Angelo State University, USA- Scholarship in Honors Program 2010

Scholarship Introduction:
The Honors Program provides scholarships to current Honors students after their first full year in the program. Option One Track students receive $3,000 per academic year split between the fall and spring semesters

Eligibility for scholarship:

Turn in the Honors Program Application before the priority deadline.*
Take at least one Honors course each fall and spring semester (NOTE: Option Two Track students are not subject to this requirement.).
Regularly attend Honors Student Association meetings and events.
Have a cumulative 3.25 GPA.
Finish freshman and sophomore Honors Program coursework by the end of their third year at ASU.
Abide by the Honors Student Handbook.
How to apply:
1.  Application Form: The application form must be typed. Handwritten applications will not be processed and will not be returned.
2. Two (2) Reference Forms: The two references must be academic references.
3. Applicant Disclosure Form
4. Unofficial copy of your most recent high school and, if applicable, college transcript.

International Baccalaureate High School Students: Students who successfully complete an International Baccalaureate high school program will receive automatic admission to the Honors Program. They must, however, still complete all application materials necessary for being admitted into the Honors Program.

NOTE: The Honors Program will not accept a student who has not fully completed the application process.

Mail your unofficial transcripts, reference and applicant disclosure forms, and completed application to:
Angelo State University
Honors Program
ASU Station #10913

Application form for scholarship:

Important dates:

April 12, 2010


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