Italy: PhD Position in Electronics, the University of Rome Tor Vergata

PhD Position in Electronics, the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

Excellent candidates with background in ELECTRONICS (with special reference to op amps, electronic interfaces,…) can apply for 1 PhD position at the University of Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy. The successful candidate will join a large cross-disciplinary research effort for increasing the efficiency of piezoelectric nanogenerators [1-4] by improving modeling, nano-fabrication, devices, and electronics. The project is led by Dr. Christian Falconi [4-7]; the research is in collaboration with Prof. Zhong Lin Wang [1-4].

Salary is about € 1000 per month (after taxes). Besides, mobility costs (travel, food, and accommodation) for visits to the Georgia Institute of Technology will be fully supported.

Available facilities (within 2 minutes walking) include SEM, AFM, furnaces, standard instrumentation for electronics, workstations for electronic circuit design and FEM simulations, three deposition systems (conventional PLD and two Laser-MBE), X-ray diffraction, microprobe analysis; resistivity measurements in applied magnetic field, up to 1T, down to 15K; I-V and Hall effect measurements.

Available facilities at the Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie – CNR (about 15 minutes driving) include: sputtering, PECVD, ECR-PECVD, optical lithography, electron beam lithography, ion lithography, micromachining, I-V and C-V characterization of semiconductor devices, SEM, AFM, and laser annealing.

Please, send inquiries and CV to falconi[ at ]

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