The KSTF Research Fellowships

KSTF believes that teaching and the preparation of outstanding teachers is a complex undertaking worthy of empirical study by the most creative and dedicated scholars. The KSTF Research Fellowships support early career scholars engaged in critical research relevant to the recruitment, preparation, induction, mentoring and retention of high quality mathematics and science teachers. The Research Fellowships anchor KSTF’s work in cutting-edge educational research. The program also helps ensure that the KSTF Teaching Fellowships benefit from the most current and best knowledge about teacher preparation and professional development.

KSTF Research Fellows are producing research relevant to KSTF’s mission and beyond, securing the foundation’s role as a key contributor to the knowledge base on science and mathematics teaching at the high school level.

The fellowship of $110,000 will be awarded in 2010. Typically, the award is $55,000 for two years. Usually up to three fellowships are awarded. KSTF expects that Fellows will not receive any other financial award to support the research project described in the Research Fellowship application during the 2-year fellowship tenure.

This is a non-residential fellowship. No part of the award may be used for overhead or indirect costs. Fellows may conduct their research at their home institutions or at other research sites that they have arranged. During their fellowship tenure, Fellows will be required to attend three KSTF meetings each year to meet with KSTF Research Fellows and other researchers. One of these meetings will be part of the KSTF Summer Meeting, which brings together KSTF Science and Mathematics Teaching Fellows, KSTF Research Fellows, veteran teachers, and science and mathematics teacher educators. At the summer meetings Research Fellows will be expected to provide presentations of their research and workshops for beginning teachers. KSTF will provide additional travel funds for Fellows to attend these meetings.


* Applicants must have received their PhD, EdD, or equivalent research degree by the start date of the fellowship (July 1, 2010).
* Applicants from universities and colleges may not be tenured before the start of the fellowship (July 1, 2010). Applicants from other research institutions must be within 6 years of having been awarded their final degree.
* Applications must be made by the individual applying for the fellowship. Group applications will not be accepted.
* The proposed project must be a research project.

A full application for the KSTF Research Fellowships includes a pre-proposal and a full proposal. The application cycle for 2010 awards is closed to new applicants.

* Pre-proposals for the 2011 KSTF Research Fellowships are due June 30, 2010, 5:00 pm, EST (pre-proposal guidelines).
Full proposals for the 2011 KSTF Research Fellowships are due January 5, 2011, 5:00 pm, EST.
* Complete and eligible pre-proposals and full proposals (applications) will be reviewed by KSTF staff and selection panels.
* Finalists for the 2010 KSTF Research Fellowships will be notified of the award in late March, 2010.

visit the KSTF online application center

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