Argosy University, USA- Scholarship Program 2010

Scholarship Introduction
To assist you in pursuing an Argosy University education, we are pleased to offer several scholarship opportunities, with awards ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 for the academic year. Our scholarships recognize outstanding student achievement in a variety of areas:

Eligibility for scholarship:

Students must have applied for admission at an Argosy University campus.

Students must be degree seeking.
Students must be enrolled at least half-time although preference may be given to full-time students.
Scholarships may be applied to tuition only.

Students must have completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine financial need. (International students are exempt from this requirement.)

Scholarship applications can only be submitted for one award to a single Argosy University campus. (Applications to multiple campuses will be rejected.)

Scholarships are made for one, two, or three semesters at the discretion of the campus.

Students who defer their admission to another semester will need to reapply for the scholarship.

Scholarships are not available to employees of EDMC, its subsidiaries, or affiliates.

Application form for scholarship:
Download Application from link below

Important dates:

November 1, 2009


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