MAIPR 2010-11 Fees and Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

MAIPR 2010-11 Fees and Erasmus Mundus Scholarships
Fees for MAIPR 2010-11 are in the process of being set.
The course fees will cover a sixteen-month course (beginning September 2010 to end December 2011). Included in the fee are all the tuition costs.
Erasmus Mundus Scholarships
Erasmus Mundus (EM) Scholarships are funded by the European Commission (EC), under the management of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). EM scholarships are awarded to the strongest applicants to the MAIPR programme itself, in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the EACEA.
EM Scholarship Competition Eligibility: there have been important changes to how the EM scholarships are awarded. European Union citizens and citizens of an European Economic Area/European Free Trade Association (EEA/EFTA) country can now be entered into a separate EM scholarship competition, which has been designed to give them some financial help towards the cost of the MAIPR programme. More information on this change will be uploaded shortly.
EM scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. It is therefore important that your MAIPR application is as strong as possible as competition for the scholarships is very strong. You should also bear in mind that you may be accepted onto the MAIPR programme but not be awarded a scholarship.
EM Scholarship Competition Application: you do not apply separately for an EM scholarship. Recommendations are made by the MAIPR consortium and are based solely on the quality of the application to the MAIPR programme itself.
EM Scholarship Competition 2010-11: As mentioned above, important changes are being made to the EM scholarship competition. We anticipate that, from 2010-11, a limited number of full EM scholarships of 35,600 Euros will be awarded to selected third-country MAIPR students, together with a smaller number of EM scholarships at a smaller financial amount to selected EU/EEA/EFTA students.
It is important to bear in mind that an EM scholarship is aimed at helping towards the payment of all programme costs.
MAIPR 2010-11 How to Apply
Please read everything on this page carefully then adhere to all the instructions given
Application process
The best way to apply for the MAIPR programme is to fill in an online application form via the University of Warwick, the coordinating institution for the Consortium. Please click-on the following link on-line application form to access it.
To register your application and gain access to the form, all new applicants must enter a valid email and an easily remembered password. Make sure that you choose the correct course code, P-W4PA.
If you are unable to access the on-line form, you can send in a paper application. You need to request the documentation from the University of Warwick’s Student Recruitment department,
All students must apply for the programme through the University of Warwick; you are unable to apply through the University of Amsterdam or the University of Tampere. However, while the application form is geared towards University of Warwick applicants, you are applying to all three partner institutions when you submit the form.
The application for the programme itself must have been submitted on-line or been received by the Warwick Postgraduate Admssions Office by the following dates:
For Erasmus Mundus (EM) scholarship applicants: 4TH JANUARY 2010.
For non-Erasmus Mundus scholarship applicants: 20TH MARCH 2010.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Although you may apply for the MAIPR programme at any time from early autumn until the deadline, because of the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship competition, all applications have to be considered at the same time, which will not be until late January/early February 2010. Applicants will be informed of the outcome in regards to both the MAIPR prograamme itself and the EM Scholarship Competition in mid-March 2010. It is important to bear in mind that you can be offered a place on the MAIPR programme but not an EM scholarship.
Supporting documentation: what we need from you!
You need to back-up your application with supporting documentation (seeMAIPR Application Criteria: what we need from you!) This must be sent THROUGH THE MAIL to the following address:
The Postgraduate Admissions Team 2
University House
The University of Warwick
Supporting documentation must have been sent to our Postgraduate Admissions Office by the following deadlines:
For Erasmus Mundus scholarship applicants: 4TH JANUARY 2010.
For non-Erasmus Mundus scholarship applicants: 20TH MARCH 2010.
IN ADDITION: copies of ALL your supporting documentation must have been emailed to the MAIPR Programme Administrator at the University of Warwick on or before the above two deadlines. The email address you must use is:
IMPORTANT: All official documents, such as degree certificates, translations into English of transcripts, language test results, letters of recommendation, etc., must be originals or officially certified copies. Warwick’s Postgraduate Admissions Office will not accept photocopies of documents, scanned-in attachments to emails, or emailed references. If you do not comply with these requirements, you run the risk of having your application delayed or even rejected.
To guarantee that your documents arrive by the above dates, we strongly recommend that you send them by courier or a trackable postal service. AVOID USING ORDINARY AIRMAIL as your documents could get lost.
NB: The Erasmus Mundus scholarship deadlines are driven by the EACEA, which has its own deadline for receipt of our recommendations.
Academic interests and purpose of study (Statement of Intent)
As part of the application, you will be asked to provide an Academic interests and purpose of study (also known as a Statement of Intent). You can include it on the application form straight away or send it with the supporting documentation. You are asked to write a 500-word statement which explains why you are interested in being admitted to the programme, why you would be a suitable candidate to join the MAIPR, and to include any exceptional circumstances that will affect your participation in MAIPR. In addition you should include 1) the modality you would like to emphasize in your course of study (see Modalities) and 2) your preference, if you have one, for one partner institution and the reason for your preference.
Note: If selected, you will study at two of the three partner institutions and the consortium will make the assignments based on internal programmatic factors. Where possible, the partners will take your preference into consideration, but may not be able to honour it. All decisions on mobility assignments are final and are non-negotiable.
Assessment Criteria
An admissions committee made up of staff from the three partner institutions will consider your materials using the following criteria:
Academic Potential: 60%
Motivation: 20%
Recommendations: 15%
Language Skills: 5%
In addition, all Erasmus Mundus programmes are required to adhere to rulings concerning geographic distribution and gender equity. This is an EACEA directive and therefore out of the control of the University of Warwick.
For more information on general University of Warwick Admission Requirements, including language competency for the MAIPR programme, please click on the following link: Please note that these are generalised University of Warwick requirements, some of which may not apply to the MAIPR.
Application fee
Postgraduate Admissions levy a non-refundable application handling fee for all taught postgraduate courses, including the MAIPR. For an online application it is £20; for a paper application it is £30. YOU MUST PAY THIS FEE. If you do not, your application will not be forwarded to us and therefore it will be rejected. We therefore strongly advise that you pay the fee at the same time as your application, otherwise the Department of Theatre Studies will be unable to consider you for the course. This can be paid on-line by credit or debit card, or through the post by a Banker’s Draft made out to ‘The University of Warwick’.
Note: For Erasmus Mundus scholarship applicants – it is particularly important that you pay the application fee promptly. Any delay in payment could seriously affect your chance of being put forward for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship.
Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Competition
See MAIPR Fees and Erasmus Mundus Scholarships and the relevant links on that page to determine your eligibility.
For further advice and/or information, contact Lindzey Mullard, the MAIPR Programme Administrator, via email:
For further details please click the following link:

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