New Zealand Development Scholarships For Micronesia Region

New Zealand Development Scholarships aim to strengthen human resource capacity by providing knowledge, skills and qualifications in key socio-economic areas, with the objective of strengthening the ability for Pacific countries to meet their national development priorities.In the Pacific region, through the Open category of the New Zealand Development Scholarships (NZDS-Open) scheme, New Zealand offers development scholarships for full-time, multi-year tertiary study in New Zealand. Candidates apply directly to New Zealand education institutions (see Annex 1).


•Applicants must meet the following NZAID eligibility criteria before their application will be further considered against the selection criteria. Applicants must:
• be a citizen of their home country (i.e. permanent residents are not eligible to apply);
• be residing their home country, preferably for at least two years prior to application;
• not have citizenship or permanent residence status of New Zealand, Australia or another developed country;
• not be married or engaged to be married to a person who holds, or who is eligible to hold, citizenship or permanent residence status of New Zealand, Australia or another developed country;
• be aged 17 or over before the scholarship start date;
• be applying to commence a new qualification and not be seeking funding for a qualification already commenced in New Zealand or another country;
• not have completed, or nearly completed, a qualification at a similar level (i.e. applicants must apply for a higher level qualification than any previously attained), unless strong developmental relevance is demonstrated;
• satisfy the admission requirements of the New Zealand education institution at which the qualification is to be undertaken, including English language proficiency criteria;
• have been working in their home country, preferably for at least two years prior to application;
• have worked for two years in their home country since completing their highest tertiary qualification gained to date;
• be able to demonstrate a strong commitment to their home country’s public, private or civil society sector (as relevant), and to the development of their home country in general; and
• be able to take up the scholarship in the academic year for which it is offered.
Applicants cannot:
• be studying full-time at post-secondary level;
• be transferring from another scholarship (either in New Zealand or in another country) to a NZAID scholarship;
• hold, or have held, a New Zealand Government or Australian Government scholarship in the 24 months preceding the scholarship start date (12 months for Short Term Training Awards); or
• have been terminated from a New Zealand or Australian Government scholarship previously.
All applicants are expected to continue residing in their home country during the application and selection process. If offered a scholarship, candidates must:
• be able to satisfy Immigration New Zealand requirements for international student entry to New Zealand (i.e. medical checks and police clearance/character checks, etc);
• not hold another scholarship during the period of the NZAID scholarship; and • agree in writing that they will return to their home country for a minimum period of two years following completion of their scholarship in order to contribute to their country’s social or economic development.

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