PhD Positions in Economic History at Stockholm University, Sweden

PhD Positions in Economic History at Stockholm University, Sweden

Two Positions as doctoral student in Economic History at the Department of Economic History. Reference number SU 617-2291-10. Deadline for applications: October 15, 2010.
Subject and project description
The department of Economic History offers two positions in the doctoral studies program/Third Level programmes. Within the doctoral studies program it is required that the student formulate and conduct a PhD project and take the required courses, according to an individual study-plan.
The doctoral student’s research should be conducted within the department’s research profiles, the Department of Economic History. The doctoral student should be permanently involved in the research environment at the department, such as actively participating in seminars and participating in other activities.
Ability to participate in seminars and to teach in Swedish or in English is a requirement. Applicants whose first language is not Swedish has the opportunity to take courses in Swedish. The applicant is expected to have reached a sufficient level of language knowledge to be able to participate in seminars and other activities that are undertaken in Swedish one year after being accepted to the doctoral studies.
A position as a doctoral student requires that the applicant is admitted to the doctoral studies program. To be eligible for doctoral studies the applicant shall fulfill the following requirements:
General entry requirements (according to the HEO)
In order to be eligible for doctoral studies students must have
completed an academic degree at the Second Level,
completed courses equivalent to at least 240 Higher Education Credits (HECs), of which 60 HECs at the Second Level, or,
acquired equivalent knowledge in another way in Sweden or elsewhere.
Special entry requirements
In order to meet the special entry requirements for Third Level programmes in Economic History, students must fulfil the following three conditions:
Completed First Level education in Economic History, History with economic-historical specialisation or equivalent education of at least 90 HECs, and completed Second Level education in Economic History, history with economic-historical specialisation or equivalent education of at least 30 HECs, of which at least 15 HECs comprise essay work.
Completed higher education specialised in theoretical subjects relevant to the Third Level programme comprising another 60 HECs, or equivalent education.
Sufficient knowledge of English to allow studies of academic literature written in English.
Selection process
The ability of the applicant to fulfill and profit from the doctoral studies will be of importance in the appointment process. Criteria for the selection process will be:
independence in analysis and planning of earlier work,
the ability to construct research problems and precision in earlier work, and in the research plan,
documented ability to work within given time frames,
methodological and scientific awareness,
the ability to have a critical perspective to the research material,
the ability to organize the material according to economic historical or other relevant conceptual and analytical tools,
the ability to conduct an original and scientifically analysis of the material,
good communication and cooperation skills.
Terms of employment
The program is four years. The doctoral students are expected to conduct their education full time and actively participate in the department’s activities. The position begins on January 1, 2011. The position can be held at the longest for 48 months, full time. The doctoral student should chiefly conduct research studies, but the position can be combined with conducting departmental duties such as teaching or administration. At the most this will be 20 per cent of full time, and the period as a doctoral student will be prolonged correspondingly but only up until five years.
Further information can be obtained from the Head of Department, Yvonne Svanström, telephone +46-(0)8-16 2678,, or the Director of Doctoral Studies, Paulina de los Reyes, telephone +46-(0)8-16 2091,
Union representatives are Bo Ekengren (SACO,, Lisbeth Häggberg (Fackförbundet ST,, telephone +46-(0)8-16 2000 (switch board), and Gunnar Stenberg (SEKO), telephone +46-(0)70-316 43 41, and PhD student representative,
The application is made on a form ”Ansökan om antagning till forskarutbildningen” which can be retrieved at the Stockholm University Form Pipe (under Studentservice). A short research plan should be attached to the application, an affirmed CV, the Exam Essay on the 120 HECs level (or 80 course requirements) and other publications that are of relevance.
A template for the research plan can be found at Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen, Forskarutbildningen.
The application, with the reference number SU 617-2291-10 must be handed in no later than October 15, 2010 to:
Stockholm University
or by e-mail to:
Handbook for postgraduate students
Application Deadline : 15 October 2010

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