[Belgium] Master in International and Development Economics: CUD Scholarships 2010

The objective of the programme is to train students in economic policy and help them become actors of development.
The programme has a three-sided approach :
  • it analyses macroeconomic and trade policy issues related to economic growth and global economic integration;
  • it discusses the institutional structures required for the effective working of a market economy;
  • it explores strategies of poverty reduction.
This approach aims at imparting to the students a comprehensive view so that they can contribute to the development of realistic and innovative structural reforms that are based on sound economic analyses and well adjusted to the social and political context of each country.
The courses of the programme are structured around three main themes:
1- Macroeconomic Management of Developing Economics
2- Economic Development and International Trade
3- Institutions, Growth and Development
Students are expected to participate actively in the classes and seminars and to write a personal study project.
Conditions for admission
  • A four year university degree in economics. The whole university education of the applicant must be equivalent to at least 300 credits, as assessed by the admission committee of the programme;
  • A strong interest in development;
  • A professional experience of at least 2 years in direct relation with one of the programme themes.
Scholarships available: 11
Duration of the course: 1 academic year (starting date for the course: 15 septembre 2010)
Language of instruction : English
Organising universities
The programme is organised by the “Economics School of Louvain” whose partners are Departments Economics of the University of Namur (Facultés Notre-Dame de la Paix) and of the Catholic University of Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve).
Most activities take place in Namur.
Coordinator: Madame Catherine GUIRKINGER
For more information:
(for more information about course)
Mrs Pierrette NOEL
Rempart de la Vierge, 8
5000 Namur – Belgique
Tél : +32 81 72 48 23
Fax : +32 81 72 48 40

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