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The Charles Wallace India Trust (CWIT) is an arts, heritage conservation and humanities scholarship fund. It enables Indians in the early or middle stages of their careers to spend time in the UK, helping to achieve their
artistic, professional or academic ambitions and make wider international contacts.

Who was Charles Wallace
Charles Wallace was born in Calcutta in 1855. He lived, worked and flourished there, founding the Shaw Wallace company ( though there are no connections between CWIT and the contemporary Shaw Wallace).

Charles Wallace died in 1916, bequeathing his modest fortune to his family for a generation and then for the benefit of those among whom he had made it.

About CWIT
In 1981, following an agreement between the Indian and British governments, CWIT was established as an English charity. It is run by four trustees, one nominated by the British Council. The trustees cover CWIT’s main areas of interest and are Ingval Maxwell, Dr Yasmin Khan, Caroline Douglas and Colin Perchard ( British Council nominee). The Secretary is Richard Alford.

In nearly 30 years CWIT has made around 2500 grants. British Council India advises on CWIT’s work and gives administrative support including guidance on applying for a visa.

CWIT’s recent annual reports and accounts, including lists of scholarships and grants given, can be seen on the Charity Commission’s web site

Applications are now open for the 2011-12 awards
The various awards offered by the Charles Wallace India Trust are:

Fully Funded Awards in the arts and heritage
Visiting Fellowships*of 2-3 months duration, fully funded
Grants towards the cost of Short Research or Professional visits and
Scottish Universities International Summer School
These do not cover full costs
Grants towards the cost of the penultimate or final year of Doctoral Study
at a UK university
The deadline for applications is Tuesday 16 November 2010.

What you should do next
decide which type of scholarship or grant you wish to apply for checkwhether you are eligible and meet CWIT’s requirements- if necessary seekingadvice from British Council India, from the institution or host organizationyou want to go to or from CWIT follow the guidelines and submit your application before the relevant deadline -to British Council India for fully funded awards in arts, heritage conservation and the 2 Translator Fellowships -direct to the host institution via the links provided for all other Fellowships, the Residencies at Gasworks and Spike Island and SUISS -direct to CWIT in London by e-mail for research grants and professional visit grants, and for grants towards completing UK doctorates

What will happen next
Your application will be acknowledged Applicants for fully fundedawards will be told in February 2011 they have been shortlisted for interview in Delhi Applicants for Fellowships, artists residencies and SUISS will be told by the host institution whether or not they have been successful. CWIT will send formal offer letters to successful applicants advising them to make early contact with the British Council

Please note that timings will vary:
Applicants for research and professional visit grants , and grants towards
completing UK doctorates will be told, normally by late March/Early April,
whether or not they have been successful.

Duration of the award
Dependent on award/scholarship undertaken (maximum of one year).

How do I get a visa
The British Council will help facilitate the grant of your visa.

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