[England] Masters Degree Scholarships in Wageningen University

[England] Masters Degree Scholarships in Wageningen University

Masters Scholarships in Wageningen University, England

The Anne van den Ban Scholarship Fund
around May 2011
The Anne van den Ban Scholarship Fund offers Master Scholarships to study in Wageningen University, England. The Anne van den Ban Scholarship Fund, previously known as the 'Stichting Redelijk Studeren' (Sharing Responsibility for Students), is named after Dr. Ir. Anne van den Ban, former Professor of 'Voorlichtingskunde' (Rural Extension) at Wageningen University. The fund was founded in 1992 by two Wageningen alumni.

The scholarship fund enables promising students from developing countries and from countries in Middle and Eastern Europe to study at Wageningen University. As a result, it contributes to the education of competent and motivated local experts, who can then play a leading role in solving the structural problems of their country in agricultural production, rural development and the environment.


Applicant must already be accepted for their chosen study at Wageningen University.
Applicant must have good academic result in their home country
Applicant must intend to return to their own country at the completion of their degree.
The fund also gives preference to Applicant who already receive some form of financial assistance
How to Apply

Before applicants can apply scholarships, they must apply for admissions.

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