Goethe Business School Scholarships 2011, Germany

Goethe Business School Scholarships 2011, Germany

Some important guidelines to consider when applying for Goethe Business School Scholarships:
Scholarships are meant to supplement, rather than replace other funding sources.
Scholarship amount cover partial costs of the program and may vary based on each individual profile of the applicant. The amount granted is deducted from the overall tuition prior to the start of the program.
Applicants for the Goethe MBA or EMFA are allowed to apply for a maximum of two different scholarships as part of their application. Applicants may only be awarded one scholarship in total.
Applicants who receive financial support from their company may not qualify for certain scholarships.
Applicants who apply for the Goethe Business School Career Loan may not qualify for a scholarship.
Applicants must decide within seven days from the date the offer letter is issued to secure their scholarships. Applicants who do not reply by this timeline will forfeit their scholarship award to another qualified applicant.
Scholarship application deadlines and application process
The deadlines to apply for any of the above mentioned. Goethe Business School scholarships are the following:
December 1, 2010
March 1, 2011
June 1, 2011
The scholarship application must be submitted with the regular application package.
To obtain a scholarship application, please contact the Admissions Office directly at our email address:
For the recruiting year 2010 – 2011, the following scholarships will be offered, go to:

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