The P? Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship in Oil and Gas Industry for International Students, UK

The Pöyry Engineering Scholarship, Research, University of Aberdeen, UK
Pöyry Energy is a major provider of front end and specialist consultancy services to the Oil & Gas industry in Europe, the Asia Pacific Region and the Middle East.

The scholarship is open to full time students commencing third year of any of the undergraduate degree programmes listed below in September 2010:

MEng Chemical Engineering (H810)
MEng Mechanical and Electrical Engineering with Energy Studies (H3H2)
MEng Mechanical Engineering with Control (H3HP)
The scholarship is valued at £2,000 per annum and will be awarded to the successful applicant for the rest of their undergraduate degree programme.

The successful applicant will receive £2,000 per annum for each of years 3, 4 and 5 of their undergraduate degree programme (i.e. £6,000 over 3 years).

You should note that the scholarship is open to all students commencing the third year of any of the eligible degree programmes listed above in September 2010, regardless of nationality, where they are domiciled, or fee structure to which they belong to.

The scholarship will be subject to the scholarship recipient successfully completing each year of their degree to the satisfaction of the School of Engineering. The scholarship will lapse if the scholar ceases to study an eligible degree programme or leaves the University of Aberdeen. Where a scholarship recipient is required to repeat a year because they failed to reach the required academic requirements, payment will not be made for the repeat year and resumption of the scholarship will be based on individual circumstances and will be at the discretion of the Head of School of Engineering. The scholarship can only be held by students of the University – they cannot be transferred to another institution.

In addition to the financial support detailed above, the Pöyry Scholarship offers:

A guaranteed interview for paid summer work placements
The College of Physical Sciences Scholarship Committee, comprising the Head of School of Engineering, nominated course leaders, and a representative of the Development Trust, will consider the applications, shortlist the candidates and make the awards. In making the decision, the selection panel will take into account your educational background and achievements, other relevant information given in your application form, personal statement, and the statement from your referee.

The University will award the scholarship to applicants who have good academic potential, and who are likely to be successful in their chosen degree course.

The Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and personal characteristics. Academic merit will be judged on first and second year academic performance. In respect of personal characteristics, applicants should be able to show, through submission of a personal statement (section 5 of the application form), that they:

Have a keen interest in the oil and gas industry
Are enthusiastic, ambitious, highly motivated and determined to succeed academically and professionally
Take a pro-active approach and have a strong commitment to self-development
Possess good communication and interpersonal skills.
How to Apply

Complete the application form, and send it to Philippa Dunford at the address below. You will receive correspondence acknowledging receipt of your application.

Application Deadline: Friday 29 October 2010.

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