[France] Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2010: AtoSiM Master Course

AtoSim is a one year Physics or Chemistry Masters degree focused on computer modelling of physical, chemical and biomolecular systems. This one-year degree provides a high-level qualification in the rapidly expanding field of computer modeling in physical, chemical and bio-molecular sciences.

Students obtain a double degree from the two institutions in which they are enrolled. Admission into the master degree is decided on the basis of academic excellence by a selection committee composed of representatives from each partner institution. Applicants should have at least four years of prior studies majoring in physics, chemistry, engineering, applied mathematics or bio-informatics. Proof of English proficiency is also required.

The European Commission will finance 15 Erasmus Mundus stipends for applicants coming from any third country. Additional funds coming from the Community's external relations budget allow paying for Erasmus Mundus scholarships to additional students coming from specific countries.

The European Commission also imposes the following additional selection criteria, which aims at ensuring a geographical balance across the sponsored third-country students:

•no more than 25% of the selected third-country students should come from the same country
•no more than 10% of the selected third-country students should come from the same institution.

Scholar opportunities

The European Commission will provide 3 grants for scholars coming from any third country. Without prejudice to the respect of high academic standards, in order to ensure a geographical balance across third-country scholars, each selected third-country scholar should come from a different country (but they can come from the same countries as students). The amount of the scholarship is 4000 € per month + an fixed amount of 1000 €.

The duration of the visit of the scholar is maximum 3 months. Scholars invited in one institution will be expected to visit informally the two other institutions during their stay in Europe.

Invitation of third country scholars will be made upon proposition of researchers from the three institutions of the ATOSIM consortium. We will be very pleased to receive unsolicited applications, too.

Interested applicants may send us via email

•an extensive Curriculum Vitae
•a letter of intent describing their plan of activities for their stay at the ATOSIM consortium.

All applications will be evaluated by the ATOSIM steering committee, and the applicants will be informed of the preliminary assessment outcome. The applicants will be contacted once again after the final confirmation and approval of the European Commission.

How To Apply

To apply to the AtoSiM MSc course, you must:

1.Download and fill the online application form
2.Send an electronic version of the filled form to atosim[at]
3.Send by post a signed version of the filled form and the required documents (see list) to:

Erasmus Mundus AtoSiM Program

Office for International relations

Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon
46, allée d'Italie
69007 LYON


The application deadline for the Erasmus Mundus Master is:
•December 30th for non-EEA citizens applying for Erasmus-Mundus funding
•June 1st for EEA citizens or students not applying for Erasmus-Mundus funding.

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