GREENET Project PhD Positions in Wireless Communication Systems and Networks

GREENET Project PhD Positions in Wireless Communication Systems and Networks

Greenet is an Initial Training Network (ITN) Marie Curie project that is focused on the analysis, design, and optimization of energy efficient wireless communication systems and networks.

It will create a fully-integrated and multi-disciplinary network of 17 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) working in 10 first-class institutions distributed in 7 European countries. The consortium is formed by 3 Universities, 3 Research Centers and 4 Private Companies. This Network will offer to a group of newly recruited ESRs a cross-sectorial environment to shape their long-term research view and get fundamental methodological tools on various research fields (such as, cooperative communications, cognitive networks and network coding).


The positions offered within the project are the following:


3 positions in the Technical University of Catalonia-UPC-BarcelonaTECH, Spain: UPC_1, UPC_2 and UPC_3.
2 positions in the University of Edinburg, UK: UEDIN_1 and UEDIN_2.
2 positions in the University of Trento, Italy: UNITN_1 and UNITN_2.
Research Centers

1 position in the Telecommunications Technical Centre of Catalonia (CTTC), Spain: CTTC_1.
2 positions in the Institute of Telecommunications, Portugal: IT_1 and IT_2.
2 positions in the NCSR Demokritos, Greece: DEM_1 and DEM_2.
Industrial partners

2 positions in WEST Aquila, Italy: WEST_1 and WEST_2.
1 position in Acticom, Germany: ACT_1.
1 position in CASSIDIAN, France: CASSIDIAN_1.
1 positions in Innoroute, Germany: INN_1.

The recruited researchers should be, at the time of selection, in the first four years (full-time equivalent) of their research careers (measured from the date when they obtained the degree which would formally entitle them to embark on a doctorate).
ESR should not already have a PhD and they should have the qualifications to embark on a PhD program.
At the time of selection by the host organization, researchers must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the country of their host organization for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to their recruitment. Short stays, such as holidays, are not taken into account.
ESR (regardless of their nationalities) must not have resided or carried out their main activities (work, studies, etc.) in the host country for more than 12 months in the last 3 years.

The fellowship is awarded for a period 3 years.

The ESR will have a regular contract with the same rights and obligations as any other staff member of the host institution. Candidates should start within 3 months of the acceptance of the fellowship.


The Initial Training Network includes advanced scientific training, career development activities, workshops and other training initiatives for the initial research career of the involved ESRs. The ESRs will be committed to pursue the PhD degree during their work within the project, and they will have available all the doctorate program courses offered by the academic partners.

The training activities support the career development of new researchers by providing a variety of courses including project management, leadership skills, communications skills, grant writing, business development, intellectual property rights and others.

Marie Curie ITNs provide competitive financial support to the ESR including:

a competitive monthly living and mobility allowance,
a yearly travel allowance (i.e., a fixed amount of money based upon the direct distance between the location of origin of the researcher and the host institution),
a career exploratory allowance (i.e., a single payment for attending job interviews, additional courses, job fairs, etc.), and
coverage of the expenses related to the participation of the ESR in research and training activities (contribution to research-related costs, meetings, conference attendance, training actions, etc.)

Application Deadline: 15 March 2011

To apply, please send by email:

a cover letter detailing your suitability for the position in question.
detailed CV.
student’s record.
the name and address of two referees to support your application.
All applications should be sent to:

Technical University of Catalonia: and
University of Edinburg: and
University of Trento: and
Telecommunications Technical Centre of Catalonia: and
Institute of Telecommunications: and
NCSR Demokritos: and
WEST Aquila: and
Innoroute: and
Candidates must ensure that all information is included before the deadline, including the reference letters. Incomplete proposals will not be considered eligible.

Once the application is submitted, an acknowledgement of receipt will be automatically sent by e-mail to the applicant. A reference number will be assigned, which should be included in any further correspondence.


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