Postdoctoral Researcher UGent/IMEC: Silicon Photonics Integrated Fiber Interrogator

Silicon Photonics Integrated Fiber Interrogator

In the European project SMARTFIBER, we have set up an academic-industrial consortium, that will develop a smart miniaturized microsystem which integrates optical fiber sensor technology, nanophotonic chip technology and low power wireless technology. The smart system will enable for the first time fully embedded structural heath monitoring of composites used as structural parts in wind turbines, satellites, airplanes, civil constructions, oil pipes, gas wells and many more. The smart microsystem will be the enabler for sustainable development of these composite based systems.

The heart of this smart microsystem for structural health monitoring is an advanced silicon photonics chip.

7 partners, amongst which IMEC, UGent, Fraunhofer, Xenics, Airborne International, will collaborate to research and develop this smart microsystem. Multiple disciplines like optical fiber technology, silicon photonics, wireless technology, packaging and composite manufacturing will be merged.

IMEC/UGent will not only coordinate this project, we are also responsible for the development of the silicon photonics chip.

As a post-doc researcher, you will both coordinate and manage the daily activities of SMARTFIBER, and be lead investigator for the development of the silicon photonics chip. You will be embedded in the Photonics Research Group, headed by Prof. R. Baets, and will be assisted by a PhD student to elaborate the scientific tasks.

Job description

Within the SMARTFIBER project you will be expected to:

Manage and coordinate the daily activities of SMARTFIBER and its academic-industrial consortium
Coordinate and implement research and development of silicon photonics fiber bragg interrogator involving innovative design, processing follow-up, characterization and testing

You have a PhD in Electronic/Photonic Engineering or in Physics and have worked closely in at least one of the following areas: photonics; fiber optics; communications systems design and test; electro-optic characterization….

Send CV and statement of purpose in English to

Dries Van Thourhout (

About IMEC/Photonics Research Group

IMEC, which will handle the project management for SMARTFIBER, stands out as the largest independent European research centre in the field of microelectronics, nanotechnology, enabling design methods and technologies for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems.

Today, IMEC has a staff of more than 1200 people, including 350 guest researchers and industrial residents.

The Photonics Research Group (about 50 people) is an associated laboratory of IMEC, located at Ghent University. The group is headed by Prof. R. Baets and has been active in photonics device research for many years. The main applications under study are silicon nanophotonics, heterogeneous integration, optical interconnect, WDM optical communication, silicon photonics biosensors an biomedical applications. More in particular, the silicon nanophotonics work focuses on the design and fabrication of SOI-based photonic crystal structures, photonic wires and fibercoupling structures using standard lithographic techniques compatible with CMOS-processing. The group is also strongly involved in the development of heterogeneous technologies, whereby the silicon photonics platform is combined with other materials such as III-V semiconductors for efficient sources, nanocrystals and polymers. The photonics research group was coordinating the network of excellence ePIXnet and has also been the prime contractor for numerous other IST-projects, including the FP7 projects WADIMOS and HISTORIC and the FP6 project PICMOS.

Call for applications “Postdoctoral Researcher IMEC/UGent – Photonics Research Group”

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, B-9000 Gent, Belgium

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