Europe : CEMACUBE-Common European Masters course in Biomedical Engineering

Europe : CEMACUBE-Common European Masters course in Biomedical Engineering

Goals of the Master's course
In this Master's course, knowledge and skills in all fields in BME will be given, so when you finished the Master's programme, you can be employed as generalist, and you will also be specialised in one particular field of BME; as a student, you are able to select any field within BME. You will be trained to work in interdisciplinary project teams, composed of engineers and medical specialists. To prepare further for interdisciplinary teams, students and scholars are treated as equal. To train for working in a European setting, you will get knowledge in the health care situation in several countries in Europe, and you will be trained in cultural differences between European countries.

In summary, the goal of this course is to acquire the ability to...: in interdisciplinary (engineering – medical) teams in international and thus intercultural (European) teams
...communicate effectively with experts in (bio)medicine and technology
...perform fundamental research in Biomedical Engineering. innovative devices to improve diagnostics and treatment of patients
...follow a post-Master’s training in Biomedical Engineering
...perform a PhD-study
...train continuously (life-long-learning)
Erasmus Mundus
Admission Procedure
Submission to the Master's course of Biomedical Engineering

For submission for the Erasmus Mundus Master's course of Biomedical Engineering, an application form has to be filled in and sended to the University of groningen. The final deadline for this submission is April 17th 2011 for EU-Students and December 1st, 2010 for non-EU-students. On the application form, the three Universities of preference need to be filled out. Also the preference of the University for the third and fourth semester can be filled out. This can be changed until the first of june, the year the third semester is starting. After submission a confirmation of receipt is received by e-mail.

After studying the application forms, the management committee will make a distribution of applicants among the consortium universities based on their capacity. There will be a notification about the outcome of the selection procedure, within 2 months after the deadline for application. This decision is a final decision. The course starts September 1st each year.

If accepted, a letter of acceptance will be received with information on where to start the course. The international offices provide the non-EU students and scholars with all necessary information and materials (brochures especially designed as a guide for foreign students / scholars) on structure of the university, its academic courses and extra-curricular offerings. Subsequently, arrangements will be made with the international offices of the participating universities for visa, housing, etc.

All accepted candidates must reply within 3 weeks to confirm their attendance to the course.
Non-EU students will in principle be equally distributed among the partner universities. Of course, in the distribution process the consortium will take into consideration the preferences of the selected non-EU students as much as possible. The principles of equal opportunities without any form of discrimination will be applied.

We are ready for application now. Please click here to apply now.
Submission for semester 3 and 4
Ultimately, in June of the 2nd semester the three specialisations of the 3rd semester in the preference of choice must be submitted.
After one year the studying progress will be judged. If the first year is not finished, the student has to leave the EMMC. In this way we will increase the level of our Master’s.
Selection criteria
To ensure quality of the course, the enrolment in CEMACUBE is limited to 20 students per consortium university. The consortium reserves at least 15 places for non-EU students.
For the first year that the EMMC is running the course is limited to 35 European students and 15 non-EU students, so in general 10 per consortium university.

For admission with a scholarship, you need to meet the following criteria:

A BSc in Biomedical, chemical, electronical or mechanical engineering, or applied physics. In detail the Bachelor program must demonstrate that the following criteria are attained:
Basic knowledge and understanding of mathematics, physics, chemistry
Applying, integrating knowledge and understanding of mathematics, physics, chemistry
The capability to communicate effectively in English, both in written and in verbal form.
An ability to conduct scientific research individually on a distinct, well described topic
An ability to design products that can solve problems in a systematic way
The applicant needs to send in the original of the transcript of records (or certified copy) or degree certificate. Applicants in the final year of their Bachelor’s study may also apply. They should send in an updated version of their transcript of records. They will be accepted on the condition that they will have met with all requirements by the start of the CEMACUBE-course in September.
Degree certificates, originating from other than the consortium universities, will be judged by the consortium secretariat that use lists of universities with a sufficient level of quality.
An excellent command of the English language is a prerequisite for participation in the CEMACUBE programme.
Academic excellence as is evident from the awarding institution of the first degree, the grades obtained and the content of two letters of reference.
Well-written and well-considered motivation letter to follow the CEMACUBE-course
Relevant work experience to follow the CEMACUBE-course successfully as is made evident in a curriculum vitae.
A completed application form received, which includes besides the above mentioned documents, one passport-sized photo and a copy of the passport.

All other students should follow a repair programme prior to this Master's course

EU-regulations that are installed to ensure a geographical balance of the selected students require that no more than two students from the same country can be awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship

Due to the high tuition fees in Dublin, we will limit the number of students for Dublin to 14%. The other students will go to the other 4 universities (a mean of 21% per university).
Erasmus Mundus Masters are funded by the European Union. Together with 18 other Master programmes, CEMACUBE has in 2009 been selected as a new Erasmus Mundus Masters programme that will be funded for five years (and with possible extension of another 5 years). The competition was fierce; only about 20% of the proposals for new Erasmus Mundus Masters have been awarded funding.

Erasmus Mundus aims to enhance the quality of higher education in Europe, and to promote dialogue and understanding between people and cultures through cooperation with third-world countries. In addition, it contributes to the development of human resources and the international cooperation capacity of higher education institutions in non-European countries by increasing mobility between the European Union and these countries.
Application Deadline : 1 December 2010

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