International Scholarships available at American University Washington, College of Law

International Scholarships available at American University Washington, College of Law
EducationUSA hosted a webchat on LL.M. Programs in the U.S on May 20, 2010. Rosie Edmond, Assistant Director of Admissions for the International Legal Studies Program (ILSP) at American University Washington College of Law answered questions regarding application procedures, scholarships, the bar exam and careers in law.

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/Q: I'm Armenian by nationality I got a higher education (degree) in Armenia. Now I would like to apply for a scholarship for LL.M. programs in the U.S. Do I have any chances to get a scholarship? /
Rosie Edmond: Yes, you should apply to the Fulbright grant, but also check with the schools directly. Some (but not all) have scholarships for foreign lawyers. American University offers 5 full scholarships for our LL.M. in International Legal Studies.

/Q: What do you think makes applicants competitive for those 5 full scholarships available for an LL.M. at American?/
Rosie Edmond: Excellent writing skills because it is solely based on that. The scholarship requires the applicant to submit a 750 word essay on a major international legal issue and a 250 word essay on what that winner would do to give back to the Washington College of Law community. They use the essay to judge legal knowledge and writing skills.

/Q: I will apply for LL.M. programs in the USA this year. My goal is to receive the Magister Degree. I have a diploma of Specialist of Law with honors and some work experience. Do I need to pass a specific exam for LL.M. or just the TOEFL? What is the required score for TOEFL?/
Rosie Edmond: Most LL.M.s require the following: Application form, TOEFL/IELTS/ PTE, 2 letters of recommendation, transcripts and degree certification. American University requires 93 but other schools might be higher.

/Q: Greetings from Denmark. I would like to know how you view (or others you know of) work experience when applying for an LL.M.? Many Danish students want to go straight after their bachelors (first professional degree in Denmark). Can that be a problem? /
Rosie Edmond: That depends on the school and the program. For AU our LL.M. wants both recent grads and those with work experience in order to enhance the program's diversity. Some more business oriented programs may want applicants with more experience. Sorry this is not a one size fits all answer.

/Q: Greetings from Ukraine. I know that many universities in the USA require students to pass the LSAT. What is the required score for LSAT?/
Rosie Edmond: The LSAT is only required for JD programs and not for an LL.M. The top schools will only accept applicants in the 90% (Harvard, NYU, etc.) The highest score is 180.

/Q: As a European student, can you practice as a lawyer in the U.S. once you have completed an LL.M?/
Rosie Edmond: In order to practice law in the U.S., you need to pass the bar. Please note that each state has its own bar, so if you pass the bar in NY you can't practice in California. Also if your goal is to practice in the U.S., an LL.M. is not a shortcut. I suggest applying to a JD program. Many of our graduates, however, do pass the NY bar but end up working at the World Bank, IMF or other international organization or firm.
Q: What kinds of internships do students do? Is it difficult for international students to find an internship?/
Rosie Edmond: As long as they are law related, a student can be an intern practically anywhere. Here in DC the opportunities are endless. We have placed students at the World Bank, IMF, OAS, embassies, and law firms. Most schools have a career office where students are given tools on how to market themselves.

/Q: I have learned about the WCL Summer Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law - is it connected in some way to the LL.M. Program?/
Also, are there scholarship available for this particular event? Does one have to attend WCL to be eligible for the Academy? Thank you. Rosie Edmond: Yes, the HR academy is connected, although admission is separate. The HR, International Arbitration and International Environmental law academies are independent from the LL.M. program, but are all part of WCL. They are open to practitioners, law students and professors. Students interested in pursuing an LL.M. can transfer up to 4 credits to the ILSP. The academies have their own scholarships, but the ILSP does offer special scholarships (for the LL.M.) for participants of these academies. The academy takes place here in DC but most of the professors are Human Rights experts from all over the world.

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