Chateaubriand Fellowships 2010/11-Humanities/Social Sciences Ph.D Candidates-French Ministry of Foreign Affairs-France

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers The Chateaubriand Fellowships to Candidates pursuing a Ph.D. in the Humanities or Social Sciences for the academic year 2010/11 in France

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers Chateaubriand Scholarships for research in France on French literature, cinema, the humanities, the arts, history, philosophy, political sciences. It also offers scholarships for research in science and technology to conduct research in a French laboratory.
Fellowship Details:
  • Allowances of about €1300 a month, plus a “book allowance” of about €300
  • A round-trip ticket to France
  • A health insurance while in France
  • 30 days of per diem for travel in France for research purposes.

  1. Candidates must be pursuing a Ph.D. in the Humanities or Social Sciences
  2. Candidates do not have to be U.S. citizens but must be enrolled in an American university*
  3. Candidates must obtain a letter of invitation from a French university, a Grande Ecole or a research institution before applying
  4. No particular level of French is required, though most students need a certain level in order to conduct their research.

Application Process:
Application must include the following socuments:
  1. necessity to be in France for an extended period of time
  2. quality and originality of proposed research project
  3. choice of an appropriate French professor for the candidate’s research proposal
  4. letters of recommendation
  5. letter of invitation
  6. curriculum vitae, list of publications, and academic transcripts.

Application Deadline:
December 15th, 2009

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