Switzerland : PhD position in Network Innovations based on Openflow

Switzerland : PhD position in Network Innovations based on Openflow

There is almost no practical way to experiment with new network protocols (e.g., new routing protocols, or alternatives to IP) in sufficiently realistic settings (e.g., at scale carrying real traffic) to gain the confidence needed for their widespread deployment. Recently, the OpenFlow initiative has caught the attention of researchers and even router vendors.
The core idea of the OpenFlow initiative is to make the flow table of a router or switch accessible, enabling experimenters to monitor and modify the way individual flows are handled by the device. If an OpenFlow switch carries real traffic, this traffic may then be used in carefully set up experiments. All this is achieved with a separate controller, which communicates with an
OpenFlow switch via the Openflow Switching Protocol. The controller thus may modify and program the flow table, and change the way the switch handles individual flows.
Such a design is highly flexible, since it is the controller that can decide what actions (forward, drop, manipulate) to take for packets matching a specified set of flow attributes (e.g., MAC/IP addresses, port numbers, VLAN IDs, etc.). At the same time, forwarding continues to be done in hardware, which is crucial for high throughput. More information is available at the official OpenFlow website:

As a partner in a European research project we will design and build an OpenFlow testbed at ETH Zurich. Moreover, we plan to develop and experiment with innovative networking concepts and applications based on OpenFlow technology and to evaluate them in our testbed.

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate holding a Master degree or Diploma in electrical engineering, computer science, or a related field. We expect a solid systems and theoretical background, good knowledge in Internet-related topics (TCP/IP protocol suite, routing and forwarding), and basic practical skills in network configuration, operating systems (Linux), and programming. You should be fluent in English (written and spoken), be willing to work in an international research team, and to publish the results of your research at high-quality conferences and journals.
OpenFlow is a promising enabler for novel concepts in network design, analysis, and management. Hence, the offered position allows you to pursue a PhD.
The position (100%) is open starting from October 2010. Applications must include: a one-page letter of motivation, a detailed CV, grades of all university courses taken (transcripts)
Apply now:
Application Deadline : 31 October 2010

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