UK : DPhil (PhD) In Characterisation Of The Function Of The BRCA1 And 53BP1- Related Checkpoint Protein Crb2

UK : DPhil (PhD) In Characterisation Of The Function Of The BRCA1 And 53BP1- Related Checkpoint Protein Crb2
niversity of Sussex - Genome Damage and Stability Centre
Crb2 is closely related to the mammalian DNA integrity checkpoint protein 53BP1 (p53-binding protein). It is also related to BRCA1, mutations in which are responsible for a high proportion of familial breast and ovarian cancers. Crb2, 53BP1 and BRCA1 all contain BRCT domains at their C-termini. Many of the cancer-causing mutations in BRCA1 map to the BRCT domains, testifying to their importance in maintainence in genetic integrity. In collaboration with a structural biology group we have initiated a structure/function analysis of the BRCT domains of Crb2 (Kilkenney et al., 2008). The aim of this studentship is to extend these studies to identify the extent of the interactions involving the BRCT domains of Crb2. It is anticipated that information gained on the function of these domains will have important implications for understanding the role of BRCT domains in medically important human proteins. Techniques involved in the proejct will include cloning, site-directed mutagenesis, DNA sequencing, genetics, analysis of DNA damage responses and analysis of protein-protein interactions
Our lab is located in the dynamic research environment of the Genome Damage and Stability Centre at Sussex. Students are exposed to a wide variety of research topics associated with DNA damage responses, cancer and other genetic disorders.
Kilkenney, M.L. Dore, A., Roe, S.M., Nestoras, K., Ho, J.C.Y., Watts, F.Z. and Pearl, L.H.
Structural and functional analysis of the Crb2-BRCT2 domain reveals distinct roles in checkpoint signalling and DNA damage repair. Genes and Dev. (2008) 22, 2034 47.
Applications should be submitted online at Apply for DPHIL BIOCHEMISTRY and include the project title and supervisor name with your Academic Interest Statement
Project enquiries should be sent to Dr Felicity Watts, project supervisor, by email to (include your CV)
Applications enquiries to
Karen White, Research and Enterprise Co-ordinator
Project is open to self funded applicants only.
Entry requirements
UK 2:1 honours degree or better in relevant subject or overseas equivalent.

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