ICHM Scholarship of Hotel Management,New Zeland

Job Description: ICHM has two intakes in 2011. We reserve the right to request winners to commence in the July 2011 intake, unless the applicant has been accepted
into the January intake by scholarship closing date.
The tuition fees for NZ students starting in 2011 are A$23,050. The 2010 cost for Accommodation & Meals at ICHM is $7,850 (approx.), payable
during on-campus semesters and subject to availability.
The A$50 Scholarship Application Fee is non-refundable, this applies to successful and unsuccessful applicants. It is also not considered as part
of the New Student Fee or Course Fees.
The scholarship amount will be credited against the final fee payment each year.
ICHM is offering a number of scholarships in Australia. New Zealand applicants will only be considered for this scholarship if they obtain a “shortlist”
score equal to or better than the 10th best applicant in Australia.
The Selection Panel may decide to increase the number of scholarship winners by reducing the scholarship amount.
Payment of the scholarship amount on behalf of the student for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of the course will be dependent upon satisfactory academic
results and industry placement performance as determined by the ICHM Academic Board.
The awarding of the scholarship payment each year depends on the student paying the balance of the student fees by the due date as set out in the
Application Form contained in the prospectus. Students failing to pay the balance of fees by the due date will forfeit the right to their scholarship.
The Scholarships are open to new first year students only. Students currently studying at ICHM are ineligible.
Scholarship students failing to comply with the ICHM rules and regulations in relation to personal and ethical behaviour will forfeit their entitlement to
the scholarship.

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