widening participation in higher education by awarding annual bursaries to students who have overcome significant personal and financial hardship to complete a course in a further education college and progress to higher education. Financial Support: Successful students are usually awarded a £1500 bursary towards the costs of continuing their education. The bursary is paid in installments throughout the student’s higher education course. Please note that the amount of the bursary can vary and some students will be offered fee remission instead of a bursary. Personal Support: In addition to financial support, successful students will have the opportunity to take part in the the Foundation’s training, mentoring and work-shadowing programmes. This additional support and ongoing contact with the Foundation are key to the organisation’s objectives and so students should only apply if they feel they will benefit from both the financial support and the additional services available.Students can apply to the Foundation if they are:
• In the final year at a publicly-funded further education institution (e.g. in the last year of Access / A level /
BTEC / Scottish Highers course at a UK FE / sixth form college) at the time of applying
• Aiming to start a first-time programme of higher education in the autumn of the year in which they are
applying at a UK higher education institution (i.e. HND, BA, BSc, Bed, Foundation Degree). Students taking
a ‘gap’ year will be considered.
and• Experiencing barriers to continuing their education
• Able to demonstrate that they face severe financial hardship
Students cannot apply if they:
• Are already on a higher education course
• Are seeking funding for a postgraduate course
• Are studying / intending to study at a privately funded institution
• Have already received an HKF award
• Have previously undertaken a higher education course
• Are studying or intend to complete their higher education course at an international institution.
Applicants who do not meet the eligibility criteria will not be considered for an award.

HKF offers financial help to students currently undertaking a course in a publicly-funded adult or further
education institution, who intend to progress to a higher education programme. Trustees define higher
education using current legislation in force: statutory instruments numbers 481 (1993) and 1970 (1988).
Before making an application to the Foundation please ensure that you meet our eligibility criteria as follows:
Students can apply to the Foundation if they are:
• In the final year at a publicly-funded further education institution (e.g. in the last year of Access / A level /
BTEC / Scottish Highers course at a UK FE / sixth form college) at the time of applying
• Aiming to start a first-time programme of higher education in the autumn of the year in which they are
applying at a UK higher education institution (i.e. HND, BA, BSc, Bed, Foundation Degree). Students taking
a ‘gap’ year will be considered.
• Experiencing barriers to continuing their education
• Able to demonstrate that they face severe financial hardship
Students cannot apply if they:
• Are already on a higher education course
• Are seeking funding for a postgraduate course
• Are studying / intending to study at a privately funded institution
• Have already received an HKF award
• Have previously undertaken a higher education course
• Are studying or intend to complete their higher education course at an international institution.

How To Apply:
• Application forms can be downloaded from the HKF website (
• The student should read the guidance notes fully before completing the application form
• The student must give their application to their supporting Referee and ask them to complete a supporting
• The College Principal must sign the application form to confirm that the college wishes to put the student
forward for an award
• The form must be posted to the Foundation’s office in Milton Keynes to arrive no later than Thursday 31st
March 2011

Last Date To Apply: 31.3.2011

Helena Kennedy Foundation
The Mansion
Bletchley Park
Milton Keynes


Fulbright New Zealand Axford (New Zealand) Fellowships 201

Fulbright New Zealand Axford (New Zealand) Fellowships 2011

About Fulbright New Zealand:
The New Zealand-United States Educational Foundation (known as Fulbright New Zealand since 1999) was established in 1948 to promote international understanding through educational and cultural exchanges between New Zealand and the United States

Established in 1995 by the New Zealand Government to reinforce links between New Zealand and the US, the Fellowships provide the opportunity for participants to gain firsthand knowledge of public policy in New Zealand, including economic, social and political reforms and management of the government sector. Three to four Fellowships will be awarded each year.

* to reinforce New Zealand-United States links by enabling Americans of high intellectual ability and leadership potential to come to New Zealand to gain experience and build contacts in the field of public policy development;
* to help improve the practice of public policy in New Zealand and the United States by the cross-fertilization of ideas and experience in the two countries; and
* to build a network of public policy experts on both sides of the Pacific, and encourage ongoing policy exchange between New Zealand and the United States.
Fellows will be based at a relevant government agency in Wellington and carefully paired with a leading policy expert who will serve as their mentor. In addition, they will be expected to spend a substantial part of their Fellowship in contact with other relevant organisations to gain practical experience in their field in New Zealand. These contacts may include an extended or part-time placement.
Candidates are expected to have made contact with the organisation(s) in New Zealand they wish or expect to be placed with, prior to applying. Final decisions on placement will be made by the Fellowships Office, after full consultation with Fellows, host organisations, and the programme’s expert advisors.
At the conclusion of their fellowships, before returning to the United States, Fellows will be required to submit a policy report for publication by the Fellowships Office and to participate in a report-back seminar where they make an oral presentation to an invited audience and interested members of the public.

