[Netherlands] PhD Positions for the research on insect-plant interactions of the Laboratory of Entomology and Wageningen University

Food-web ecology has shown that plant responses to herbivory constitute a major force in structuring insect communities. Herbivores that induce responses in plants affect the plant phenotype and thereby indirectly, i.e. mediated through the plant, affect other community members. Such plant responses to environmental changes in terms of herbivore attack have been extensively characterized for pair wise interactions using transcriptomics on molecular genetic model plant species. Yet, food webs include multiple interacting organisms at several trophic levels that cause combinations of stresses that interact in inducing a response in plants.
This project will address interactions among 4 trophic levels in a plant-insect system. The project will address the mechanisms that underlie the trophic interaction network that provides hyperparasitoids with cues to locate their otherwise inconspicuous hosts (primary parasitoids) and how this even allows hyperparasitoids to smell abundance of their hosts from plant-derived cues, using ~omics tools.

We ask
An MSc degree in Biology or Plant Sciences with a multidisciplinary profile. You should be a molecular/chemical ecologist having experience with investigating arthropod behaviour, statistics and molecular techniques. Team player with demonstrable experience in collaboration with ecologists, molecular biologists and/or entomologists. Excellent communication skills.

We offer
A full-time position (38 hours), initially for 1 year after which a go/no go decision will be taken on extension with another three years.
Gross salary per month € 2042,= in the first year rising to € 2612,= per month in the fourth year, for a fulltime appointment.

Closing date for applications: 9 October 2010
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