[Switzerland] PhD and postdoctoral positions ? University of Geneva Medical School

The Department of Cellular Physiology and Metabolism of the University of Geneva Medical School, Switzerland is seeking candidates for PhD (1-3) and postdoctoral positions (2-4).

Active in the field of pancreas and islet development, electrophysiology, cell adhesion and migration, host-pathogen interactions as well as innovative HIV drug development the department recruits candidates to fill the following positions:

PhD or postdoc // Host-pathogen interactions: the Dictyostelium model;
Current Opinion in Microbiology, 11: 271-76 (2008).
PhD or postdoc // Intracellular trafficking of voltage-gated proton channels; J. Exp. Med 207:129-39 (2010).
Postdoc // Intracellular trafficking of CCR5 and inhibitory mechanisms of novel HIV entry inhibitors; Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 105, 17706-17711 (2008).
Postdoc // Cell reprogramming and regeneration in the adult pancreas;
Nature 464: 1149-54 (2010).
PhD // Analysis of the integrin-dependent adhesion system in muscle;
J. Cell Biol. 187, 715-731 (2009).
Interested candidates should submit their application not later than 15th of September 2010 to

Knowledge of English (but not French) is mandatory. Applications should include a letter of motivation indicating preferred choices, a CV and 2 references. After an initial screening, candidates will be contacted directly. Positions can be occupied as early as November 2010.

Application Deadline : 15 September 2010

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