Master of Globalisation and Development Scholarships 2010/11-Graduate Students-Antwerp University-Belgium

The VLIR-UOS offers The Master of Globalisation and Development Scholarships to Graduate Students for the 2010/11 session at Antwerp University in Belgium

The Master’s in Globalisation and Development (GD) approaches the phenomenon of globalisation from an eclectic perspective, considering both the opportunities it creates and threats it poses to development and poverty alleviation in low and middle-income countries, both at the national and the local level.

Most of our students are engaged (or aspire to becoming engaged) in development policy work, professionally and/or as researchers. The objective of the Master’s is to provide them with a solid understanding of the globalisation phenomenon in its multiple dimensions (worldwide markets for goods and services, capital and labour/migration, the planetary challenge of the environment and sustainable development). It also offers them insights and tools to analyse and affect how globalisation impacts on local development and poverty alleviation in low and middle-income countries, taking due account of the complexity of local-global interactions in the multifaceted arenas of globalisation. Successful students shall be able to recognise the opportunities presented by globalisation, and to assess and remedy the risks and threats entailed. Moreover, they shall be able to identify and evaluate policy and programme interventions to exploit opportunities for more effective local and national development in the evolving global context, as well as development interventions aimed at remedying the adverse effects of globalisation on development in general and on the poorer and weaker groups in society in particular, thereby strengthening the agency of the latter.


The following candidates are eligible to apply for the Master’s programmes:

1.Applicants from the South must hold a university degree (Bachelor or Master) of at least four years of study in Social Sciences (Economics, Political Science, Sociology, International Relations, or related disciplines). Applicants from the South who hold a Bachelor’s degree of only three years of study must demonstrate very strong and relevant professional experience and/or have successfully completed additional training. Applicants from the North must hold a Master’s degree in Social Sciences Only applicants with excellent academic records will be accepted.

2.Our ideal participant has at least two years of professional experience in a sector relevant to the programme. Applicants from the North should have relevant field experience in the South. Applicants must be proficient in English. Those who have received a university education in English must provide an official certificate confirming this. Other applicants must submit one of the following test results:

•TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): minimum score of 550 for paper-based test or 79 for Internet-based test. Information about this test is available at

•IELTS (International English Language Testing System): minimum score of 6.0. Information about this test is available at

•Special facilities are offered for students from other language backgrounds (in particular for French-speaking students). Students with paper-based TOEFL scores between 500 and 550 (or TOEFL Internet-based between 61 and 79) or IELTS scores between 5.0 and 6.0 may also be admitted provided they successfully complete a two-month intensive language course organised by the University of Antwerp before the start of the Master’s programme. For students selected for a VLIR-UOS scholarship, the cost of this language course is borne by the Institute (see below for details).

•Motivation and Matching: see description of student profile per Master and Trajectory.

Application Procedure:

1.For applying for this Scholarship please visit

2.If you apply through the above link (you have to fill in all fields), VLIR-UOS will prescreen your file. When the evaluation is negative you will receive an e-mail with the reason why. When the evaluation is positive you will receive an e-mail with a link to the application form from the host university where the programme is organised. More detailed information and some documents are asked through this form for the second evaluation. YOU WILL RECEIVE THE E-MAIL WITHIN TWO WEEKS AFTER YOU FILLED IN THIS PRE-SCREENING FORM. Notice that YOU CAN APPLY FOR ONLY ONE Training OR ONE Master Programme FOR THE COMING ACADEMIC YEAR, so choose carefully!

Application Deadline:

1st Februaury, 2010

For further information contact:

Mrs G. Annaert

Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB)

University of Antwerp

T +32 (0)3 265 57 70
F +32 (0)3 265 57 71


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