US National Science Foundation: Science and Engineering Indicators

US National Science Foundation: Science and Engineering Indicators

A lot of interesting data and commentaries in the "Science and Engineering Indicators" report from the US National Science Foundation.

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Is there any statistic of how Indonesian-origin students fare?

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Many countries conduct R&D, but much of global R&D performance continues to be concentrated in a few high-income countries and regions.

Worldwide R&D expenditures totaled an estimated $1.107 trillion in 2007 (the latest year for which data are available).

* The United States accounted for about 33% of this total. Japan, the second-largest performer, accounted for about 13%. China was third, at about 9%. Germany and France, respectively, fourth and fifth (and the largest performers in Europe), accounted for 6% and 4%, respectively. The top 10 countries (also including South Korea, the United Kingdom (UK), the Russian Federation, Canada, and Italy) account for almost 80% of current global R&D performance.
* The 27 nations of the European Union (EU-27) accounted for about 24% of global R&D. R&D by the EU-27 grew at an average annual constant dollar rate of 3.3% between 1997 and 2007. By comparison, the U.S. pace of growth, on the same basis, averaged 3.3%.
* Recent growth in R&D expenditures has been most dramatic in China, averaging just above 19% annually in inflation-adjusted dollars over the past decade.

Foreign S&E doctorate recipients in the same era: 206,256.

Table 2-6
Asian recipients of U.S. S&E doctorates, by field and country/economy of origin: 1987–2007

Asia 168,627
China 53,665
India 24,386
South Korea 26,402
Taiwan 22,577

NOTE: Foreign doctorate recipients include permanent and temporary residents.

SOURCE: National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Statistics, Survey of Earned Doctorates, special tabulations (2009).

Science and Engineering Indicators 2010

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