[France] Erasmus Mundus Master Scholarship 2010 in Media Engineering for Education

In the course of the program: the students participate in the design and conception of large scale projects and acquire professional experience through an internship in a company.

•the students will be able to manage projects in design, conduct and evaluation of computer mediated environments. They will have the opportunity to carry on these functions in the current contect of the massive deployment of distance education.

•the students can continue their studies by a doctorate.

The Euromime Consortium

The Euromime master is run by a consortium of

•3 European universities recognized for their experience in teaching and research in the field of Educational Technology

◦University of Poitiers – Fance

◦National University of Distance Education of Madrid – Spain

◦Faculty of Human Motoricity of Lisbon – Portugal

•Latin American Universities

•University of Los Lagos, Osorno

•Catholic University of Peru – Lima

•National University of Brasilia – Brazil


For international students

•A 21000 Euro scholarship per year for international students

For european students

•A 3100 Euro scholarship for study perion in Latin America

•An Erasmus grant for the second year


International candidates can apply on line until January 15;

European candidates can apply on line until June 15

For further information:

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