2010 Scholarship Assistance by Allen College, USA

Scholarship Introduction:
The purpose of financial assistance is to provide funds to students that otherwise would be unable to pursue a college education. This assistance is intended to supplement (not replace) the amount the student and/or her or his family can afford.

Eligibility for scholarship:
Students with a background matching the application criteria for scholarships offered through Allen College will be considered eligible applicants for those scholarships. In addition, to be considered an eligible applicant for 2010-2011, you must attend Allen College summer 2010 and/or fall 2010. Your application will remain active for the academic year until final awards have been made for all scholarships.

How to apply:

Complete the application form and Personal Essay.
Submit two (2) professional and/or academic references from persons most familiar with your background and abilities. Your references need to reflect your specific qualifications as they relate to the applicable scholarships for which you are applying. These qualifications will be carefully examined to determine your eligibility based on the individual donor’s criteria. Please refer to the Scholarship Book for the scholarship criteria. The Scholarship Book is available in the Barrett Library or the Student Services Office.
Application form for scholarship:
To download form click

Important dates:
Submit application, personal essay, and letters of reference by January 22, 2010 to:
Scholarship Selection Committee
c/o Student Services Office
Barrett Forum
Allen College
1825 Logan Avenue
Waterloo, Iowa 50703


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