[USA] Kaplan Leadership Program

Enrollment in an accredited associate’s degree program in the NYC area
Completion of 12 – 30 non-remedial college credits by the application deadline (January 14, 2010)
U.S. citizen or permanent resident
Current recipient of federal and/or state financial aid
Minimum GPA of *3.25 on a 4.0 scale
*If your GPA is below 3.25, please submit a brief statement (200 word maximum) that explains why your current GPA may not reflect your academic potential.
Member of a underserved or underrepresented population
Desire to transfer to a bachelor’s program immediately upon completion of an associate’s degree
If your GPA is below 3.25, but believe you are a good candidate for the program, please submit a brief statement (maximum of 200 words) explaining why your GPA may not be reflective of your academic potential.
Deadline: 01/14/2010
Amount: Up to $3,000 per yr. (Associate’s Degree); Up to $30,000 per yr. (Bachelor’s Degree)

How to apply:

Get the application here.
Please visit: Kaplan Educational Foundation – Community College Transfer Scholarship
or the Scholarship Office for applications and/or additional information. Return completed applications to the Scholarship Office in Room # S-343.

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