Erasmus Mundus Scholarships: European Master in Law and Economics

The European Master in Law and Economics Scholarships amount to 21,000 EURO per selected student. Annually, nineteen scholarships for students are available.

The European Master in Law and Economics is offered by a consortium of seven universities:

Erasmus University Rotterdam (co-ordinating institution),
University of Hamburg,
University of Bologna,
University of Gent,
University of Aix-Marseille,
Victoria University of Manchester and
University of Vienna.
The study programme covers one academic year, divided into three terms.

The Masters Course is designed to provide students with advanced knowledge in Economic Analysis of Law: the use of economic methods to explain and assess the effects of divergent legal rules.

Since differences between national laws have been at the core of European policy making, the Masters Course offers unique value concerning the EU’s central ambitions.

Students on this programme will become competent to work for public organizations and large multinational law firms.

Graduates are also well prepared for Ph.D research in Law and Economics.

The language of instruction is English, but the master thesis can also be written in another European language, excluding the student’s mother tongue.

For more information and application, visit Master in Law and Economics Scholarships website at:

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