Michael Moran Scholarship 2011 in in University of glamorgan of UK

Michael Moran Scholarship 2011 in in University of glamorgan of UK

About University:
The University of Glamorgan will be recognised as an international university with a distinctive approach to research, innovation and the student experience

The Michael Moran Scholarship was launched to celebrate the life of a very special man; he was loved and adored by his family, admired and respected by his peers and feared by his foes. Michael’s greatest quality was his ability to give unselfishly, which he did for the promotion and celebration of Wales and Welsh food in particular. Michael Moran was a true champion of the Welsh food manufacture being at home in the boardrooms across London, the Food Fairs across the UK or at the Food Expo’s throughout Europe.
Michael was immensely proud of the fine education, marketing and sales oriented training he received during his early days with the Nestle Company at their Rashleigh School. He would have been very proud to support local students through a similar education and apprenticeship at his local Business Centre at the University of Glamorgan, in Pontypridd.
Thus, the Michael Moran Scholarship has been launched to celebrate Michael Moran’s contribution to the Welsh Food Industry and Welsh business in general. The sole aim of the Michael Moran Scholarship is to offer support to talented, local people during the rigours of a three year degree.
The Michael Moran Scholarship has funding available to ensure that selected students enjoy the very best that education can offer; thus taking this Business Excellence on into their working life, for the good of Welsh business and Welsh life in general.

Potentially eligible applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered:
1. Applicants must enrol on an eligible course. Eligible course is defined as all BA/BSc honours degrees offered solely via the Business School.
2. Must be eligible to receive student financial support from the UK government. (This ensures providing a scholarship to someone who is financially viable for the duration of the course.)

The successful candidate must agree to work closely with the Trustees to achieve the targets below:
* The Trustees expect the student to undertake work placements during their scholarship.
* Must spend their placement working for a business in Wales.
* Must intend to use the course outputs to better the Welsh economy.
* Must agree to mentor future Michael Moran Scholarship students.
* Must achieve an acceptable level of attendance and performance on the course.

Award: Recipients of the award will be paid £1,500 per year for the duration of their three year course.

Closing date: Please note that the deadline for applications is Wednesday 1st September 2010.

University of Glamorgan
Pontypridd. CF37 1DL. UK.
08456 434 030


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