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The Ph. D. program of the Nanosciences Foundation is a three year program to support Ph. D. training of selected students. This support covers all areas of interdisciplinary research dedicated to Nanosciences and Nanotechnology. The thesis will be prepared in one of the network's laboratories on a topic related to one or several of the following fields:

• Quantum nanoelectronics
• Nanomaterials, nanobonding and Nanostructuration
• Nanomagnetism and Spintronics
• Nanocharacterization and Nanometrology
• Nanophotonics
• Nano-approaches to life sciences
• Molecular electronics
• Nanomodeling, theory and simulation.

The net salary is about 1500 €/month during 36 months, including health care insurance (income tax not deduced).


The program is open to highly talented and motivated students of any nationality. Students from different backgrounds (biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics) who can demonstrate a strong interest in the field of Nanosciences are welcome. Applicants should have the equivalent of a master’s degree obtained outside of France, and must be fluent in English language.
They must have contacted one of the laboratories of the network and propose a research project built in agreement with the chosen laboratory. The research project and the detailed thesis program must be described in the application form.

Selection procedure:

Applications for the PhD program will be evaluated twice a year:
- The deadline for the 1st call for application is on March 31.
- The deadline for the 2nd call for application is on September 30.

After checking of their eligibility, the applications are submitted to independent reviewers.
After reception of the reviewers' assessments, the Jury composed of the Steering Committee and of some external qualified scientists, selects a first list of applicants.
The selected students will be invited to Grenoble to give a presentation of their application in front of the Jury.
The final results will be published in June 2011.

Application Deadline : 31 March 2011

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