Talisman Specialist Undergraduate Scholarships 2011 in College of Physical Sciences of UK

Talisman Specialist Undergraduate Scholarships 2011 in College of Physical Sciences of UK

About College:
Home to 2500 undergraduate and postgraduate students coming from all round the world, along with high quality academic staff pursuing pure and applied research which informs teaching, the College of Physical Sciences embraces the subjects of Archaeology, Chemistry, Computing Science, Engineering, Geography & Environment, Geology & Petroleum Geology, Mathematical Sciences, Spatial Planning and Rural Surveying, and Physics.

Talisman Energy (UK) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Talisman Energy Inc; a large, independent, oil and gas company, headquartered in Calgary, Canada. In the UK, Talisman is the fourth largest producer of oil and the second largest operator by number of oil fields. Six Talisman Specialist Undergraduate Scholarships are open to students, on the degree programmes listed below, commencing:
1. 3rd year of a BEng
2. 3rd or 4th year of a MEng
3. 3rd year of a BSc
4. 3rd or 4th year of a MChem

List of eligible degree programmes:
1. BEng Engineering (H100)
2. BEng Engineering (Mechanical with Oil and Gas Studies) (H3H8)
3. BEng Engineering (Mechanical with Control) (H3H6)
4. BEng Engineering (Mechanical with Materials) (H3J5)
5. BEng Engineering (Mechanical with Management) (H303)
6. BEng Chemical Engineering (H813)
7. MEng Engineering (H104)
8. MEng Engineering with Safety and Reliability Engineering (H1J9)
9. MEng Chemical Engineering (H810)
10.MEng Mechanical Engineering with Control (H3HP)
11.MEng Mechanical Engineering with Materials (H3JM)
12.MEng Mechanical Engineering & Diploma in Management (H308)
13.MEng Petroleum Engineering (H850)
14.BSc Chemistry for Offshore Industry (F111)
15.BSc Environmental Chemistry (F142)
16.BSc Geography and Geoscience (FF68)
17.BSc Geology and Petroleum Geology (F602)
18.BSc Geology and Physics (FF63)
19.BSc Geoscience (F610)
20.MChem Environmental Chemistry (F143)
21.MChem Chemistry for Offshore Industry (F110)

You should note that only applicants domiciled in the UK and classified as Home Fees OR applicants normally domiciled in the UK but temporarily living outside the UK and classified as Home Fees are eligible to apply for these scholarships.

Value: Support is valued at £1,000 per year for either two or three years as determined by programme classification, year of award and date of graduation. In addition, the successful Talisman scholars will have the opportunity to apply to Talisman for a paid summer placement.

The closing date for applications is Friday 29 October 2010

Philippa Dunford
University of Aberdeen Development Trust
tel: (01224) 274139

Mrs Alison Ramsay,
College of Physical Sciences
tel: 01224 272909


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