PhD position available - Lund University

PhD position available - Lund University

PhD studentship in Geobiosphere Science
at the Department of Earth and Ecosystem Science, Faculty of Science

Reference Number: NPA 2010/107
Last application date: 23 August 2010
Day of appointment: 1 October 2010
Information: Daniel Conley, tel. +46 46 2220454
Worker's unions at Lund University: OFR, SACO, and SEKO

Project description: Fluvial transport of amorphous silica

The PhD project will investigate the transport of amorphous silica by rivers to the
world's oceans. Amorphous silica (ASi) mostly originates from biological uptake by
plants. Plants take up dissolved silicate and deposit it as an amorphous form of
silica called phytoliths. Phytoliths and ASi formed in soils enters aquatic
ecosystems through litterfall and erosion. In addition, diatoms in aquatic
ecosystems also take up dissolved silicate and deposit it as ASi. There is a wide
range of concentrations found in rivers depending upon the soils and vegetation in
the watershed, and algal growth in lakes and rivers. The amount of ASi transported
by rivers to the world's oceans is poorly known.

The Ph.D. student will investigate the flux of ASi from some of the world's largest
rivers. The student will participate in several expeditions to sample rivers for a
variety of constituents, including ASi. Some of the expeditions will be carried out
through collaboration in on-going studies. The goal of the project is to establish a
global estimate of the amount of ASi inputs from rivers.

This project is financed by the Faculty of Sciences at Lund University.

The applicants are expected to hold a university degree (preferably MSc. or
equivalent) in natural sciences. A degree in subjects like Geology, Geochemistry,
Geography or Aquatic Ecology is preferable. Documented experience in field studies
is an advantage. Experience of scientific publication in English is an asset.

The position is guaranteed for four years. The starting date is negotiable, but the
project should commence 1 October. Applications for this position should include a
letter stating the reasons for applying and brief statements about ambitions in
relation to the project. The application should also include a letter with
motivation on why the student wants to undertake a Ph.D., a CV with general personal
information and details of previous study/work record.

Additional information:
The position is restricted to four years. Formal regulations for postgraduate
studies at the Faculty of Science are provided at:

PhD studentships can only be offered to applicants who are granted admission to
postgraduate studies. In the selection procedure, the ability to complete the
education according to the study plan for postgraduate studies is considered.

Apart from postgraduate education, the successful applicant may be assigned other
duties within undergraduate teaching, research, and administrative work according to
special regulations.

The Faculty of Science considers gender and equity aspects in the recruitment
process. Women are particularly encouraged to apply, as the majority of PhD students
within the Faculty are men.

Application forms for the announced position are provided at

The application must reach the Registrator, Kansli N, Lunds universitet, Box 117,
S-221 00 LUND, Sweden, not later than 2010-08-23 to be considered. All submitted
documents must be attested as to their authenticity.

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