Allegheny College, USA -Trustee Scholarship Program  2010

Scholarship Introduction:
Allegheny College has a long history of welcoming international students. Over the years, many students with diverse backgrounds have found Allegheny’s unique environment to be a perfect fit for them.
As a school that attracts students with unusual combinations of interests, skills, and talents, we recognize that international students are far more than just representatives of their native countries. They are unique blends of cultures, influences, and interests with much to share and contribute to our community. To recognize applicants with strong academic records and programs Allegheny College has a trustee scholarship to offer.

Eligibility for scholarship:
Students recognized as Trustee Scholars usually rank in the top 25% of their high school class (or otherwise excelling in class work and other activities when the school does not rank) and have SAT/ACT scores consistent with their academic performance. Allegheny values students who balance their academic excellence with other distinctive activities. The top scholarship is awarded to the very best of the best, typically to only the top 5% of our applicants each year. A limited number of Trustee Scholarships are available to highly qualified transfer students.

How to apply:
Complete Allegheny’s regular Application for Admission by February 15. Trustee Scholarship award winners will be notified via mail regarding their eligibility and amount of award.

Application form for scholarship:
Click the following link for application form

Important dates:
Application for admission should be filled by February 15th


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