* be a US citizen with at least five years of experience in your profession
* be a mid-career professional active in any part of the public, business or non-profit sector
* be a potential leader and opinion-former in your chosen field
* have an interest in learning from your experience in New Zealand and capable of putting to effective use in the US, any policy lessons learned.

* NZ$1,500 per month if on paid leave with full salary
NZ$2,500 per month if on paid leave with partial salary
NZ$5,000 per month if unable to obtain paid leave
* return travel to and from New Zealand for a fellow, partner and two children up to age 18
* NZ$1,500 per month for family to accompany a fellow (provided partner is without employment, grant or fellowship) .

Application Form:

How To Apply:
In order to apply, interested individuals must complete a formal application, including a project proposal, on the application form below. Candidates should show that their proposed project will inform policy in New Zealand and the United States and contribute something of value to their policy field.
Your application must include 3 references, provided in the format outlined in the Information for Referees document below.

Last Date To Apply: 1.3.2011

Level 8
Fulbright New Zealand House
120 Featherston Street
New Zealand


Cranfield School of Management MBA Maori Scholarship 2011 England

Cranfield School of Management MBA Maori Scholarship 2011 England

About Cranfield School of Management:
As a school of management, not just a business school, we believe passionately that theory is nothing without practice and ideas cannot come alive without action. We know that your success as a manager and business leader depends not just on what you know, but also on how you apply what you know, and we are committed to helping you succeed.

The scholarship is open to anyone of New Zealand M?ori origin (New Zealand citizen or permanent resident) who is committed to empowering Maori economic development and who intends to return to work in New Zealand within a reasonable time after completion of the MBA.
The scholarship may be applied for in two ways. Firstly on an individual basis. Secondly, in partnership with a sponsoring organisation. In the latter case Cranfield will match the sponsor’s contribution up to £14,000, but the sponsor’s contribution has no limit.

Last Date To Apply: 31.5.2011

Cranfield School of Management
Bedford MK43 0AL


University of Graz Doctoral Program In Accounting, Reporting, & Taxation For International Students 2011

University of Graz Doctoral Program In Accounting, Reporting, & Taxation For International Students 2011

About University of Graz:
The University of Graz is one of the largest institutions of higher education in Austria. With approximately 27,000 students and 3,500 employees, it makes an essential contribution to the vibrant life of the Styrian capital. Diversity and a wide scope characterise the education programmes at the six faculties. Students can choose from more than 100 bachelor, master and diploma programmes.
DART – the Doctoral Program in Accounting, Reporting, and Taxation – aims at training future leaders in accounting research and in specialist areas of practice to combine a strong tradition in institutions and norms with an emphasis on international state-of-the-art research methodology. The faculty involved in DART is well positioned to provide training for doctoral students and to supervise their research.
DART brings together all major accounting researchers in this area of Austria, who excel in the international academic accounting community. All of the members have published high-quality work in international journals. Since they are located at three major universities in Austria (the University of Graz, the University of Vienna, and the Vienna University of Economics and Business), DART is a joint project. DART offers an internationally accepted program located in Austria for educating young talent in accounting.
DART is committed to recruiting the finest calibre students of all backgrounds from all over the world. We strive to attain the highest level of academic excellence in teaching and research in pursuit of our goal of producing researchers who reflect the institution’s high-quality standards with distinction and honour. As an international research and academic training institution, we are proud to host excellent research students with a wide range of nationalities.
DART is funded by the Austrian Science Fund. In accordance with the Austrian Science Fund’s guidelines for doctoral programs, DART scholarship holders are paid a salary for a period of 3-4 years. The annual salary after taxes and social security contributions amounts to approximately 18,000 Euros. Given the costs for living and housing in Graz or Vienna, this salary enables the scholarship holders to concentrate on their studies.
Scholarships will be granted for a three-year period. For scholarship holders who spend a research period of at least six months at a qualified university outside of Austria, this period can be extended to up to four years.
Last Date To Apply: 31.3.2011
Universitätsplatz 3
A – 8010 Graz
Tel./Phone: ++43 316 380-0
Telefax: ++43 316 380-9030

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