Scholarship Introduction:
The Department of Communications of Adelphi University, in cooperation with the Office of Admissions, offers several Talent Scholarships each year to outstanding entering freshmen or transfers who show evidence of unusual ability and accomplishment in the media arts.

How to apply:
1.    You must apply to the University through the Admissions Office and be accepted as a major in Communications before we can consider your scholarship application.
2.    We ask that you submit a portfolio of your media work that may include one or several of the following:
o    3-5 minute film (super 8), VHS video, or DVD
o    photo essay (prints or slides)
o    compilation of school newspaper or other journalistic work
o    audio tape
o    story board or comic strip
o    sketchbook or “idea” book
o    script or design for a creative film/video or audio project
o    scholarly paper or research project on a communications-related topic
3.    In addition, we request a brief, 1 or 2 page essay describing your interest in entering our communications program. You may also comment on the portfolio you are submitting and something about your hopes or ambitions for your future college experience.
Please send your submissions to:
Peggy Cassidy
Department of Communications
Adelphi University
Blodgett Hall, Room 113
Garden City, NY 11530
For additional information, please contact:
Department of Communications
Blodgett Hall
Adelphi University
P.O. BOX 701
Garden City, NY 11530-0701
Application form for scholarship: 
Important dates:
Dates shall be informed to the qualified students after selection

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