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Chalmers University Of Technology Scholarship For PhD Interaction Design At Sweden

Job Description: This Ph.D. position is financed by Project EFESOS (Environmental Friendly Efficient Enjoyable and Safety Optimized Systems). EFESOS is a horizontal project that involves different research domains, different organizations and departments at Volvo Car Corporation, strategic partners, universities and institutes.When designing car HMIs, one of the challenges is how to inform the driver about the traffic situation and potential danger, so to help the driver to drive in an environmental friendly way and to avoid accidents. More and more personal vehicles are equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and this will increase in the future. The traffic situation and information gained from ADAS systems can be presented to the driver through visual display and auditory display.

This part of the work aims at investigating how which modality or which combination of modalities could be used to design optimal car HMIs.In this project, we are not designing for warning systems, rather presenting the information during the normal driving situation so to avoid accidents from happening. Therefore, for both visual and auditory displays, the information shall be presented in a natural and intuitive way to avoid extra workload and causing distraction.As a Ph.D. student you are employed by Chalmers and will receive a salary according to current salary agreements. A maximum of 20% of your time will be devoted to other duties at the department, mainly teaching. The remaining time will be devoted to your own courses and research within the project and you are expected to obtain a Ph.D. within a maximum of 5 years.

Required Qualifications:
A suitable background for the applicant is a strong Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering or cognitive science, with focus on human computer interaction design. Experience from different interaction design, human factors in vehicle safety study is preferable. The interests and capability of doing research work is the basic demand. A good M.Sc. thesis or publications with research focus can add extra points into the application. It would be better if the applicants have good knowledge and sensitivity on music and sounds. Good oral and written communication skills in English are required. Knowledge of Swedish is not a prerequisite for this position. The start of this position is planned for Oct 1st, 2010.

Application Procedure:
The application shall be written in English and include the following items:
An application of a maximum of one A4 page containing your specific qualifications for the position Attested copies of education certificates, including grade reports and other documents Curriculum Vitae Letters of recommendation and name of reference persons (optional) The application shall be sent electronically as pdf or zipped documents

Chalmers University of Technology
SE-412 96 Göteborg

Last Date To Apply:31 August 2010


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