Study Scholarship for Fine Arts, Architecture, Music, Dance,New York

Job Description: These scholarships aim to provide highly qualified students in the fields of fine art, design, film, music, choreography and architecture with an opportunity to complete a program of additional studies, with or without earning a formal degree, at a German institute of higher education.
Eligibility Requirements

* The guidelines here pertain to applicants in the fields of Fine Arts, Architecture, Music and Dance. (Applicants in all academic fields are welcome to apply for the regular Study Scholarship.

* Graduating seniors or graduate students applying for this program must be enrolled full-time at an accredited university at the time of application.(Those who have already completed an undergraduate degree do not need to be currently enrolled.)

* Recent graduates who have completed their Bachelor’s degrees no longer than six years before the application deadline are welcome to apply.

* PhD candidates must have achieved ABD status no longer than four years before applying. Postdocs may apply until two years after completion of their PhD.

* Applicants should be US or Canadian citizens. Foreign nationals must have studied at an accredited US or Canadian university for at least two years by the time of application.

* At the time of application, Applicants must not have been resident in Germany for more than one year.

* Applicants are requested to have a well-defined study project that makes a stay in Germany essential. Preference will be given to applicants who have been invited by a faculty member at a German university to study at a particular university department.

* Applicants in the arts, humanities and social sciences should have a good command of German.

* Applicants may not hold a DAAD grant and a grant from another German or German-American organization/German-Canadian organization concurrently for the same project. Prior recipients of a DAAD grant should contact DAAD New York before applying to determine their eligibility status.
Application Deadline
November 1, 2010

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