TASS 2012 Scholarships-Talented Athletes-UK

Applications are invited from talented athletes for the year 2012 TASS Scholarships in UK

The TASS 2012 scholarship programme is designed for talented athletes that have the potential to be a future medalist at the winter and summer Olympics. The scheme aims to fast track athletes onto World Class programmes. TASS 2012 runs alongside the main TASS programme.
  1. Have a British passport.
  2. Be undertaking a recognised education programme registered at an Institution in England. (A TASS 2012 athlete needs only to be undertaking an education programme at a recognised education institution).
  3. Be able to represent either the Great Britain or English representative team in their chosen sport.
  4. Current world-class funded athletes – Podium, Development, and Talent cannot receive additional funding from TASS.

There are two types of TASS awards. There is one TASS award available to all athletes. Please see awards section for more information.
TASS make two types of awards:
  1. Scholarships – Scholarships are awards to the value of £3,500 per annum.
  2. 2012 Scholarships – 2012 Scholarships are awarded to the value of £10,000 per annum. Athletes identified by their NGB who have already demonstrated exceptional sporting talent are eligible for TASS 2012. The aim is to fast track these gifted youngsters into World Class Pathways.

Selection process:

Athletes that are eligible for a TASS 2012 scholarship will be competing at a high level and already known by their NGB. The NGB is therefore best placed to select the appropriate athletes. The selection process consists of three stages.
  1. NGB nominates athletes by submitting a 2012 Athlete Registration form. This provides the TASS management with enough information to decide if an athlete is eligible for TASS 2012.
  2. If an application passes stage one, NGB’s then have to complete a 2012 athlete subjective criteria form. This provides NGB’s with the opportunity to outline why an athlete should receive the award and detail how the award should be used and how it will help the athlete to achieve their goals.
  3. The TASS management then assess each application considering current performance, existing support, and NGB support and infrastructure. This procedure is carried out in association with UK sport.

For more Information, Contact:
Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme
City Sports Centre, Off Northumberland Road
Northumbria University
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne & Wear
Tel: (0191) 243 7356
Fax: (0191) 243 7358
30th September to 1st October, 2011


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