Beekeeping for Poverty Alleviation Training Programme 2010-Graduate Students-Ghent University-Belgium

The VLIR-UOS offers The Beekeeping for Poverty Alleviation Training Programme to Graduate Students for the 2010 at Ghent University in Belgium

This four-month intensive training course addresses all aspects involved in developing beekeeping into a powerful factor of rural development. Students learn the crucial tricks of the art of beekeeping and the production of high quality bee products. They are also taught how to diversify market products, approach the local population and engage them in beekeeping. Other topics include ensuring the provision of sufficient sources of nectar and pollen; linking beekeeping with farming and nature conservation; good contacts with policymakers and authorities; and channels for attracting finance. An interdisciplinary attitude is a key feature of the programme.


1.Holders of a bachelor’s degree with experience in beekeeping that wish to implement beekeeping for rural development purposes. Good written and spoken command in English. Candidates meeting any of the following profiles are preferred:

2.Researchers connected to local universities or research institutes, preferably with a clear link to extension;

3.Staff members of extension centers, NGOs or other institutions actively involved in rural development and with some (applied) research facilities;

4.People who have recently completed their studies and have a firm intention to commit themselves to rural development.

Application Procedure:

1.For applying for this Scholarship please visit

2.If you apply through the above link (you have to fill in all fields), VLIR-UOS will prescreen your file. When the evaluation is negative you will receive an e-mail with the reason why. When the evaluation is positive you will receive an e-mail with a link to the application form from the host university where the programme is organised. More detailed information and some documents are asked through this form for the second evaluation. YOU WILL RECEIVE THE E-MAIL WITHIN TWO WEEKS AFTER YOU FILLED IN THIS PRE-SCREENING FORM. Notice that YOU CAN APPLY FOR ONLY ONE Training OR ONE Master Programme FOR THE COMING ACADEMIC YEAR, so choose carefully!

Program Details:

Period: 4 months (April 2010 – July 2010)

Language: English

Number of VLIR-UOS Scholarships: 16

Promoter: Prof. F. Jacobs.

Application Deadline:

1st Februaury, 2010

For further information contact:

Mrs I. Roman

Laboratory of Zoophysiology

Ghent University

T +32 (0)9 264 49 28
F +32 (0)2 264 49 38


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