Japan : UNESCO/Keizo Obuchi Scholarships 2010 for Developing Countries Students

UNESCO/Keizo Obuchi (Japan) Co-Sponsored Research Fellowships and Scholarships Programme: 2010 Cycle – With a view to keeping alive and honouring the spirit of former Prime Minister Obuchi and his belief in 'people building the next era', 20 fellowships and scholarships per year, for the ninth year, will be awarded to deserving candidates from UNESCO developing countries, especially the least developed countries (LDCs), who are eager to undertake research based on scholarships' aid on one or more of the topics listed below.
The aim of the fellowships and scholarships' aid is to support innovative and imaginative post-graduate research in the areas of development to which former Prime Minister Obuchi was committed and which coincide with areas of particular interest to UNESCO.
The UNESCO/Keizo Obuchi Research Fellowships and scholarships' Programme funded under a Japan Funds-in-Trust project will aim, in particular, to impact on capacity-building and research activities in the following areas which were of particular importance to Mr Keizo Obuchi: 1. Environment (with particular attention to Water Sciences); 2. Intercultural Dialogue; 3. Information and Communication Technologies; and 4. Peaceful conflict resolution. No other research topics will be considered.
Applicants for these scholarships, a maximum of two from each applying National Commission, must meet the following general criteria:
1.       Candidates under this Scholarships' Programme must be post-graduate researchers, already holding either an M.A. or M.Sc. degree (or equivalent) and wishing to pursue research work abroad (preferably in their own region) with a view to enhancing knowledge in one of the four specific fields mentioned in paragraph D.1 below. Thus, those who are in the process of completing their Master’s degree must have completed it PRIOR to taking up their Fellowship.
2.      Scholarships' Candidates must be persons of high intellectual promise who may be expected to make significant contributions to their country on return.
3.      Candidates must be no more than 40 years of age. Thus, applicants born before 1 January 1970 will not be considered under the Programme.
4.      The selected Fellow must carry out the research under the auspices of an academic supervisor in a host institution. Confirmation of acceptance from the academic supervisor is imperative.
5.      Priority attention will be given to:
o        Women
o        Candidates from least developed countries (LDCs)
o        Palestinian researchers
6.      Candidates of scholarships' recipients must be proficient in reading and writing the language of instruction in the proposed country of study/research.
7.      Applicants must be in good health, both physically and mentally.
Closing date for receipt of applications: 8 January 2010
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