Europe : Erasmus Mundus MSc Scholarship 2010 in Sustainable Forest and Nature Management

We propose an integrated two-year world-class Masters Course in Sustainable Forest and Nature Management (SUFONAMA). The overall objective is to provide a top-level programme that qualifies graduates to deal with the huge challenges in Europe’s pursuit of an evermore sustainable management of her natural resources, namely, that the management of forests and nature areas must be seen in an integrated landscape context. To obtain the SUFONAMA double degree and the Diploma Supplement, students have to acquire 120 ECTS credits by studying at two Consortium institutions, acquiring at least 60 ECTS credits at each. All SUFONAMA modular activities are completed in English. Due to the one-year Course components, SUFONAMA encourages its student body to engange in local language studies available at all the partner institutions. The total students population is expected to be 150.
The Master Course is organized by a Consortium which involves five institutions:
1.       University of Copenhagen, Faculty of LIFE sciences, Centre for Forest, Landscape and Planning, Copenhagen, Denmark;
2.      Bangor University, School of Agricultural and Forest Sciences, Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom;
3.      University of Goettingen, Faculty of Forestry and Forest Ecology, Goettingen, Germany;
4.      Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, Alnarp, Sweden;
5.      University of Padova, College of Agriculture, Padova, Italy.
Coordinator – Prof. Niels Strange – Center for Forest, Landscape and Planning – Copenhagen, Denmark
For all further information please contact
How to apply
Non-EU and EU Students
The EM Masters course, SUFONAMA, is open to non-EU and EU students. Every year approx. 17-20 EU scholarships are available.
Category A Scholarships for Third-country nationals: Total 48.000 EUR
Category A scholarships can be awarded to masters students from all countries other than the 27 EU menber states and EEA/EFTA states: Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, the Western Balcan countries: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, the former Yugoslav Republic of Marcedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, and Turkey. Furthermore, you must not be a resident nor have carried out your main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 moths over the last five years in one of these
Category B Scholarships for European nationals: Total 23.000 EUR
Category B scholarships can be awarded to any masters students who do not fullfil the criteria A defined above.You must study in two of the consortium partner countries.
If you hold an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, these two countries must be different from the country in which you obtained your last university degree.
It is possible to be admitted to the Course, even though you are not awarded a scholarship. You will then have to cover EM SUFONAMA participatory costs. If you finance your study yourself, you are allowed to study in the country of your last university degree.
Deadline for Non-EU students is 1 December 2009
For further information, please see the application form for Non-EU students
Deadline for EU students is 3 May 2010
For further information, please see the application form for EU students
Admission Criteria
·  A good first university degree in Forestry, Biology or related fields such as Environmental Science or Geography, alternatively in Economics, Management or Political Science
·  Language proficiency and C.V.
·  Experience from relevant practice may be an advantage.
·  Personal statement of motivation.
·  Recommendations from two referees.
As of the academic year 2010/11 the number of applications by third country students must be limited to maximum three Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses.
In the eventual case that a student applies to more than three EM Courses he/she will be excluded from the selection for an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship.
Scholars are established researchers and teachers. The Erasmus Mundus programme supports visiting NON-EU scholars staying at EM SUFONAMA universities for a period of typically three months.The weekly living allowance including travel costs is 1.200 EUR
Deadline for Non-EU Scholars is 1 December 2009
For further information, please see the application form for guest lecturers

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