Undergraduate Scholarship 2010 In USA, Albright College

Scholarship Introduction:
Albright believes that high school students who have excelled academically and have demonstrated leadership skills add to the quality of life at the College regardless of their financial means. Therefore, Albright offers a variety of scholarships to assist students. All scholarships are renewable provided the recipient maintains the required grade point average.

Eligibility for scholarship:
All students who have been accepted as degree-seeking individuals are eligible to apply for financial aid. Federal and state funds are awarded to U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens, while institutional funds are awarded to these students and international students.

Full-time enrollment, considered to be three courses taken per semester, is required for institutional funds.
Part-time enrollment (day or evening), considered to be two courses per semester, is necessary for state grant and federal loan eligibility.
Financial aid awards are made after the offer of admission. You will be notified of your financial aid package two weeks after Albright receives your financial aid application information from the U.S. Department of Education.

How to apply:
It’s easy to apply for the many Albright College scholarships and awards. Simply apply for admission by March 1. Once admitted, your application is automatically forwarded to the Scholarship Committee for consideration.

Application form for scholarship:
To download application click

Important dates:
Apply for admission by March 1


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